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February 20, 2005

Blinded by the paint..

I was recently involved in a 100 person charity game that made me rather upset early on in the tournament, due to players lack of experience and game play i found myself playing cards mad. So i was forced to leave the tournament room to clear my thoughts. The tournament was run very well, but people were acting as if they never played the game before, moving out of turn, arguing about make believe rules and so forth. I was playing rather crazy the first couple hours due to this frustration. These guys didnt know how i played, so i let them wonder by mucking my hands when making outrageous raises. They prolly thought i had aces everytime ;-). Further in this article ill explain some of my situations in game play....

I got the pleasure of having the chip leader at my table, raising every hand. Most likely because he was the big stack at the tourney, and having a hot run of cards. Well i had pocket 5's and i wanted to play them as he raised before it was my time to act, so i moved all in over the top of him (thinking i had the best hand). Only to find out he wasnt bullying, he had A-Jos. Well my 5's held up and doubled my stack, we like to call that a C.D.U (courtesy double up). But that was only the beginning of my streak. So after i doubled up on the chip leader i was in position to sit and wait and just play my position as the blinds gained slowly on me.

After milking the game for what it was worth, i found myself at the final table, which were my intentions prior to even getting my seat card. The final table was brutal at the beginning seeing as i was the short stack at the table, but that wouldnt last for too much longer. I began to get strong cards, and getting calls on my all in's which definitely made me happy. I'd have to say that I didnt make any mistakes the whole game, until reaching my death at the table.

I got A-Kos and was raised pre-flop so i moved in against pocket 10s, and caught my set to my liking. Then i looked down to see A-Q of diamonds, sitting and debating i just called the blind to see what the big blind wanted to do, talk about a way to get a read. Well i was raised 1500 leaving him left with 1200, which made me wonder...if he had a pair he would have moved all in, RIGHT? So i knew i was ahead. My read was correct as i put him all in and was immediately called, as he was holding A-J of clubs. The hand wouldn't break me, but it did take a big chunk out of my stack as he hit the flush to take down that pot. BUT HEY, THATS POKER! I prolly lost around 2/3s of my stack on that one hand alone. So i knew with only a few thousand left i would have to wait for cards to come to make my move....WELL the hand came, and i was knocked out. Just as the title says, i was blinded by the paint(paint meaning face cards). As i was last to act the pot was raised all in by one player, called by another player before me leaving me last to act....Well i had k-Qos, and i couldnt lay the hand down. Knowing i could have let them play and wait for another hand, I let the cards blind me and make me think i was making a good call. WELL I WAS WRONG, the only mistake i made all night took me right out of the tournament....and it is replaying in my head second after second. The first raiser had BULLETS, and i couldnt dodge them placing me in 8th outta 100 people. Not to shabby, but i should have let them play that hand and folded.....I will learn from my mistakes though, and try my hardest to never get blinded like that again.

Posted by wilcone at February 20, 2005 09:47 PM


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