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April 29, 2005

Played an online Tourney

I played in an online tournament of No Limit Texas Holdem at Empire Poker today. There were 110 entries, so it was a bit of a grind.

I played very well, made very good decisions on what NOT to play, as well as what TO play in a variety of situations. I was up and down quite a bit throughout the tournament, but I REALLY caught a good string of cards mid-way, putting me in the top few in chips.

When it got down to 30 players, the cards went cold, so I just tightened up, and waited patiently. Thats a lot easier said than done, but I managed to do it fairly well.

I managed to make it to the final table, but I was THE short stack. NOT an unfamiliar position for me! ;-)

I waited for a hand... and got it on the BB when I was down to 3K in chips ( average stack was 9K at that point ). Fortunately for me, when I pushed all in, I was called by TWO players, and tripled up! Shortly after that, I caught another good hand, and was up to over 10K.

I waited again, mainly because there were about 5 of us that had about the same stack size, and every position in the event meant additional prize money!

I got pocket 8's late, and again on the BB. A player that had been tilting pretty badly pushed all in... I called him, since I had more than enough to cover his 3K bet, AND because I figured he was pushing a couple of face cards only. I was right! He had QKo!

The flop gave me a set!

Unfortunately, the turn and river gave him a straight! ;-(

Two hands later, I got JJ, and pushed again. Again up against two overs, which hit.... so I got bounced in 7th.

Going to go to the club to night to play in a super satellite.... feeling good about how I'm playin!

Posted by fatbill at April 29, 2005 04:05 PM


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