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March 01, 2005

2nd place in a sit and go

Usually out of boredom i will join a 5+1 sit and go just for giggles. Well it didnt take many hands to place in this tourney. We only start with 800 in chips, but blinds are at 10-15 for 10 hands and go up every 10 hands after that. Within the first 20 hands i was dealt aces raising the reasonable 3-4 times the blind. AND I WAS RAISED, well i put this boy to the test and went all in..... I was called by 3 people and here is what happened....

One guy had ace queen suited, and that wouldn't go well for him. Another guy had rags, and had no business raising me in the first place, and im sitting on American Airlines!! ( pocket aces )

WELL i tripled my stack and was at around 2500 in chips and just sat back and waited for the other players to knock themselves out so i would gurantee a money placement. Before being heads up i only played a total of maybe 10 hands, like i've said before its not a race....ITS A MARATHON....

Posted by wilcone at March 1, 2005 10:04 AM


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