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June 02, 2005

After taking a few days off...

I decided to wonder over to the club last night, and play a little texas holdem. I had not played since the weekend, and was getting bit by the bug again! ;-)

Got involved in a Texas Holdem No Limit SNG that ended up having 12 players! Thats a table full! Not only that, but I ended up dealing the thing ( I also played, so was one of the 12 ). Thats a lot of players to keep track of, but fortunately, it was a table full of good and experienced players!

I squandered a good portion of my stack away playing connectors and small pocket pairs that never hit. It was a risk, but if they hit, they usually hit BIG! ;-)

I lost on AQ twice! I'm starting to dislike that hand! LOL

Moved all in with AKs when I got down to about 700 chips ( started with 1500 ), and only had one caller. She had 67S... the same suit! Fortunately, I hit a K on the flop, and took down a good pot.

I played AQ against the Big Blind. The flop came 2 a 7, He moved all in on me. I could not put him on a big hand. He will push from his position with just about anything, and I had top pair, AND a good kicker. I figured him for A rag.... unfortunately, he had Pocket 2's and hit a set!

When I got down to 300 chips, I pushed from the small blind with AQ again! AGAIN I hit an A on the flop.... The big stack made a straight on the river.... I'm down....

I'm not liking AQ much right now! ;-)

Posted by fatbill at June 2, 2005 09:17 AM


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