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March 31, 2006

WPT Reno 2006 in the books

Well the 2006 World Poker Challenge in Reno is in the books! The No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Main Event just concluded. The final table looked like this:

Mike Simon $1,195,000 1 4
Barry Greenstein $1,085,000 1 1
Tom Schneider $1,020,000 1 3
Jonas Norrman $905,000 1 6
Jason Stern $880,000 1 5
Greg Mueller $835,000 1 2

While Greenstein was second in chips entering the final table, and everyone's early favorite, it was not to be. Four hands in, he was crippled by Simon when they both caught a set of 8's with Simon's A kicker winning the hand!

Simon went on to take down the title, earning the $1,052, 890 first place prize and the $25,000 entry into the World Poker Tour Championship at the Bellagio next month!

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March 30, 2006

2006 Reno event down to 27...

The Main no limit texas holdem poker event at the Reno Open is now down to 27 players, with several notables. The place listing going into today's action is:

1 Tom Schneider 507,000 Chips 0 1 3
2 Tony Martin 422,500 Chips 0 2 3
3 James Davis 348,000 Chips 0 3 3
4 Liz Lieu 335,500 Chips 0 3 7
5 Fabrice Soulier 335,000 Chips 0 2 7
6 Fang Tian 327,000 Chips 0 1 7
7 Burt Boutin 321,500 Chips 0 1 9
8 Chau Giang 316,000 Chips 0 2 9
9 Kevin Song 311,500 Chips 0 3 9
10 Paramjit Gill 247,000 Chips 0 3 5
11 Barry Greenstein 246,000 Chips 0 2 5
12 Gary Jacobi 243,500 Chips 0 1 5
13 Robert Goldfarb 224,500 Chips 0 1 1
14 Carl Olson 199,000 Chips 0 2 1
15 Michael Simon 197,500 Chips 0 3 1
16 John Kulish 190,000 Chips 0 3 4
17 Juan Carlos Mortensen 175,000 Chips 0 2 4
18 Fred Hwang 156,000 Chips 0 1 4
19 Patrick Poels 140,000 Chips 0 1 8
20 Jason Stern 120,500 Chips 0 2 8
21 Jonas Norrman 106,000 Chips 0 3 8
22 Terry Ballew 102,000 Chips 0 3 2
23 Greg Mueller 76,500 Chips 0 1 2
24 Noah Jefferson 76,500 Chips 0 1 2
25 Bob Hume 72,000 Chips 0 1 6
26 Barron Gati 60,000 Chips 0 2 6
27 Dan Schmiech 51,000 Chips 0 3 6

Top pros, Mortenson, Greenstein, Giang, and Liu ( did I mention that she was an absolute babe? ) are still well placed to make a run at the title!

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March 29, 2006

WPT in Reno....

The 2006 World Poker Challenge $5000, No-Limit Hold'em Championship is underway, and after yesterday's play, it is down to under 200 players. There is a Total Prize Pool of $2,845,700 generated by 592 Players entered.

A quick look at the top 20 chip leaders shows:

1 Liz Lieu 117,200 Chips 0 1 3
2 Paul Wasicka 104,000 Chips 0 2 3
3 Kevin Song 95,600 Chips 0 3 3
4 Charles Kelly 94,000 Chips 0 4 3
5 Robert Goldfarb 94,000 Chips 0 5 3
6 Sean Morrison 90,800 Chips 0 6 3
7 John Kulish 81,000 Chips 0 7 3
8 Bob Reagan 79,700 Chips 0 8 3
9 Jean Robert Bellande 74,600 Chips 0 9 3
10 Kassem "Freddy" Deeb 73,600 Chips 0 10 3
11 Juan Carlos Mortensen 73,300 Chips 0 11 3
12 Tony Martin 70,600 Chips 0 12 3
13 Mike Kinney 69,200 Chips 0 13 3
14 Ken Merrick 66,700 Chips 0 14 3
15 Fred Hwang 65,200 Chips 0 15 3
16 Dan Barnett 65,100 Chips 0 16 3
17 William Blanda 65,100 Chips 0 17 3
18 David Lu 63,800 Chips 0 18 3
19 Matt Zoorab 60,300 Chips 0 19 3
20 Barry Greenstein 60,000 Chips 0 20 3

Liz Lui, who is case you have been living in a cave, is a COMPLETE babe, is leading the early going. There are a few other 'names' in the top, as you can see....

Other notables include:

36 Chau Giang 51,800 Chips
55 Tobey Maguire 37,800 Chips
57 Hasan Habib 37,100 Chips
59 John Juanda 37,000 Chips
70 Gavin Smith 33,100 Chips
98 Thithi "Mimi" Tran 25,800 Chips

We'll see who makes it into the top 50 or so, where I believe the money will be....

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March 25, 2006

Great cards... early exit!

What an incredibly frustrating time I'm having playing texas holdem poker!

I played at the club tonight, and I was getting REALLY good cards all night! Here is what I played:

AQo 3bet preflop ..... flopped AQ bet and won
AQ suited 3 bet... hit nothing - lost
AQ suited 3 bet... hit nothing - lost
AQo limped... hit nothing - lost
KK pushed all in... called by ANOTHER KK... won 50!
7's twice, folded preflop to all in bets
Q3 in the big blind.... ended up chopping to another Q
8's short, with 1300 and blinds 100/200... pushed all in... called by AJo.. he hits a straight... I'm out!

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March 24, 2006

When the odds are against you....

I have had an unbelievable run of bad luck playing online over the past few days.... it's not just that I am getting beat, OR that I am getting sucked out on repeatedly ( which I have been ), but the fact that I have had Pocket Q's 4 times in touraments in the past three days!

Great! You say?

EVERY one of those four times, I have run into Pocket Aces! EVERY TIME! What are the odds of that happening? They have to be astronomical!

Sometimes I just hate this game.....

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March 21, 2006

In Support of Online Poker Idiocy...

Yes, hard as it is to believe, there IS online texas holdem poker idiocy being played at a variety of online poker rooms? GASP!! I know this comes as a trememdous shock for those of you that play regularly online, and respect the sactity of the game ot Texas Holdem Poker!

So for those remarkable online warriors...

Keep calling me with that A2o... you sucked out once, and I'm SURE it can happen often with a superior hand like that!

Please dont stop calling my pocket pair with A5! It's sure to continue to hit that second pair on the river to make your Ace good! Nice call there!

QTo is a remarkably superior hand. You should call with it from any position... really!

Please continue this remarkable play people.... it is helping contribute to the fine reputation that Online Poker is getting!

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March 19, 2006

Party Poker Millions

The 2006 5th Annual Party Poker Million Event, No-Limit Hold'em Championship, is in the books!

The stats are:

Buy-in $10,000
Total Prize Pool $5,121,600
Number of Entries 528 Players

The top ten finishers are:

1 Mike Schneider $1,000,000 1920
2 Kenna James $700,000 1600
3 Scott Buller $500,000 1280
4 Andrew Chitea $300,000 960
5 Richard Joel $225,000 800
6 Devon Miller $175,000 640
7 Jinda Pan $150,000 480
8 Joseph Dimartino $125,000 320
9 Annand "Victor" Ramdin $100,000 160
10 Michael Silverman $75,000 96

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March 18, 2006

Sometimes I have doubts.....

I played in a 180 person No Limit Texas Holdem Poker event at Poker Stars yesterday, and played pretty damn well for the most part. I made it down to 27 players, finding myself 8th in chip count, and knowing that 18 places cash! Should have been a cake walk into the cash, right?

So why the hell did I make that silly all-in call when I flopped an open ender, when we were down to 19? Yep... out on the bubble, and no damn reason for it, other than my own silliness....

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March 17, 2006

Getting past a bad call....

I went to the club last night for some no limit texas holdem poker action. I like going to the club, because I like the guys, and the action is normally pretty good, especially after playing against online idiocy alot! The players at the club generally are better, and you can generally expect a high level of play.

Last night however, I got knocked out by what I would consider a bad call, more inline with what you can expect online in a $5 game......

I'm short at $1000, with the blinds at 100/200... I have one limper, and look down to see pocket 7's. I move all in ( table is down to 6 ). Big Blind ponders for a while, and decides to call. Ok, to be expected if he has a big hand, right?

He has QTo! He's NOT getting 2/1 on his money..... I expected, and did get sucked out on, when a ten hit the turn.... sometimes the game just just loves rewarding poor play.....

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March 16, 2006

online poker, suck outs and bad beats...

Well let me start off by saying I HATE FULL TILT POKER. Ok now that we got that over with i'll explain recent events that happened to me and made me rather upset. The first sit n go I played my kings ran into aces, any poker player knows how bad that hurts. The next tourney had 45 people and I was sent to the rail after my A-A was cracked by a-q os in 42nd position, that felt really good when the 3rd queen hit the river.

Seems like no matter what I do at FTP I get sucked out, or ran into a wall. Im beginning to think its my luck, but who knows. When you run into spots with the best hand time and time again it will soon pay off....

As for the kings it was just a bad spot, shame on me....Until next time...

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March 15, 2006

Keeping the streak alive....

Well, after a good day Monday, I followed it up with a couple of cash's yesterday in some No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Multi Table events!

Took a 2nd in a 3 table, and 14th in the 180 player event, so ended the day up quite a bit. Was not happy with play in the bigger event, and probably took a hit that I did not need to, but thats poker...

With that success, I sat down last eventing and played a couple of events since the wife and grand daughter kicked me off the TV.... did not fair too well. I got sucked out on with pocket 8's when an A hit on the river ( guy called with A2o... whadda ya do? ). We'll see how things go today! ;-)

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March 14, 2006

It feels so good to finally place....

I played in a MTT of sorts at Poker Stars yesterday. It was a No Limit Texas Holdem Poker 180 Player mini-tourney for $20. The top 18 places cash. These take a few hours to complete, but if you are patient, and play solid, you can make it worth your while.

I held my own throughout most of the event, but one bad beat took me down to about $750 mid-way through the tourney. I kept patient, and battled my way back to about $2500 when things got down to around 35 players. THEN, I got some luck! I got AA and QQ in back to back hands! AA held, and QQ made a set, and I was over 10K and in good shape after those!

By playing somewhat tight, I was able to get into the top three, when I got QQ again.... unfortunately, I got called by A9, and a A flopped... but hey... third paid well! ;-)

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March 11, 2006

Not a good week...

I have played at the club the past two nights, and have not had much success..... Thursday night, I played pretty well. I was patient, and played solid hands, keeping alive, and growing my stack when it was getting low. When we were down to 7, we played a long time and no one wanted to go away! Finally this hand came up:

I have AQ and decide to limp.... player to my right limps.. next player goes all in. I decide to call the all in. Third player calls the all in also! They have 9's and 6's! Guy called his entire stack off with pocket 6's with TWO All-in's in front of him. Of course he hit a six to take it down ( read yesterday's article ).

Last night, we are playing with 2000 in chips with 45 minute levels. I played the following hands: 7's, Q's twice, A's, AQs, and AKs

I lost every one of those hands except the A's! My AKs got knocked out by AQo...... ugly night.....

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March 10, 2006

The Truth About Bad Beats

I thought this article was pretty much right on.....

The Truth About Bad Beats
Alan Bloomfield

If you play poker you've been there before and you know exactly what I'm talking about. You get your money in the pot as a huge favorite only to lose the hand when your opponet catches that miracle river card.

Most players, including myself, get mad or upset when this happens to them. You say to yourself, or the player that just gave you that bad beat, "How can you call with that hand" or "why were you even playing that?"

Most poker players get upset at their opponet for making a bad call and then winning the hand. In reality, you should be glad that you are playing against such an opponet because they are giving you a great opportunity to win money.

Bad Players Give Bad Beats

Usually the people that are giving bad beats are bad players. It usually takes a bad call or a bad play for a bad beat to happen. If it wasn't for these bad beats, bad players simply wouldn't play poker.

Think about it, if bad players lost every time they got their money into the pot they simply would quit playing. Is this what we really want? The answer is no, because if there wasn't someone out there trying to give thier money away, this game would be impossible to beat. The only people playing would be solid players that never make mistakes. Then the only people making money off of poker would be the casinos.

Not only do the bad beats keep the bad players in the game, in a way it prevents them from improving their game and becoming better players. The luck that's involved with poker can convince a bad player that they might be good. These bad players can have a winning session because of a few bad beats. Then on nights they don't win they can also convince themselves that it was just bad luck that they had a losing session.

Good Players Suffer More Bad Beats

Good players will suffer more bad beats than they will ever give out. The reason is good players get their money into the pot when they are ahead more often than when they are behind. This is the reason why good players are good.

Good players will pick their spots and make better decisions to get their money in as a favorite. When you are constantly ahead and everybody is trying to outdraw you, they're going to get lucky every now and then.


Poker players need to think more long term than they do short term. Think of a poker session as a life long project. Whenever you do take a bad beat and lose a big pot, think long term instead of short term. If you get your money into the pot 1,000 times in that same exact situation how many much money am I going to win? Just an example, if you get all your money in the pot 1,000 times with AA vs. QTo for $300 a pot, you are going to win about 836 times and lose about 160 of them. Over a 1,000 hands you will win about $202,800. So don't get upset over the 160 times you lose that hand and just continue your life long session and wait for you next opportunity.

Alan Bloomfield is a winning poker player and also runs the website www.pokerall-in.com

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March 09, 2006

Congress and Online Gambling Ban...

Ok... enough is enough! Congress in it's infinate wisdom, is considering a bill ( H.R.4777 ) that will ban online gambling, INCLUDING ONLINE POKER!

As always, congress is much better at knowing what is good for you and I, than you and I are.... big brother at it's finest!

SO, what can you do about it? PLENTY!

Go HERE and let your Representative know that this is bullshit, and you dont intend to let them impeed on your 1st Amendment rights!

Another place to make your voice heard, is in the Wall Street Journal's online Poll on this subject! Click Here to vote and let those idiots in Washington know what you think about their bullshit attempt at imposing their morality on you!

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March 07, 2006

2006 National Heads Up Champ Crowned

Ted Forrest won the 2nd Annual National Heads Up Poker Championship early this morning! Forrest is a well known poker pro to anyone familiar with the poker scene. He has a couple WSOP braclets, and is a fixture in some of the biggest cash games in Vegas.

Coming in 2nd AGAIN, is Chris "Jesus" Ferguson! I'm sure Ferguson is not happy being second again, but getting to that point two years in a row is quite a feat, considering the field of pros one must go through!

Forrest took down $500K for his first place finish, and Ferguson $250K for coming in second.

NBC will be airing 10 hours of this event starting April 16, so you can see how each got to the championship table!

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March 06, 2006

2006 Bay 101 Shooting Star Main Event

The 2006 Bay 101 Shooting Star $9,600 Main Event no limit texas holdem poker tournament concluded last friday.

The tournament stats are:

Buy-in $9,600
Total Prize Pool $4,702,800
Number of Entries 518 Players

The results are:
1 Nam Le $1,198,300 1920
2 Ravi Udayakumar $629,500 1600
3 Danny Smith $340,000 1280
4 David Williams $280,000 960
5 Fabrice Soulier $240,000 800
6 Chad Brown $200,000 640
7 Sovann "Tony" Sin $160,000 480
8 Bruce Feldman $130,000 320
9 Jeff Kimber $100,000 160
10 Bill Gustafik $80,000 96

Other notable cashes were:
14 Robert Mizrachi $65,000 96
22 Dan Harrington $50,000 48
26 David 'Chip' Reese $35,000 48

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March 05, 2006

2006 Heads Up Championship

Here is the list of the players participating in this years Heads Up Tournament:

1. Rene Angelil
2. Josh Arieh
3. Lyle Berman
4. Chad Brown
5. Doyle Brunson
6. Todd Brunson
7. Jerry Buss
8. Mike Caro
9. Johnny Chan
10. David Chesnoff
11. T.J. Cloutier
12. Allen Cunningham
13. Kassem "Freddy" Deeb
14. Annie Duke
15. Ernie Dureck
16. Eli Elezra
17. Antonio Esfandiari
18. Sam Farha
19. Chris Ferguson (2005 Heads-Up Runner-Up)
20. Scott Fischman
21. Layne Flack
22. Ted Forrest
23. Steven Glassner
24. Barry Greenstein
25. David Grey
26. Antanas Guoga
27. Gus Hansen
28. Dan Harrington
29. Jennifer Harman
30. Phil Hellmuth (2005 Heads-Up Champion)
31. Phil Ivey
32. John Juanda
33. Phil Laak
34. Howard Lederer
35. Tuan Le
36. Erick Lindgren
37. Josh Lochner (2006 NBCHeadsUp.com Online Tournament Winner)
38. Dee Luong
39. Mike Matusow
40. James McManus
41. Michael Mizrachi
42. Chris Moneymaker
43. Carlos Mortensen
44. Daniel Negreanu
45. Evelyn Ng
46. Men Nguyen
47. Scotty Nguyen
48. David Oppenheim
49. Paul Phillips
50. Greg Raymer
51. Chip Reese
52. Huck Seed
53. Erik Seidel
54. Mark Seif
55. Mike Sexton
56. Sean Sheiky
57. Barry Shulman
58. Jeff Shulman
59. Gavin Smith
60. Jennifer Tilly
61. Amir Vahedi
62. Cyndy Violette
63. David Williams
64. James Woods

You can see the actual match-up's and brackets by cliking HERE

It's interesting to note in those bracket's, that a repeat of last years championship is not possible, as Chris Ferguson is in the same side of the bracket system as Hellmouth....

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March 04, 2006

Tournament Poker Returns to Binions

More well known in the past as Binions Horseshoe Casino, Binions Gambling Hall and Hotel in downtown Las Vegas, will once again be hosting a major Poker Tournament!

There will be 29 events held over the course of 15 days. The events will be of varying buy-in and game type. We will be offering the following games - Limit 7 Card Stud - Pot Limit Hold'Em and Omaha High Only - Limit Hold'Em and Omaha Hi/Lo - No Limit Hold'Em - Multi-Table Satellites (with Rebuys) - Bounty Events The Buy-in will range from $300 events to the $5000 Championship Event.

The schedule for the events is:

Wed. 5/10/2006 5:00 pm NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM (MEDIA EVENT) $0 + $0
Thu. 5/11/2006 11:00 am NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM $500 + $50
Thu. 5/11/2006 6:00 pm OMAHA HI-LO $300 +$30
Fri. 5/12/2006* 11:00 am NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM (WITH BOUNTIES) $500 + $50
Fri. 5/12/2006 6:00 pm NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM (WITH REBUYS) $300+$30 buy in + $100 rebuys
Sat. 5/13/2006 11:00 am NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM $1,000 + $75
Sat. 5/13/2006 6:00 pm POT LIMIT OMAHA HI $300 +$30
Sun. 5/14/2006 11:00 am LIMIT HOLD'EM $500 + $50
Sun. 5/14/2006 6:00 pm SEVEN CARD STUD $300 +$30
Mon. 5/15/2006 11:00 am NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM $500 + $50
Mon. 5/15/2006 6:00pm LIMIT HOLD'EM $300 +$30
Tue. 5/16/2006* 11:00 am NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM (WITH BOUNTIES) $500 + $50
Tue. 5/16/2006 6:00 pm NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM $300 +$30
Wed. 5/17/2006 6:00 am GOLF OUTING $300
Wed. 5/17/2006 11:00 am NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM $500 + $50
Wed. 5/17/2006 6:00 pm NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM (SATELLITE W/ REBUYS)
$100 + $50 rebuys
Thu. 5/18/2006 11:00 am POT LIMIT OMAHA HI $500 + $50
Thu. 5/18/2006 6:00 pm NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM (SATELLITE W/ REBUYS)
$100 + $50 rebuys
Fri. 5/19/2006** 11:00 am NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM (WITH BOUNTIES) $1,000 + $75
Fri. 5/19/2006 6:00 pm NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM $300 +$30
Sat. 5/20/2006 10:00 am NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM (LADIES EVENT) $300 +$30
Sat. 5/20/2006 4:00 pm LIMIT HOLD'EM $500 + $50
Sun. 5/21/2006 11:00am NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM(SATELLITE W/ REBUYS) $200 + $100 rebuys
Sun. 5/21/2006 4:00 pm NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM (SATELLITE W/ REBUYS)
$200 + $100 rebuys
Mon. 5/22/2006 11:00 am NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM(CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT) $5,000 + $300
Mon. 5/22/2006 6:00 pm NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM (SATELLITE W/ REBUYS)
$100 + $50 rebuys
Tue. 5/23/2006 2:00 pm NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM $1,000 + $75
Tue. 5/23/2006 6:00 pm NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM (SATELLITE W/ REBUYS) $100 + $50 rebuys
Wed. 5/24/2006 11:00 am NO-LIMIT HOLD'EM $1,000 + $75

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March 03, 2006

Played well and had some luck

I played some no limit texas holdem poker last night at the club and fared pretty well!

There was a point just after the 6th level, where I was down to $1825 with the blinds at 300/600. I got lucky! First hand after this blind increase, I got AQ and pushed my stack... I got called by Pocket 9's and spiked a A on the river to stay alive! Two hands later, I got those 9's and doubled up again, just before we combined into the final table!

I played pretty tight at the final table and when we got down to 6, the following occured....

I'm the BB (500/1000) player under the gun makes it 4500... small blind calls... I look down to find Pocket A's! I push all in for $11K... UTG player folds after much deliberation... small blind calls with KJc... Aces hold up, and I find myself the chip leader!

Few hands later, the player that called me with KJ pushs his remaining $2200 in, and I call... small blind and big blind both call. Flop comes T 8 6 rainbow... ugly straight looking possible... I push all in ( I have pocket A's again ).... both small and big fold after much whining ( they both have gut shot's, which is what I wanted to avoid at this point ). A's hold... gut shot's would have hit!

I really didn't see much in the way of hands after this, and we got down to the final three with me only having $17K out of $69K..... I got Pocket J's, and pushed the stack.... unfortunately, the BB had Pocket A's! What are the odds playing 3 way of that?

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March 02, 2006

WSOP Mania at Full Tilt

Full Tilt Poker has been all about the big events and big players since they're inception, so it's no suprise to me that they are going all out to send players to the WSOP! Here is some information on what they are doing!

Last year, our WSOP promotions were an incredible success. During the Main Event, Full Tilt Poker had the biggest presence of any online poker site. It's fair to say that we took Las Vegas and our competitors by surprise. Of course, we can't take that for granted this year. Far from sitting on our laurels, we analyzed our entire WSOP strategy, and fine tuned our tournaments and games to maximize their impact.

On February 15th, we launched Main Event Mania with five components. Last week, we added another, King of the WSOP. In the coming months, we'll introduce other promotions to keep the bandwagon going.

$1 Million WSOP Main Event Seat Giveaway

This year, we're giving away $1 million worth of WSOP Main Event seats for free. We will hold five monthly $200K WSOP 20 Seat Freerolls starting in March. The top 20 finishers in each tournament will all win a seat to the Main Event in Las Vegas. 20 seats a month for five months – that's a total of 100 seats!

Players will have several ways to qualify for the monthly Freerolls without ever buying in:

Earn 10,000 Full Tilt Points for that month – and players get to keep their points.
Be one of our top WSOP point earners for that month. Players earn WSOP points in qualifying WSOP satellites.
Daily Freerolls that send players to the monthly Freerolls.
We want players to know that free really means free at Full Tilt Poker.

$10 Million WSOP Main Event Mania™

This promotion is an overlay available to anyone who wins their WSOP Main Event seat from Full Tilt Poker. If one of our Main Event seat winners goes on to win a spot at the final table, we'll reward them with $50K. If they finish in the top three, we'll give them $100K. If they win the whole tournament, we'll hand over $10 million, in addition to the projected $10 million Main Event top prize.

The message here is simple: With an extra $10 million up for grabs, why would you play anywhere else?

Weekly $1,000 WSOP Main Event Seat Qualifier

Every Monday at 9PM ET until July 10th, we're running a Weekly $1,000 WSOP Main Event Seat Qualifier. This tournament's special distinction is that a player's chance of winning a Main Event seat is higher than in any other tournament we offer. This event is designed so that for every 12 players who enter, one will walk away with a WSOP Main Event seat.

Players can buy in buy in directly for $1,000 + $60, or satellite in for just $4 + $.40 or 50 Full Tilt points. Again, winners will receive a $12K prize package to the Main Event.

Weekly WSOP Main Event Guarantees

From now until July 13th, Full Tilt Poker is running at least two WSOP Main Event Guarantees per week. These tournaments will send more than 100 players to the WSOP Main Event. The buy in is $200 + $16, and satellites start at just $4 + $.40 or 50 Full Tilt Points.

King of the WSOP

With all the great players on our site and so many seats up for grabs, we fully expect a number of Tilters to win more than one Main Event seat, and, whoever wins the most, will be crowned the King of the WSOP.

The King will receive first-class airfare to the Main Event in Las Vegas, an upgraded suite at the Rio, and 24 hour per day access to a limousine. In addition to the royal treatment in Vegas, when the King begins his one-year reign at Full Tilt Poker, we'll crown the avatar of his or her choice. So, whether they're a donkey or a shark, it's good to be the King at Full Tilt Poker.

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