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February 27, 2005

Interesting hand....

There was a hand that was worth mentioning from the final table last night. 10 Players at the final table, one short stack, and a couple other stacks that were low.
Short Stack is first to act, and moves all in pre-flop for 2300 ( blinds are 300-600 ).
The big stack folds.
Second High stack calls the 2300.
Next player folds.
4 player moves all in over the top for 4800.
Next player folds.
I'm sitting on pocket 6's.... three all in bets in front of me... I gotta give it up...
Big Blind Calls the 4800!
Player that called the 2300 CALLS the 4800!

4 player's in the pot... two all in!!

Short Stack has Pocket 7's
Next player has AKs
Next has Pocket 10's
Big Blind has Pocket Q's!

I had Pocket 6's, and another player that folded has Pocket 10's!!

5 Pocket pairs in one hand! what are the odds!

Pocket Q's held, btw....

Posted by fatbill at February 27, 2005 01:32 PM


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