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June 03, 2005

Played well in a SNG last night

I played in what turned out to be a 12 handed Texas Holdem SNG last night at the club. No one wanted to go to 2 tables of 6, so we just crowded around the table and got to it!

I played a bunch of loose hands early, mainly suited connectors, trying to hit something on the flop cheap. Nothing was hitting for me, and I got stack down a bit, and had to tighten up some.

I pretty much hovered around the initial chip stack amount for the better part of the game, getting AK to pay off a couple of times to maintain the stack. .

Once we got down to 6 players, I was VERY short. Blinds were 400 and I only had a bit more than 900 in the big blind. I had 96o! two players limped in front of me, and I took the free flop! The flop came 882, and everyone checked! The turn came a 9, giving me two pair. I figured no one hit the 8, so after they both checked, I pushed my remaining 525. One player folded, and one called me with AQ. He did not hit, and I more than doubled up.

NOW, I go on a mini rush! I hit the NEXT 4 hands in a row, and we are down to 4 players, and I have almost 6K!

We got down to heads up, with me having 7500, and the other player had 13000.... cards went cold for me, and we'd been at it for over 3 hours.... We settled on a chop....

It was nice to FINALLY get in on the money ( top three paid ) after going out on or near the bubble for the past few weeks consistantly!

Tonight there is a big game at the club... I'm optimistic for a change! ;-)

Posted by fatbill at June 3, 2005 10:41 AM


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