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April 30, 2005

Super Satellite last night...

I went to the club and played in a 'super satellite' last night. It was a texas holdem freezout tournanment, and we had about 30 players.
Started with 3K in chips with 30 minute levels... pretty standard there, and the blind levels were standard as well...

I played tight ( my usual style ), but I have started to play more aggressively when I have a good starting hand ( my defination of that would be the top 15 or so starting hands ), or after I see a flop WITH a good hand. In the past, I was content to just see the flop with a limp in if possible, and not get too aggressive with betting.

I changed that last night!

When I had a good hand I put out a standard 3X bet. Ya, I only pulled in blinds in a lot of cases, but it took some of the risk factors out of getting boned on the flop! LOL

I really did not have that many hands to play. I think in the first three blinds I played 3 hands. It's boring, but I was able to maximize my few good hands, and kept my chip count pretty even throughout those rounds.

After round 4, I got more good hands in a rush ( it's funny how that always seems to happen ) and was able to push my stack up above the average.

When things got nearer the final table count, play tightened up quite a bit. Blinds were still relatively small ( 25/100/200 ) so I was not in any jeapardy of being blinded, but the small ante was adding up.

I made the final table with only about 4K in chips ( middle of the pack ), but I was able to pull in a good pot with an AKs when the flop pulled a K. I pushed all in, and everyone folded. I moved the stack up to about 5.8K.

Several hands later, I moved with another AK when the flop came up Q rag-rag.... I was called by the chip leader who called my opening bet with a Q4o ( getting called with that bet, from him, is another topic for discussion that I will leave for another time ). I really felt he didnt hit, as he had been calling with crap hands, and pushing his stack around to intimidate players. Unfortunately for me, he made the Q's, and I didnt hit!

As a side note... wilcone ALSO made the final table! He played solid all night, and really made very few mistakes, so thats encouraging!

Posted by fatbill at April 30, 2005 10:33 AM


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