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October 26, 2007

Recent play online...

I decided that if I was going to play online, I needed to deposit enought money so that I could last out a few tournaments, instead of the small amounts that I had been playing with. Normally, I only had $25 or so a month to diddle around with, and played mainly $5 tournaments and sit-n-gos.

As you can imagine, those are mainly fish fests, and even thought I was playing for fun, it got pretty frustrating playing like that. So I figured with a little extra bank to play with, I could step up and see if the $10 and $20 events were any better. They are not! LOL

Same ole playing styles that you see on TV.... mindless aggression with mediocre hands. Problem being... they tend to suck out on the river TIME after TIME. It's almost comical.... that is if I weren't on the recieving end of that so many times....

Case in point... I have Pocket A's under the gun. I bet out 4X, figuring I'd get some action, but not much with the way the table had been playing. Guy on the button goes over the top of me another 5X... I think for a minute, knowing this guy has been REALLY loose all game, and decide to push him. I move all in!

I get an unexpected call from him! MORE unexpected, is that he has KQo!

Flop comes K K K ..... unbelieveable how online play seems to reward these idiots.... ;-)

Posted by fatbill at October 26, 2007 07:45 AM


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