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February 28, 2006

New Poker Room...

I just signed up, and put up an endorsement for a new poker room at PokerHeaven.com

I found the interface to be clean and efficient, and the play fast. There are settings to allow you to configure the site to your location and preferences. There are daily freerolls as well as MTT and Single Table events.

I'd give it a look if you are searching for new opportunities! ;-)

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Poker Bust Outs.....

I ran across a site while doing some reading at PokerNews.com. The site is located at PokerBustOuts.com.

It is a site promoting a documentary about the 'other' side of the Poker Life... the one NOT shown on the television shows. There are Quicktime and Windows Media movie preview's on the documentary that you can view also...

They say that they create "... documentary films focusing on the pitfalls of professional and recreational gambling. Whether at the casino or on the internet, the explosion in the popularity of poker has led to the ruination of many lives. Sometimes, however, it's hard to see past the glamour and glory we see on television. Our mission is to shed some light on the darker side of the sport..."

You really didnt think it was all glamor did you?

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February 27, 2006

Poker schedule...

The current WPT action is at the Shooting Star, where the 2006 Bay 101 Shooting Star $10K No Limit Texas Holdem Event kicks off today!

Yesterday, the WSOP Circuit headed to San Diego for the 2006 WSOP Tournament Circuit- Harrah's San Diego, event.

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February 24, 2006

$500K Tourney Winner disqualified!

There is an article at PokerNews.com today that outlines a recent scandle involving a player of some internet renown, who had multiple accounts at PartyPoker and won a big tournament.

You can read the entire article HERE

The article intimates that the player admitted to playing under a second account that he set up, because he heard that others were doing this and he felt he should not be left out.

The issue brings to light one of the weaknesses of playing online! It is almost impossible to detect and police collusion!

Wilcone and I recently had a problem with PartyPoker, in that we both have the same name ( father and son and all that ), and they initially refused Wilcone an account as a result. We had to fax to them documentation to substantiate that we were different people! Frankly, I was not upset at this, but relieved to know that there WERE safeguards in place for this.

BUT... this does not scratch the surface of the possible collusion issue!

There are multiple players out there that converse via instant messaging software, as well as over the telephone. No poker room software can detect or avoid this from happening.....

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Not a good night....

I played in a small MTT No Limit Texas Holdem event at the club last night, and I must say, althought I've had nights with bad cards, last night took the cake! I won a nice pot early in the first level, and did not win another hand the rest of the evening!

I spent most of the evening folding 72 and 74......

In the 5th level, while quite short, I found myself in the BB with 3 limpers in front of me. I had 85c, and checked.... the flop came 8 3 5 rainbow. There was a raise of $400 and two folds to me, and I pushed my stack of $1100 into the middle. After a few minutes of thought, the original better called... he showed a set of 3's... what are the damn odds?

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February 22, 2006

2006 LA Poker Classic Champ!

The winner of the 2006 LA Poker Classic's $10K No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Main event has been decided! Alan Goehring Wins the 2006 L.A. Poker Classic ($2,391,550). After quite a while of no flops, due to pre-flop ALL-IN moves, the final hand was decided when Goehring's K8 held up over Quach's AJ. The flop came Qc-Jd-9c, but the turn is the Kh and Goehring takes the lead.

Here are the final standings:

1 Alan Goehring $2,391,550 1920
2 Daniel Quach $1,162,560 1600
3 Michael Woo $571,315 1280
4 Steve Simmons $338,803 960
5 Justin Cuong Van "J.C." Tran $265,728 800
6 Per Ummer $199,296 640

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February 21, 2006

Down to 6 at LA Poker Classic

They are down to the final 6 in the LA Poker Classic's 2006 No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Main Event. The standings are:

1 JC Tran $ 3,720,000
2 Per Ummer $ 2,870,000
3 Michael Woo $ 2,195,000
4 Alan Goehring $ 1,900,000
5 Daniel Quach $ 1,655,000
6 Steven Simmons $ 1,505,000

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February 20, 2006

LA Classic Final Table

The 2006 LA Poker Classic is down to the final table of 10 for it's $10K Texas Holdem Poker Main Event.

The finals look like this:

1 Per Ummer 2,455,000 Chips 0
2 Alan Goehring 2,315,000 Chips 0
3 Kevan Casey 2,030,000 Chips 0
4 Michael Woo 1,665,000 Chips 0
5 Daniel Quach 1,425,000 Chips 0
6 Steve Simmons 1,257,000 Chips 0
7 Justin Cuong Van "J.C." Tran 1,245,000 Chips 0
8 Michael McClain 665,000 Chips 0
9 Anahit Galajian 480,000 Chips 0

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MTTs on party poker

I Played some texas holdem poker in 2 multi table tourneys today feeling good until my (river) luck went bad. Hit trip 5s on the flop and got stabbed with trip kings on the river. Had a-q run down by A-A in the BB twice today ( unbelievable) so im gonna take it easy for the next couple of days and focus on other things. Cant believe twice in one day i got hit by 2 outters ( didnt mention my qs vs js earlier) thats another story in its own....

until next time

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February 19, 2006

2006 LA Classic Update

The 2006 LA Poker Classic's No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Main event is down to the final 27.

Those remaining, with their chip counts are:

1 Hieu "Jon" Luu 1,111,000 Chips 0
2 Per Ummer 1,022,000 Chips 0
3 Brian McCann 939,000 Chips 0
4 Alan Goehring 916,000 Chips 0
5 Juha Helppi 804,000 Chips 0
6 Jon Kelley 751,000 Chips 0
7 David Chiu 749,000 Chips 0
8 Daniel Quach 739,000 Chips 0
9 Michael McClain 737,000 Chips 0
10 Kevin Casey 685,000 Chips 0
11 Michael Woo 670,000 Chips 0
12 John Gale 549,000 Chips 0
13 Steve Simmons 494,000 Chips 0
14 Anahit Galajian 458,000 Chips 0
15 Justin Cuong Van "J.C." Tran 441,000 Chips 0
16 Rodeen Talebi 414,000 Chips 0
17 Chris Bigler 413,000 Chips 0
18 James Woods 348,000 Chips 0
19 Mark Weidmann 327,000 Chips 0
20 Bill Gazes 258,000 Chips 0
21 Danny Noam 253,000 Chips 0
22 Tom Macey 242,000 Chips 0
23 Kelly Kim 173,000 Chips 0
24 Damon Ahmadi 135,000 Chips 0
25 Bruce Parker 106,000 Chips 0
26 Freddie Legaspi 68,000 Chips 0
27 Roy Winston 45,000 Chips 0

A lot of the 'name' pros bit the dust, but notice that Actor James Woods is still in the think of things....

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February 18, 2006

WSOP Event in Atlantic City

The 2006 WSOP Tournament Circuit- Harrah's Atlantic City drew to a conclusion yesterday. Here are the Tournament Stats:

Buy-in $9,700
Total Prize Pool $1,202,800
Number of Entries 124 Players

Here are the top 9:

1 Abraham Korotki $433,008 576
2 Brian Jensen $240,560 480
3 Steven Jacobs $132,308 384
4 Jody Garaventa $96,224 288
5 Herbert Cheng $84,196 240
6 Ed Corrado $72,168 192
7 Earnest Shepherd $60,140 144
8 Harry White $48,112 96
9 Jianhua Zhou $36,084 48

If you are not familiar with them, dont dispair... the majority of the big names are in the LA Poker Classic at the moment. Just one of MANY times with there will be player clashes with the way they are scheduling these things....

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2006 LA Poker Classic...

The 2006 WPT LA Poker Classic's $10K No Limit Texas Holdem Poker main event is now down to 97 players going into today's play.

Here are the listings and chip counts:

1 Fabrice Soulier 462,000 Chips 0
2 Justin Cuong Van "J.C." Tran 426,300 Chips 0
3 Alan Goehring 368,200 Chips 0
4 Mike Carson 343,800 Chips 0
5 Can Kim Hua 329,200 Chips 0
6 Daniel Alaei 317,300 Chips 0
7 James Bechtel II 310,000 Chips 0
8 Steven Giufre 301,200 Chips 0
9 Jim Miller 298,100 Chips 0
10 Amir Vahedi 297,600 Chips 0
11 Chris Bigler 290,800 Chips 0
12 Jose Tavares 277,500 Chips 0
13 David Chiu 265,800 Chips 0
14 Rodeen Talebi 264,400 Chips 0
15 Edward Moncada 255,000 Chips 0
16 Ayaz Mahmood 234,900 Chips 0
17 Orlando Maldonado Jr. 217,300 Chips 0
18 Benjamin Roberts 210,200 Chips 0
19 Per Ummer 209,700 Chips 0
20 Lin Ho 202,600 Chips 0
21 Joseph Padilla 200,400 Chips 0
22 Jeff Rine 197,000 Chips 0
23 Daniel Fuhs 194,100 Chips 0
24 Brian McCann 184,900 Chips 0
25 Chip Jett 180,400 Chips 0
26 Jason Lester 175,500 Chips 0
27 Julian Hart 174,200 Chips 0
28 Matthew Matros 169,800 Chips 0
29 Paul Darden Jr. 157,500 Chips 0
30 Ugur Marangoz 151,700 Chips 0
31 Kelly Kim 150,200 Chips 0
32 John Villanueva 147,500 Chips 0
33 Hasan Habib 147,400 Chips 0
34 Chuck Doumitt Jr. 147,000 Chips 0
35 Michael McClain 145,300 Chips 0
36 John Gale 143,700 Chips 0
37 Emil Patel 141,400 Chips 0
38 Allen Cunningham 140,000 Chips 0
39 Raed Abukartomy 138,100 Chips 0
40 David Plastik 134,500 Chips 0
41 David 'Chip' Reese 134,400 Chips 0
42 Yao Shi 133,200 Chips 0
43 Hieu "Jon" Luu 133,100 Chips 0
44 Daniel Quach 132,500 Chips 0
45 Bill Gazes 131,500 Chips 0
46 Michael Rocco 124,900 Chips 0
47 Shahram "Sean" Sheikhan 124,500 Chips 0
48 Bruce Parker 124,300 Chips 0
49 Danny Noam 124,000 Chips 0
50 Todd Thuan Bui 123,800 Chips 0
51 Michael Woo 115,200 Chips 0
52 Juha Helppi 115,100 Chips 0
53 Blair Rodman 113,900 Chips 0
54 Damon Ahmadi 112,500 Chips 0
55 Mark Gregorich 107,000 Chips 0
56 Francois Safieddine 106,800 Chips 0
57 Toan Ly 105,700 Chips 0
58 Scott Epstein 104,600 Chips 0
59 Guy Calvert 104,500 Chips 0
60 Tom Macey 104,400 Chips 0
61 Jon Kelley 102,200 Chips 0
62 Steven Choo 95,000 Chips 0
63 T.J. Cloutier 89,800 Chips 0
64 Kevin Casey 89,600 Chips 0
65 Roy Winston 88,500 Chips 0
66 Patrick Kelly 87,800 Chips 0
67 David Daneshgar 84,800 Chips 0
68 Gabriel Thaler 80,000 Chips 0
69 Sean McCabe 79,700 Chips 0
70 Mikael Thuritz 77,500 Chips 0
71 Eric Lynch 75,500 Chips 0
72 Larry Tull 75,300 Chips 0
73 Freddie Legaspi 72,100 Chips 0
74 David Domstein 72,000 Chips 0
75 Alex Azadpeyma 70,700 Chips 0
76 Amir Monsefi 70,500 Chips 0
77 Bradley Berman 69,600 Chips 0
78 Tor Gammelgard 69,200 Chips 0
79 Neil Chriss 64,300 Chips 0
80 Joel Tushnet 62,700 Chips 0
81 Phil Laak 58,000 Chips 0
82 Lee Salem 58,000 Chips 0
83 James Woods 56,200 Chips 0
84 Billy Duarte Jr. 55,500 Chips 0
85 Amanda Baker 53,600 Chips 0
86 Adam Spiegelberg 53,600 Chips 0
87 Dong Xu 51,200 Chips 0
88 Steve Simmons 48,200 Chips 0
89 Donnacha O'Dea 42,400 Chips 0
90 Brian Walters 41,100 Chips 0
91 Luis Sanchez 38,300 Chips 0
92 Travis Green 35,500 Chips 0
93 Sean Quinn 34,800 Chips 0
94 Thuan Nguyen 30,700 Chips 0
95 Jeff Freedman 29,100 Chips 0
96 Josh Mille 24,700 Chips 0
97 Anahit Galajian 21,700 Chips 0
98 Jimmy Maravi 20,200 Chips 0
99 Mark Weidmann 12,800 Chips 0

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On calling with QJo

Really now.... in 90% of circumstances, do you really think you have the best hand with QJo, when faced with an all in? Is it REALLY worth putting 1/2 your stack at risk to find out if the other guy is bluffing?

QJ in ANY circumstances is an iffy hand, and surely not worth the price of admission to any type of raise, especially an all in, but damned if I don't see people making this call.... like was done to me last night. ESPECIALLY after not playing ANY hand for over an hour, and seeing a stack wittled from over 5K to 3K..... amazing things are seen in this silly game....

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February 17, 2006

another mtt, another silly call..

So i played good down to the second table and I get a-q suited against the blinds with 2500 in chips, blinds are 1-200.. I go all in, some shmuck calls me with j-7 offsuit and hits a jack ....

When will bad calls and lucky draws stop being rewarded?

until next time.....

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2006 L.A. Poker Classic

The 2006 L.A. Poker Classic $10K No Limit Texas Holdem Poker main event got undeway yesterday, with 692 players entering this year's event. ( note that the Atlantic city event drew just over 100 )

There are 379 players that made it through the first day, and the list at the top of the chip count is a who's who of poker...

Bill Gazes $121,000 0 0
Allen Goehring $105,000 0 0
Eli Elezra $105,000 0 0
David Plastik $92,000 0 0
Hasan Habib $87,000 0 0
Erick Lindgren $82,000 0 0
Lyle Berman $65,000 0 0
Antonio Esfandiari $60,000 0 0
Chris Bigler $60,000 0 0
Dutch Boyd $60,000 0 0
Paul Darden $57,000 0 0
Chip Reese $55,000 0 0
Chip Jett $51,000 0 0
Barry Greenstein $45,000 0 0
TJ Cloutier $45,000 0 0
Nam Le $44,000 0 0
Chau Giang $44,000 0 0
Scotty Nguyen $44,000 0 0
Jen Harman $43,000 0 0
Minh Ly $43,000 0 0
Amir Vahedi $42,000 0 0
John Gale $38,000 0 0
James Woods $37,000 0 0
Harley Hall $34,000 0 0
Huck Seed $34,000 0 0
Mike Matusow $33,000 0 0
Olga Varkonyi $27,000 0 0
Phil Laak $24,000 0 0
Dr Jerry Buss $23,000 0 0
Gabe Kaplan $22,000 0 0
Eric Mizrachi $21,000 0 0
Juha Helppi $18,000 0 0
Eric Seidel $18,000 0 0
Jason Lester $18,000 0 0
Joe Cassidy $17,000 0 0
Steve Brecher $17,000 0 0
James KrazyKanuck Worth $16,000 0 0
David Pham $14,000 0 0
Joanne Liu $13,000 0 0
David Singer $13,000 0 0
Allen Cunningham $13,000 0 0
Gus Hanson $10,000 0 0
Marco Traniello $8,000 0 0
Men Nguyen $6,000 0 0
Joe Awada $4,500 0 0

Should make for an interesting event....

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US Lawmakers up to it again

Lawmakers are attempting to push a new ban to Internet gambling through..... Instead of doing the LOGICAL thing, and legalizing, and taxing the industry, they are putting their collective heads up their asses, and rattling their sabre's.....

You can read the entire story HERE

Love this part:
"The legislation would specifically prohibit a gambling business from accepting credit cards, checks, wire and Internet transfers in illegal gambling transactions. It also would set a maximum prison sentence of five years for violations."

As all gambling institutions are off shore, exactly how to they think this is going to be enforced?

flaming idiots....

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Had a good night for a change!

Played in a small MTT at the club last night, and finally had a decent night. It helped that I had a lot of good hands that hit, but I also played well overall.

I made good decisions on what to play, and when, and I knew when to let a hand go when I could have gotten into trouble with it. I also had some hands hold up, which for me, is a totally new experience! ;-)

It's nice to stick around a pot with Pocket 6's and hit the trips... Made quite a bit with that last night on three different occasions!

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February 16, 2006

2006 WSOP Citcuit - Harrah's Atlantic City

The 2006 WSOP Tournament Circuit- Harrah's Atlantic City No-Limit Texas Holdem Poker $9700 buy-in Championship got underway yesterday. There were only 124 Entries for this event, which woudl seem to be suffering from the WPT events happening on the West Coast at the same time.

The top 10 chip leaders are:

1 Herbert Cheng 93,500 Chips
2 Eracles "Eric" Panayiotou 89,000 Chips
3 Abraham Korotki 84,700 Chips
4 Mike Sica 81,500 Chips
5 Troy O'Neal 69,500 Chips
6 Mark Cole 65,600 Chips
7 Steven Jacobs 61,300 Chips
8 Tom Martelli 60,700 Chips
9 Thomas Schreiber 51,900 Chips
10 Sam Grizzle 51,300 Chips

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February 15, 2006

Online sit and gos

Although OVERALL I have had a pretty good run and have placed well in MOST of the sit n' gos I've entered, i would have to say that the play is sloppy and aggrevating.

When you play your top game and lose to some idiot who hits the river OVER AND OVER you begin to think ... is it my luck or is it a bad call? I would say im a 70-30 favorite going into the river 90% of the time, yet they draw out.

I understand that it takes some gamble to win but Miracle cards are not a gamble, they are a suck out.. and I will get my revenge soon enough!

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February 14, 2006

PokerTvNetwork adds to lineup

Poker TV Network, Inc. Announced Today the Addition of the Southern California Poker Tour to Their Lineup of Online Poker Programming Available at PokerTVNetwork.com

Tuesday February 14, 10:00 am ET

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Poker TV Network, Inc. (OTC: PKTV - News), the world's only online TV network dedicated to poker players and fans, announced today the addition of the Southern California Poker Tour (SCPT) to their lineup of online programming.

The new series of tournaments features "Average Joe" players who compete for thousands of dollars in prize money. Viewers can tune into the tournaments for free at http://www.pokerTVnetwork.com.

"This is the everyday man's version of the World Poker Tour," said Eric Rosenberg, president of Poker TV Network, Inc. "Our network is focused on those that love to play poker, whether they have the bankrolls to play in the big $10,000 buy-in events or not. Southern California Poker Tour is the first of many productions that PKTV will broadcast featuring the 'Average Joe' players as the stars."

Rosenberg says that Poker TV Network has plans to produce more televised poker tournaments with Poker Media Partners, the original developers of SCPT including a "Winner Take All" Tournament Series.


Poker TV Network, Inc. has launched the world's first and only online television network geared towards poker players and fans. Their lineup of poker programming includes tips from poker celebrities, live call in talk shows, play by play tournament action, and more. All programming can be viewed for free at their web site: http://www.pokerTVnetwork.com.

The foregoing press release may include numerous forward-looking statements concerning the company's business and future prospects and other similar statements that do not concern matters of historical fact. The federal securities laws provide a limited "safe harbor" for certain forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements in this press release relating to product development and business prospects are based on the company's current expectations. The company's current expectations are subject to all of the uncertainties and risks customarily associated with new business ventures including, but not limited to, market conditions, successful product development and acceptance, competition and overall economic conditions, as well as the risk of adverse regulatory actions. The company's actual results may differ materially from current expectations. Readers are cautioned not to put undue reliance on forward-looking statements. The company disclaims any intent or obligation to update publicly these forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or for any other reason.

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February 12, 2006

WPT Merchandise

There is a new Store that has exclusive rights to sell WPT merchandise online and offers some pretty nice stuff! If you are in the market for such things, its a definate MUST SEE.

Click HERE for World Poker Tour Store merchandise and information.

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February 10, 2006

Played well last night...

Went to the club for some texas holdem poker last night, and played pretty well, all things considered. The table I was at was pretty tight, so there was not a lot of action. We did not eliminate a player until just before the final table, whereas the other table eliminated 8 players to that point! The result of that, was that 7 of the final 9 came from our original table!

I really had pretty shitty cards, and had to make the most of what I had. One thing of note was that I played three hands against one other player last night, and in EACH of those three hands, we had the same thing, and ended up chopping! How weird is that?

I ended up going out 6th, on a hand that I normally would have folded in the position I was in. I was somewhat short, but not in trouble, and under the gun, with Pocket 4's. I thought that I could push my stack and get everyone to fold, since I had not played a hand in quite a while. Unfortunately, I ran into Pocket Q's! oops!

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February 09, 2006

About Online Texas Holdem Poker

I am starting to believe, that with the anonymity of the online world, people play texas holdem poker online far stupider than they would in real life.

For those people, I have the following thoughts...

- A3o is not a hand to call in middle position when faced with a 4x bet

- You really should not call with 35s from ANY position, regardless of chip stack, but especially when it's a 12x bet

- AK is not all that great a hand POST flop. Remember it's calld Anna Kornakova... nice to look at... never wins...

- None of us really believe you have a good enought hands to have gone all-in the last 7 hands in a row....

- It probably was NOT a good move to call an all in bet on with only and open ended straight draw, going into the river...

these are just some of my personal observations and musings... I'm sure there are more....

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February 07, 2006

The REAL Vegas 'Big Game'

There is a lot of hype over the 'big game' that is currently being televised, where players buy in for 100K and the elite of the game play nightly at the Bellagio. That game has been going on for quite some time, and has been, up to now, mainly a private affair...

There is an even BIGGER 'big game' in town! Texas billioniare Andy Beal rode into town to renew his big game against the 'corporation' of Vegas Poker Pros, that include Both Brunson's, Ted Forrest, Howard Lederer, and others.

The Corporation bought in for $10 million. The stakes were negotiated, with the blinds start at $25,000-$50,000 making the limits $50,000-$100,000.

Swings of over $1 Million daily are not uncommon!

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February 05, 2006

Online Multi Table Tournaments

I am really starting to hate playing in any of the MTT's online! It gets awful frustrating to get sucked out on time after time, after time.....

Case in point...

I played 4 multi table No Limit Texas Holdem Poker tournaments yesterday at Poker Stars..... In each of those tournaments, I pushed my stack all in, with the better hand being 3/1 favorites. In EACH of those cases, the inferior hand hit ON THE RIVER, to knock me out.

Not on the flop....

Not on the turn....



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February 04, 2006

Pot Limit Texas Holdem Poker

I played Pot Limit Texas Holdem Poker at the club last night for the first time that I can remember. What a hoot! The action was faster and more intense than ANY No Limit Texas Holdem game I've played in! We had three players knocked within 20 Minutes of the start! We were down to the final table in the second level!

For some reason, most players felt that they HAD to bet pot with each bet. There were VERY few flops seen with small bets, or limps... VERY few. I'm not sure I like the game... especially if it's played like this...

.... ya, my Pocket Jacks got knocked by Pocket Q's.... ;-)

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February 03, 2006

Bugsy's Club is Certified

BugsysClub's RNG is Certified, furthering Trust in Fairness of their PokerGames

January 30, 2006. Gibraltar: Planet Ace (Gibraltar) Ltd. announces that the Random Number Generator (RNG) used to shuffle cards by their PokerPages Software has been independently certified by iTech Labs Australia January 2006. With a certified RNG, poker players know an unpredictable shuffle algorithm is being used, which is critical to a fair poker game, especially since the software is licensed for Real-Money play at BugsysClub.com.

Tina Napolitano, Planet Ace co-Director remarked, 'With certification of our RNG, players now have independent confirmation that they can completely trust the poker hands dealt by our PokerPages.com FreePlay and PokerSchoolOnline.com School sites, and in particular by Real-Money licensee BugsysClub.com.

iTech Labs evaluated PokerPages' Random Number Generator (RNG) for
statistical randomness, unpredictability, non-repeatability, internal state of the RNG, seeding and background cycling. Correct operation of the RNG ensures that cards are statistically random and unpredictable, which is essential for fair card dealing and playing.

Tina added, 'We use the widely accepted and widely utilized Mersenne Twister pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) invented in 1997. This method is increasingly accepted as the random number generator of choice for all statistical simulations and generative modeling, especially because it overcomes the shortcomings of prior pseudorandom number generators.'

RNG Certification isn't a one time event- it includes ongoing monitoring. The Certified RNG module is sealed. Every day a signature of the sealed RNG module is generated and sent to the monitoring station. RNG monitoring ensures that RNG is not inadvertently or maliciously changed or replaced.

The original RNG certificate is maintained on the iTech Labs web site so authenticity can be verified.

Visit www.BugsysClub.com or http://www.PokerPages.com or email
press@pokerpages.com for more info.

BugsysClub has the Best Poker Games in Town, with a fun gangster theme and outstanding software (licensed from PokerPages). Win $10K WSOP/WPT seats all year, Freeroll your way to a $10K 2006 WSOP seat, and grab your share of $30K+ in Weekly and Monthly Leagues. Receive a 40% first-deposit bonus. Cash in with $10,000 Guaranteed Prizepool each Sunday. Visit http://www.BugsysClub.com

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PokerSchoolOnline is the only online PokerSchool teaching Beginners and Intermediate levels of Poker Players. Play in the cardroom with interactive multi-player poker software which allows realistic practice with a PLAY-money bankroll then discuss in lively forums. Learn or improve your ring game play or focus on your tournament play with multi-table tournaments and single-table satellites. Ranking systems, leagues and $100,000+ Sponsorships to Live Events make your experience closest to real world without the financial risk of Real-Money. Visit http://www.PokerSchoolOnline.com

Jan Jacobs, PR Dept.

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New Tournament Directors for WSOP Named

Harrah's Entertainment has named Robert Daily, the poker room manager at the Rio All- Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, as the Tournament Director for the 2006 WSOP, which is scheduled to take place on June 25-August 10 at the Amazon Room of the Rio Pavilion Convention Center.

The 62-year-old Daily will be the third Tournament Director for the WSOP in three years.

Harrah's also named Caesars Palace Las Vegas poker room manager Michael Matts as an assistant tournament director for the 2006 WSOP.

Daily and Matts directed the two WSOP Circuit events, as well as the 2005 WSOP Tournament of Champions, held in Las Vegas last Fall.

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February 02, 2006

2006 Borgata Winter Open

... is now in the books, with the conclusion of the $10,000 Buy-In, No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Main Event last night.

Here are the stats from the main event....

Buy-in $9,700
Total Prize Pool $3,695,700
Number of Entries 381 Players

Final Standings:

1 Michael Mizrachi $1,173,373 1824
2 John D'Agostino $591,312 1520
3 Erick Lindgren $282,721 1216
4 Amnon Filippi $184,785 912
5 Josh Spiegelman $147,828 760
6 Stuart Patterson $110,871 608
7 Peter Feldman $73,914 456
8 Joe Miceli $55,436 304
9 Don Mullis $46,196 152
10 Kenny Schuyler $22,174 91

Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi wins $1,173,373, a $25,000 entry to the WPT Championship and a new 2006 Cadillac Escalade.

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February 01, 2006

2006 Borgata Final Table Set

Well, they are down to the final table of 6 at the Borgata Winter Poker open, in the $10K No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Main Event

The final 6, including chip count, are:

Erick Lindgren $2,635,000 1 6
Michael The Grinder Mizrachi $2,040,000 1 7
Josh Spiegelman $1,635,000 1 9
John D'Agostino $1,340,000 1 8
Stu Thedonator Patterson $1,060,000 1 5
Amnon Filippi $820,000 1 4

The finals will be played off today

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