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May 20, 2007

Some SNG success as of late!

I have played in a few SNG's at Full Tilt Poker of late, and had some limited success!

I won a 5 table SNG in No Limit TExas Holdem Poker, and took thrid in a Omaha Hi Pot Limit game. I have also cashed in a couple of other SNG's.

While this is not making me a whale, since I am only playing in $5 and $10 games, I ran my meager $12 up to $101.

I have been playing with EXTREME patience, and it has been paying off for me lately. For the most part, I'm a pretty tight player, but I'm trying to get a little more aggressive on the hands that I feel are winners, and it has paid off. We'll see how things progress from here, but I'm encouraged!

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May 19, 2007

FTOPS at Full Tilt

The FTOPS IV Main Event hosted by Team Full Tilt's Gus Hansen is only two days away, where you can play for your share of a prize pool guaranteed to be worth at least $1.5 million.

For a HORSE of a different color, play in our $50K HORSE Qualifier, hosted by Team Full Tilt's Andy Bloch, and win your way into one of poker's most prestigious tournaments.

You can click on the Full Tilt Poker link on the right side of this page under 'Online Poker Rooms We Endorse AND Play at!' To read all about it, and get in on the action!

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May 17, 2007

WSOP Payouts revised....

The World Series of Poker has revised it's payout structure for the upcoming 2007 event. MOST players will now recieve a larger percentage of the payout, for finishing in the money, HOWEVER, those that finish nearer the top, will see LESS percentage than in the past.

Here is the example that the WSOP gave on their website:

"For example, the 2006 Main Event would have paid $22,266 for 873rd through 775th places, up from $14,605 or $15,512. Places 82 through 73 would have paid $126,173, up from $66,010. First place would have paid $10,028,715, down from $12 million, while second place would have been worth $5,442,769, compared with $6,105,900"

This is a double-edged sword issue. It will reward those making the money, but those that make the final table will recieve less than in the past. I'm sure top players will bitch about this one, as the structure has ALWAYS been top heavy.

There are also rumored to be extensive rule changes... I'll post those when they are announced on the WSOP site.....

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May 10, 2007

Bill to lift Poker Prohibition online!

The following is from the Poker Players Alliance... and its GREAT news to anyone playing poker online!

"Dear Fellow PPA Member:

I have wonderful news to report! On Thursday, April 26, Rep. Barney Frank introduced HR 2046, the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act of 2007. HR 2046 will lift the prohibition on playing poker online. Your efforts are making a difference!

Representative Frank is the Chairman of the important House Financial Services Committee. And he understands the injustice that we have suffered. When he introduced the bill, he told reporters that “The existing legislation is an inappropriate interference on the personal freedom of Americans and this interference should be undone”.

But he can’t do this job alone. Now, we need to help Congressman Frank build support for his bill.

You can regain your right to enjoy safe, secure online poker – but only if you stand up for your rights. And PPA is here to help you do just that.

This is a landmark day for freedom. But it is only the first step of the process. Join me in celebrating this milestone – and take action to build support for HR 2046.

Click here to make your voice heard in our nation’s Capitol.

Michael Bolcerek
Poker Players Alliance"

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May 07, 2007

US to ignore WTO Ruling on Gambling?

Poker News reported today, that the US intends to IGNORE the recent ruling by the World Trade Orgainization ( of which the US is a LEADING member ), regarding online gambling!!!

Deputy U.S. Trade Secretary John K. Veroneau was quoted as saying:

"U.S. laws banning interstate gambling have been in place for decades," stated Veroneau. "Most WTO Members have similar laws. Unfortunately, in the early 1990s, when the United States was drafting its international commitments to open its market to recreational services, we did not make it clear that these commitments did not extend to gambling. Moreover, back in 1993 no WTO member could have reasonably thought that the United States was agreeing to commitments in direct conflict with its own laws."

Veroneau continued with the following: "Neither the United States nor other WTO Members noticed this oversight in the drafting of U.S. commitments until Antigua and Barbuda initiated a WTO case ten years later. In its consideration of this matter, the WTO panel acknowledged that the United States did not intend to adopt commitments that were inconsistent with its own laws. However, under WTO rules, dispute settlement findings must be based on the text of commitments and other international documents, rather than the intent of the party. The United States strongly supports the rules-based trading system and accepts the dispute settlement findings. In light of those findings, we will use WTO procedures for clarifying our commitments."

I guess whats good for the goose, is NOT necicarlly good for the gander where the US Government is concerned, huh?

Read the entire article Here

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