Poker Etiquette both Online and Offline

Good etiquette is a basic part of playing poker, online or offline. Here are some of the general courtesies that are expected at poker rooms like

Whether or not you play like a champion, you can act like a champion.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Do not harass or intimidate other players at the table.

Do not criticize your opponents' play.

Foul or offensive language in chat is not tolerated. (Violators will lose their playing privileges.) We want everyone to have fun and enjoy playing at

If a player is constantly slowing down the game (called "lagging"), you may bring it to the attention of the player, but please be polite (our support team can assist in case of a connection problem).

Do not type in capital letters as it appears you are shouting.

As we all know, poker is sometimes frustrating. Bad beats are a part of the game. When they happen to you, take them in stride. Try chatting "Nice Catch" or "Nice Hand" to your opponent or donít chat a comment at all. You can say what you really feel out loud, just donít type it!

The Live Floorman button is available for your protection. Don't abuse it, but if you question the outcome of a hand or suspect collusion among your opponents, please use the Live Floorman button. A support staff member will look into your inquiry.

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