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November 09, 2006

Why I hate online poker...

So I'm playin in a sit-n-go Texas Holdem Poker - No Limit.

We are down to about 15, so everyone is in the money.... I'm in the top three chip counts with 33K

I have AJc, and call a 3x bet of 3500. Flop comes rag rag A, one club. I bet 7K which is what the other player has left. HE calls me with KK. My aces have him, right?
He K's on the fuckin river, of course....


Two hands later... Im at 14K, and I limp in with J9c...

Board flops rag J 9 giving me top two pair... I push all in... lady calls me wht AJ...... hits an A on the fuckin river..... AGAIN.

Aint online poker great!

Posted by fatbill at November 9, 2006 06:05 PM


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