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March 17, 2008

Why Online Poker is bad.....

Poker915.com's Top 12 Reasons The Online Poker Ban Is Good For America
If you love poker, or simply believe in liberty, please e-mail this to your state and US representatives, and everyone you know!

We need to protect the children.

If the government bans it kids won't do it. That is why kids don't smoke, drink, use drugs, sneak into rated R movies, etc. If mom and dad fail in their parenting, a good, solid government ban will always fix the problem. It takes a whole community to raise a child, so why should parents be responsible for monitoring their own children?

Playing poker leads to drug use, pornography addiction, prostitution, and all manner of criminal activity.

Much in the same way that gambling one's earnings by investing in the stock market leads to these same vices.

If I have an addiction problem, no one should be able to participate in any of the activities that I have a problem with.

That is why liquor stores, tobacco sales, caffeine, fatty foods, refined sugar, sexually explicit materials, and state lotteries are all illegal in the United States. Our constitution makes it clear that the rights of the many must be sacrificed in order to protect those who won't take responsibility for their own problems. Further, compulsive gambling never existed before the online gaming boom. If addicts were not allowed internet access they would be better partners, fathers, and mothers because they would never find anything else to gamble on.

Prohibition has always been the best way to protect addicts from themselves and their families from financial and emotional ruin.

This is why the United States of America has no crack, crank, crystal meth, Oxycontin, or heroin problems. It's why the Twelve Step organizations have no members, and methadone clinics are empty.

Playing poker for profit is too risky.

That's why Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey, Barry Greenstein, Daniel Negreanu, Annie Duke, Jesus Ferguson, and countless other poker pros who met with financial demise must endorse poker web sites just to make ends meet. Since poker is not a skill game, and you cannot control your profits or losses over an extended period, it's simply not a good investment strategy.

Poker is not a legitimate form of entertainment.

Spending $5 or $10 on a tournament or cash game on the internet is a waste of time. You will have spent your time and money far more wisely if you spend $20 going to the movies, $50 on greens fees, or $60-$300 on a professional sporting event. These are all far more productive uses of your time, and therefore more moral.

The internet poker ban has already drastically reduced gambling in America.

Sites like Poker Stars, Full Tilt, Absolute Poker, and Ultimate Bet all went broke and don't even advertise in the United States anymore.

My God is the one true God, my faith the one true faith, and my morals are the correct morals. Therefore everyone should live by my moral code.

In a theocracy such as ours we know that government should always enforce the values of specific religions. That is why we are all required to attend church on Sunday, women must wear veils and walk behind our men, and our constitution gives the federal government vast, sweeping powers to determine what you should and should not read, listen to, view, or believe.

Playing poker is wrong because for a few to make a profit, many must spend money.

This is not the case with any other entertainment sector. The movie industry does not make a profit by providing entertainment to their paying customers, just as cable companies, satellite providers, rock stars, professional athletes, and other entertainers do not profit at the expense of paying customers. Therefore, it is immoral for good poker players to make a profit from their recreational poker playing counterparts who are willing to pay for the entertainment value.

Only social misfits and those from society's underbelly play poker.

That's why famous lawman Bill Hickok, Senator Alfonse D'Amato, President Richard Nixon, Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist, and countless other prominent politicians would never dream of playing such a vile game. Poker is simply unAmerican.

Making poker illegal will make gambling go away because no one would ever dare subvert the law by supplying the populace with what they demand.

Ample evidence of this can be seen in the way organized crime withered and was completely eradicated in the 1920s when alcohol was banned in the United States.

Nobody will play poker if they can't do it online.

Poker would only exist in places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City where gambling is legal, and all the illegal home games would go away overnight. This is evidenced by the fact that there are no famous old-time poker players from Texas nor are there poker games that originated in Texas where Hold 'Em was illegal in the good ol' days before the internet corrupted us all.
Chadler E. Cowles
Utah PPA Representative
Poker915.com Administrator

Posted by fatbill at March 17, 2008 09:13 AM


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