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January 16, 2008

Poker in '08 Politics

I recieved an interesting update from the Poker Players Alliance, that I thought should be shared AND acted upon by all poker players!

Part of the letter reads:
"Frankly, there is very little specific information from most of the candidates on this issue, so we are also encouraging you to contact the campaigns of the candidates who interest you, and ask their position. Please let them know you are an undecided voter and a proud poker player when you contact the campaign, so we can illustrate the grassroots strength behind the great game of poker. It’s time to let the presidential primary candidates know that Poker Is Not a Crime!

We encourage everyone to contact the candidates of your party to find out their stance on this issue!!


Rudy Giuliani

Mike Huckabee has made HIS stance clear!
"Here is the question he was asked, complete with its bias and inaccuracies:

1) Last year, Congress voted overwhelming to criminalize most forms of Internet gambling. This year some members of Congress are promoting legislation to legalize Internet gambling. If such legislation passed, would you veto it? Huckabee answered "yes". That's about as clear as it gets. "

John McCain

Ron Paul, In keeping with his Libertarian philosophy, Congressman Paul is a proud supporter of our cause. Rep. Paul has supported and sponsored pro-poker legislation, and has also made time to visit with PPA grassroots members, poker celebrities, and citizens lobbyists every time we have asked. His credentials on allowing adults the freedom to play poker are unblemished.

Mitt Romney

Fred Thompson


Hillary Clinton

John Edwards

Barack Obama

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January 11, 2008

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