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February 20, 2005

Full day of poker....

We played that texas holdem tournament yesterday... 100 players were entered. It was reasonably well run, and in a nice facility.

Play was pretty sloppy, and most people had no clue about the rules, let alone the intracacies of the game..... it was frustrating at times...

Unfortunately, I didnt last but a few hours.... Called all in when I flopped the top TWO pair, only to find out that the other guy flopped a gut shot straight.... thats poker...

My son did VERY well.... but I'll let him tell his story! ;-)

Since I was out of the tournament early... I decided to go play in another game. Left my son to continue play in the tournament, and went to play in the weekly cash game we frequent.

After a couple hours of play, and just getting rags after rags, I FINALLY got pocked aces!! Unfortunately, someone got pocket Kings on the same hand, and as always seems to happen, a king flopped... my aces busted!
Next hand ( I'm very short now ) I get AJs... so I move the small stack in.... guy calls me with ( you guessed it! ) Pocket Kings.... AGAIN... and sure as shit.. a king flops.....

NOT my day to play poker! LOL

Posted by fatbill at February 20, 2005 09:24 AM


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