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September 12, 2007


I am pleased to announce our endorsement and promotion of Chan Poker!

Not only can you play poker with the Legend Johnny Chan, but by joining now, you can get a 100% SIGN UP BONUS up to $1000!!!

This is a great opportunity to play poker with one of the greats, AND get some bonus cash to boot!

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September 10, 2007

Playin online again....

I had not played online poker for quite some time, due to summer, and the requirements of house, life, ect.... So I figured I would give it a go again, and see how things went!

I have played 4 SNG's at Full Tilt Poker in the past 3 days, and I have cashed in two of them! I'm very pleased with the results so far, as I'm in the PLUS column! I should have cashed in one of the other two, but my pocket K's ran into Pocket A's.... it's amazing how often that happens!

I'll be playing some in the next week or so, to see how this trent keeps up!

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September 04, 2007

World Cup of Poker Live

PokerStars is bringing you LIVE COVERAGE of the World Cup Of Poker. You can watch this event at WCP LIVE

Watch and cheer your favorite teem with the finals qualifers being: USA, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Iceland, Portugal, Romania and Mexico!

Here is the schedule:

Tuesday, 4th September
HEAT 1 16:00-21:00 CET (10:00-15:00 ET)
HEAT 2 22:00-03:00 CET (16:00-21:00 ET)

Wednesday, 5th September
HEAT 3 16:00-21:00 CET (10:00-15:00 ET)

Thursday, 6th September
HEAT 4 16:00-21:00 CET (10:00-15:00 ET)
HEAT 5 22:00-03:00 CET (16:00-21:00 ET)

Friday, 7th September
FINAL (featuring top four teams) 18:30-23:30 CET (12:30-17:30 ET)

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