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October 31, 2006

Excellent Article on the new law..

I ran across an absolutely great article on the new Anti Gambling legislation that was recently passed as part of the Port Authority act.

You can read the entire article Here.

It was written by Professor I Nelson Rose, a noted authority on Gambling law in the US. It is probably the best piece on this shitty legislative attempt.....

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October 28, 2006

Criticizm of US Gambling bill passage...

There seems to be quite a bit of criticizm of the US Online Gambling bill's passage, and rightfully so! One of our biggest allies in most things, is leading the charge in this! U.K. Secretary Criticizes U.S. for Gambling Stance Story Here

Also, The government of Antiqua is gearing up for another lawsuit against the US because of its continued violations of the WTO's opinon and rulings. Story Here

You'd think that we would have learned something about prohibition from our past.....

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October 27, 2006

About Joe Hachem's 2006 WSOP run...

Ya know, I have been watching the WSOPs televised coverage on ESPN lately, and one think that strikes me is how well Joe Hachem played! Coming back as the defending Main Event Texas Holdem Poker champion has to be a very difficult thing, especially with the numbers that the events are pulling.

Joe made two or three final tables in WSOP events, and the ONLY reason that he does not have another bracelet is because he took some TERRIBLLY bad beats. He outplayed Dutch Boyd, and got beat. Then he played well but got beat by a questionable call from John Gale in the Pot Limit event.... a couple cards differently, and he could have had another bracelet or two!

All in all, he made a terrific defense of his title, IMHO!

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October 19, 2006

Great article on the Gambling bill...

I read this article in the New York Times and it was so damn good and to the point that I had to link to it! To read the entire article, just Click Here!

This article was written by Charles Murray who is a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. Among the things he mentions are:

"In the short term, this law all by itself could add a few more Democratic Congressional seats in the fall elections. We are talking about a lot of people (an estimated 23 million Americans gamble online) who are angry enough to vote on the basis of this one issue, and they blame Republicans. "


"In the long term, something more ominous is at work. If a free society is to work, the vast majority of citizens must reflexively obey the law not because they fear punishment, but because they accept that the rule of law makes society possible. That reflexive law-abidingness is reinforced when the laws are limited to core objectives that enjoy consensus support, even though people may disagree on means.

Thus society is weakened every time a law is passed that large numbers of reasonable, responsible citizens think is stupid. Such laws invite good citizens to choose knowingly to break the law, confident that they are doing nothing morally wrong."

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October 13, 2006

He signed it!

President Bush today signed the 'Port Security' Bill, which included language to stop credit card and banks from funding online gambling establishments.

The language used in the bill has been deemed TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE by most legal minds that have commented, and does nothing to stop OR PROHIBIT US players from playing poker online!

For an intereresting video on the moron that was at the fore front of this language inclusing to the bill, Bill Frist... check this out

Video Here

... and he wants to run for President?????

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October 10, 2006

Video's on the Internet Gaming Ban...

Everyone should watch these videos. They tell you the truth about what is behind the bullshit that congress just pulled in passing the 'port security' bill that had the internet gaming bill attached!

Video 1

Video 2

A congress women with more balls then most of the limp dicks in the senate!
Video 3

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October 07, 2006

Policy Changes made here

You may have noticed that we have changed a LOT of the poker rooms under ONLINE POKER ROOMS WE ENDORSE AND PLAY AT to the right.


We no longer endorse or promote:

PartyPoker, Poker Stars, Pacific Poker, Paradise Poker, Titan Poker, or Poker Ocean

WHY? Because THEY have chosen NOT to allow US players, due to the PENDING legislation. PENDING... fucker is not even signed into law yet and these chicken shit rooms are already not allowing US players, AND/OR will not pay for players sent to them this month! FUCK EM!

There are a LOT of good rooms out there, that are not afraid to stick up to your GOD GIVEN right to do what you want in the privacy of your own home, and that INCLUDES your right to PLAY POKER ONLINE!

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October 06, 2006

More thoughts on this 'legislation'


Many of you that are online poker players, have undoubtedly recieved numerous emails from the various poker rooms that you play at. I'm sure that MANY of those emails have announced that THE MINUTE that ole George W sign's this 'port security' bill, that they will be cancelling your account!

It's amazing how many of the major poker rooms are going to STOP US PLAYERS from playing real money games at their sites.... ( cough*** Party Poker and Poker Stars)!

Please understand... it is NOT illegal to play poker online! FURTHERMORE, the Poker Rooms are NOT OBLIGATED to abide by US law, as they are ALL FOREIGN companies!

Be assured, that ALL of the poker rooms that we feature here, accept US Players, and have not panicked like many of the rooms have!

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October 01, 2006

About backhanded legislative morons...

It's a sad thing that our US legislature has to resort to backhanded politics to try to stop online gambling! In the WEE hours saturday morning, they attached a bill to another TOTALLY UNRELATED bill, to do just this!

The bill that was ORIGINALLY put forth was the SAFE PORT ACT. Here is a brief description of what it was SUPPOSED to be for:
"...to improve maritime and cargo security through enhanced layered defenses..."

There is a copy of the port bill as passed and can be found at the following URL http://saveonlinegaming.com/hr49543.pdf. The portion of the bill relating to online gambling begins on page 213, and runs from there to the end of the bill on page 244 - so it totals 32 pages in length.

The senator behind this was Bill First. He intends to run for President in 2008.... lets be sure to tell him and others like him what we think of this BULLSHIT!

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