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March 03, 2006

Played well and had some luck

I played some no limit texas holdem poker last night at the club and fared pretty well!

There was a point just after the 6th level, where I was down to $1825 with the blinds at 300/600. I got lucky! First hand after this blind increase, I got AQ and pushed my stack... I got called by Pocket 9's and spiked a A on the river to stay alive! Two hands later, I got those 9's and doubled up again, just before we combined into the final table!

I played pretty tight at the final table and when we got down to 6, the following occured....

I'm the BB (500/1000) player under the gun makes it 4500... small blind calls... I look down to find Pocket A's! I push all in for $11K... UTG player folds after much deliberation... small blind calls with KJc... Aces hold up, and I find myself the chip leader!

Few hands later, the player that called me with KJ pushs his remaining $2200 in, and I call... small blind and big blind both call. Flop comes T 8 6 rainbow... ugly straight looking possible... I push all in ( I have pocket A's again ).... both small and big fold after much whining ( they both have gut shot's, which is what I wanted to avoid at this point ). A's hold... gut shot's would have hit!

I really didn't see much in the way of hands after this, and we got down to the final three with me only having $17K out of $69K..... I got Pocket J's, and pushed the stack.... unfortunately, the BB had Pocket A's! What are the odds playing 3 way of that?

Posted by fatbill at March 3, 2006 08:49 AM


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