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February 27, 2005

Played well last night...

Went to the club again last night, and got involved in a three table texas holdem tournament. The competition in these is pretty stiff, as it seems to bring out some of the best in the club to play in, which is why I belong! ;-)

I feel, that in poker, as in most competitive endevors, playing against people that are 'as good' or 'better' than you ALWAYS pays off. It may not pay off immediately monetarily, but it pays off in experience gained, and bringing out the best in your game.

Anyways.... it was a rebuy ( ONE ONLY ) so it lasted till the wee hours. Once we got down to the final table, I was in decent shape, but not among the chip leaders, so I had to tighten up quite a bit. I had made my ONLY big mistake just before we merged, by NOT seeing a flush hit the board, and making a big bet with the nut straight.... While this was an error on my part, it DID wake me up for the remainder of the event!

Most of the final table I was getting rags after rags, until I finally hit a couple big hands and doubled up. When it got down to the final 5 ( 3 places paid ) it got REAL tight, with the chip leader ( 2-1 over everyone ) started using his stack to his advantage. I got a big hand ( AA ) and made an ALL IN call over the top against a bigger stack... my Rockets held, and I was in good shape, and crippled his stack. He went out a couple hands later, as the blinds got to him and he was forced to make a call. Took out the 4th chip spot with pocket Qs to her flush draw, which fortunately, she did not hit...

The remaining three of us went back and forth for an entire level, until the chip leader called the short stack's all in, and lost... momentem changed and my cards started falling short for me... the couple good hands that I had ( AKs, and AJs back to back ) could not get any action, even though I was the short stack.... ended up pushing them in when the board hit two pair for me, only to get cracked by the chip leader hitting the wheel... such is poker!

Posted by fatbill at February 27, 2005 12:12 PM


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