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January 31, 2006

The final 33 At Borgata

They are down to the final 33 players in the Borgata Open, with play resuming today at 12 EST.

The top ten are:

John D'Agostino $988,000 0 0
Kenny Schuyler $734,000 0 0
Cliff JohnnyBax Josephy $673,000 0 0
Bill Edler $529,000 0 0
John Duthie $520,000 0 0
Dane Jorgensen $519,000 0 0
Michael The Grinder Mizrachi $414,000 0 0
Erick Lindgren $412,000 0 0
Louise Francoeur $402,000 0 0
Mike Goodman $374,000

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January 30, 2006

WPT and Travel Channel reach Broadcast Agreement!

Wednesday Night is 'Premiere' Poker Night on the Travel Channel With 44 Weeks of New World Poker Tour and Professional Poker Tour Broadcasts.

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- WPT Enterprises, Inc. (Nasdaq: WPTE - News) and the Travel Channel entered into an agreement to air WPTE's highly anticipated PROFESSIONAL POKER TOUR(TM) (PPT) television series. The PPT features a series of invitation-only tournaments that are limited to the highest-ranked players in the world. The PPT is expected to begin airing in the 3rd quarter of 2006 on Wednesday nights from 9-11 PM ET/PT, following the completion of Season Four of the WPT.

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January 29, 2006

Played a Texas Holdem Poker Freeroll

The club had a Texas Holdem Poker Freerolls the other night that was a lot of fun to play in. I decided to loosen up a bit in the early levels, and see if I could get something going.... I never did, and found myself short within two levels. I hung in there for a long time, pushing twice with AK, and taking down the blinds, and getting doubled up by the chip leader with a pair of Tens, but nothing other than that......

Once we got down to the bubble, I ran into A's, that almost took me out, but I hung on with a couple of lucky Wins, including my 4's over 3's...

At the final table, I doubled up early, but just never got much in the way of cards until I was in the BB ( 600 ) when I was down to 1800. There was a call under the gun, then a 1800 bet... I pushed when I looked down at Pocket J's! The original caller, went all in... I knew then I was up against A's or K's.... it was A's, and I was sent packing....

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January 28, 2006

Negreanu Wins in Tunica

The 2006 Jack Binion WSOP Tournament Circuit-Grand Tunica is now in the books with the conclusion of the $10K No Limit Texas Holdem Poker main event. Daniel Negreanu came out on top for his first victory in quite a while!

The tournament stats were:
Buy-in $10,000
Total Prize Pool $2,289,500
Number of Entries 241 Players

The final results are:

1 Daniel Negreanu $755,525 1152
2 Bryant King $416,690 960
3 Kianoosh Mohajeri $228,950 768
4 Lee Markholt $183,160 576
5 Brian Lamkin $137,370 480
6 Brandon Adams $114,475 384
7 Wendell Barnes $91,580 288
8 Robert Schulz $66,624 192
9 Chad Brown $45,790 96
10 Earnest Shepherd $32,055 58

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January 27, 2006

2006 Grand Final Table

The final table at the 2006 Jack Binion WSOP Tournament Circuit-Grand Tunica, $10,000 Buy-in No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Championship is down to the final table!

Here are the players and their chip counts:

Place Poker Player Chip Count
1 Brian Lamkin $ 600,000
2 Daniel Negreanu $ 410,000
3 Kia Mohajeri $ 331,000
4 Wendell Barnes $ 237,000
5 Robert Schulz $ 229,000
6 Bryant King $ 200,000
7 Lee Markholt $ 177,000
8 Chad Brown $ 123,000
9 Brandon Adams $ 103,000

The winner will be decided today.....

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January 26, 2006

2006 Jack Binion WSOP Tournament

The 2006 Jack Binion WSOP Tournament Circuit-Grand Tunica is winding down, with the $10K No Limit Texas Holdem Poker tournament down to the final 27.

Tournament stats are:
Buy-in $10,000
Total Prize Pool $2,289,500
Number of Entries 241 Players

Final 27 are:
1 Don Barton 244,200 Chips 0
2 Brian Lamkin 218,900 Chips 0
3 Lee Markholt 169,600 Chips 0
4 Daniel Alaei 140,900 Chips 0
5 Daniel Negreanu 140,000 Chips 0
6 Earnest Shepherd 132,500 Chips 0
7 Khosrow Naraghian 131,500 Chips 0
8 Brandon Adams 111,400 Chips 0
9 Bryant King 110,300 Chips 0
10 William Edler 106,100 Chips 0
11 George Bronstein 98,300 Chips 0
12 Hertzel Zalewski 95,100 Chips 0
13 Chad Brown 86,100 Chips 0
14 Philip Galfond 79,400 Chips 0
15 Kianoosh Mohajeri 77,600 Chips 0
16 Wendell Barnes 67,900 Chips 0
17 Willis Fillers 54,000 Chips 0
18 Robert Schulz 49,000 Chips 0
19 Mark Gregorich 45,300 Chips 0
20 Michael Tait 40,400 Chips 0
21 Roland Israelashvili 40,000 Chips 0
22 Galen Kester 39,800 Chips 0
23 Todd Brunson 36,900 Chips 0
24 Larry Satterwhite 34,600 Chips 0
25 Miguel Mateo 31,800 Chips 0
26 Don Mullis 18,300 Chips 0
27 Bruce Sturgeon 13,600 Chips 0

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WPT Schedule for Season 5

The new WPT Sschedule was announced and there are a couple of suprises in it!

Online poker rooms PartyPoker.com and UltimateBet.com, both of which were charter members of the WPT, have withdrawn from the WPT, primarily due to WPTE's recent launch of its own online poker room, WPTonline.com.

The World Poker Tour (WPT) has announced the addition of Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas as its newest "member casino". The inaugural Mandalay Bay Poker Championship will be held on June 4-8 as the second stop in the fifth season of the WPT.

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January 24, 2006

2006 Gold Strike In the Books

The 2006 Gold Strike No-Limit Texas Holdem Poker Championship $10,000 Tournament is in the books, and Scotty held em off to take the crown! Here is a list of the top ten:

1 Scotty Nguyen $969,421 1584
2 Michael Mizrachi $566,352 1320
3 Raul Paez $298,908 1056
4 Gavin Smith $173,052 792
5 An Tran $125,856 660
6 Bau Le $88,099 528
7 Johnny Donaldson $62,928 396
8 Rodeen Talebi $50,342 264
9 Matt Keikoan $44,050 132
10 Gary Gibbs $37,757 79

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January 23, 2006

2006 Gold Strike Update...

The 2006 Gold Strike World Poker Open's $10K No Limit Texas Holdem Poker event is down to the final table! Here are the Tournament stats:

Buy-in $10,000
Total Prize Pool $3,171,900
Number of Entries 327 Players

The final table is:

1 Scotty Nguyen 2,144,000 Chips
2 Michael Mizrachi 1,271,000 Chips
3 Raul Paez 862,000 Chips
4 An Tran 845,000 Chips
5 Gavin Smith 774,000 Chips
6 Bau Le 645,000 Chips

Scotty has a pretty firm grip on this table, but there are some seasoned pro's at the table, and anything can happen in No Limit Texas Holdem! We'll see when the action resumes today at 5PM CT.

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January 22, 2006

2006 Gold Strike World Poker Open

The 2006 Gold Strike World Poker Open's Main event, the $10K buy in Texas Holdem Poker tourament, is down to the final 17. Here is the list of those remaining, and their chip counts:

1 Gary Gibbs 1,087,000 Chips 0
2 Scotty Nguyen 848,000 Chips 0
3 Michael Mizrachi 476,000 Chips 0
4 Matt Keikoan 412,000 Chips 0
5 Gavin Smith 408,000 Chips 0
6 Chris Bell 404,000 Chips 0
7 Raul Paez 381,000 Chips 0
8 Fred Ferrington 356,000 Chips 0
9 Karlo Lopez 316,000 Chips 0
10 Josh Arieh 300,000 Chips 0
11 Rodeen Talebi 285,000 Chips 0
12 Allie Prescott 267,000 Chips 0
13 Johnny Donaldson 246,000 Chips 0
14 An Tran 217,000 Chips 0
15 Bau Le 204,000 Chips 0
16 Eric Cloutier 190,000 Chips 0
17 Joshua Tieman 150,000 Chips 0

Other notables and their place and $$$:
24 Liz Lieu $18,878 - She's such a hottie!

The 2006 Borgota Winter Poker Open kicked off this weekend in Atlantic City... tournaments are just underway....

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January 21, 2006

Played Texas Holdem Poker at the club...

It had been since before the holidays that I played Texas Holdem Poker at the club with the guys, so I decided I needed to go and play a little. There was a two table MTT going on and the action was pretty good, as were the players.

I played well, but just had one of 'those' nights. I get K's, and someone with AK hits an A on the flop.... I get AK, and someone goes all in in front of me.. I lay it down to his Q's not wanting to risk the night on a race ( it was early ). I made correct reads, and played well, just had one of 'those' nights where the Texas Holdem Poker gods did not look kindly on me...

Oh ya... my 9's got taken out by 10's....

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January 20, 2006

2006 Aussie Millions Concludes

The 2006 Aussie Millions is in the books now... here are the stats and the results!

Buy-in $7,538
Total Prize Pool $3,150,674
Number of Entries 418 Players

1 Lee Nelson $972,822 1440
2 Robert Neary $517,792 1200
3 Nenad Medic $282,432 960
4 Shannon Shorr $203,979 720
5 Jeff Sealey $156,907 600
6 Russell Davies $125,525 480
7 Wes Bugiera $94,144 360
8 Mark Vos $62,763 240
9 Kenna James $62,763 120

Other notables:
11 Antonio Esfandiari $37,658
13 Kathy Liebert $37,658
28 Maciek "Michael" Gracz $15,691

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January 19, 2006

2006 World Series of Poker Satellites

Poker.com wants to send you to the 2006 World Series of Poker main event.

Starting in late December, we will be running daily satellite tournaments giving players the chance to be in Las Vegas in July 2006 for poker's most prestigious event.

Grand final satellite winners will be awarded a $12,500 package that includes their buy-in to the $10,000 WSOP main event, a Poker.com VIP gift bag and $2500 travel & spending money.

Here's how the satellite structure works.

There are 4 levels of satellites Qualifiers >> Quarter Finals >> Semi Finals >> Grand Finals

Give Poker.com a serious look!

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Final table at the Aussie Millions

The final table is set for the Aussie Millions, and will be run today. The table looks like this:

1 Geoff Sealey 1,982,000 Chips 0 1 1
2 Nenad Medic 1,841,000 Chips 0 1 2
3 Shannon Shorr 1,532,000 Chips 0 1 3
4 Lee Nelson 1,024,000 Chips 0 1 7
5 Russell Davies 777,000 Chips 0 1 4
6 Robert Neary 617,000 Chips 0 1 6
7 Wes Bugiera 594,000 Chips 0 1 5

None of the pro's that I mentioned in yesterday's entry made it!

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January 18, 2006

2006 Aussie Millions

The Main event of the 2006 Aussie Millions is well underway, and appears to be down to the final 36. The event is scheduled to wrap up tomorrow.

There were 418 players that ponied up the $7538 entry fee... and as of this writing, Kenna James is atop the leader board as the chip leader...... other prominant pros near the top are Michael Gracz, and Antonio Esfandari....

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A day to forget.....

I played Texas Holdem Poker in 4 MTT's yesterday, and got hosed in every one of them! What a horrible day I had!

Aces got taken down by 4's.... Kings taken down with runner runner flush.... The only bright thing I can say about the day, is that I did not enter into a race when I did not have the best hand going in! Now, I'm not sure thats a big deal, considering my luck, and track record of races...

I am trying to decide if I will continue Playing the MTTs, or go back to playing Limit Texas Holdem Poker in the ring games....

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January 14, 2006

MTT Success as of late...

I have been playing some Texas Holdem Poker Multi Table events lately, as I mentioned, and I have been having some pretty good success! I've played 6 MTT's in the past two days, and WON two of them, and cashed in another two. I've managed to increase my bankroll 5 times as a result, so I'm pretty encouraged!

One of the events I cashed at was a 20 table MTT with 180 people. I came in 9th, but took a really bad beat, with my Pocket Aces got cracked on the river by a set of Jacks. I take that hand, and I'm pretty much in the top 5 with 4 times the win.... sigh....

I have still dabbled in some Limit Texas Holdem ring games, but I dont seem to play those with the same disipline as I do in a tournament setting. I know that is simple a mind set, and that I will have to get past that to have success in the ring game type of play.

I'm working on it..... ;-)

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January 13, 2006

Multi Table Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments

I have been having some success playing in some lower buy-in no limit texas holdem poker multi table events. I have managed a couple of 2nd place finishes, and have cashed about 50% of the time so far.

I Think I will put my limit texas holdem poker ring game experiment on hold for a while until I see how far my run on the MTT goes!

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January 11, 2006

2006 World Series of Poker News

Some interesting and I think, really GOOD news coing out of the World Series of Poker people from Harrah's ( Owners of the WSOP ).

There will be a H.O.R.S.E. event added to the 2006 WSOP, with a projected $50K buy-in! Thats pretty steep, and done so presumably to keep any but the best from competing in the event. (My personal opinion, is that you will see more of this type of Buy-In in the future, ESPECIALLY in the main event. It is getting to thei point were it is unmanagable, and the higher stake buy in will weed out some of that.)

ANYWAYS... this move is a direct response to player requests, and leads into the NEXT good move on Harrah's part! FORMATION OF A PLAYER COMMITTEE to advise the WSOP management. This is a one year assignment, and there are six professionals involved. Those pro's are: Former World Champions Chris "Jesus" Ferguson and Scotty Nguyen joining Jennifer Harman, Howard Lederer, Robert Williamson III and Daniel Negreanu. Thats a pretty powerful commitee!

I'm picking up a lot of hints and scuttlebut about the formation of some sort of players group.....

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Years 1st Texas Holdem Poker Tournament

Well, year's first major texas holdem poker tournament, the PokerStar's Caribbean Poker Adventure, is in the books! This was a World Poker Tour event, and here are are the stats:

Buy-in $7,800
Total Prize Pool $5,647,200
Number of Entries 724 Players

Here are the final results:

1 Steve Paul-Ambrose $1,388,600 1440
2 Brook Lyter $681,500 1200
3 David Singer $436,200 960
4 Michael Higgins $327,100 720
5 Anders Henriksson $239,900 600
6 Aurangzeb Sheikh $177,200 480
7 Brian Green $144,500 360
8 Christian Grundtvig $117,200 240
9 Ziv Bachar $95,400 120

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January 09, 2006

2006 PokerStar's Caribbean Poker Adventure

The Final table for the 2006 PokerStar's Caribbean Poker Adventure has been set, and tomorrow ( tuesday ) the first final table of the year in a major event will be played. I'm not sure this one will draw a lot of television viewers, because there are no 'names' at the final table at all!

Here is what the final table will be:

1. David Singer - $2,535,000 (seat 2)
2. Steve Paul-Ambrose - $1,780,000 (seat 1)
3. Anders Henriksson - $1,033,000 (seat 5)
4. Brook Lyter - $875,000 (seat 3)
5. Michael Higgins - $794,000 (seat 4)
6. Aurangzeb Sheikh - $231,000 (seat 6)

You can read about these folks in the Cardplayer.com wrap up HERE

Most of them are online qualifiers, and internet players.....

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January 07, 2006

Multi Table Texas Holdem Poker

I have not played much texas holdem poker since before the holidays, and frankly, the last time I Played I was terribly dissapointed once again. My son things I'm the un-luckiest person around! WHY? Because I rarely win any type of race, even though I go into them with the best hand. Time after time, I get sucked out on the river after making the correct read, and pushing with the best hand.... I know the odds are supposed to be in my favor, but it's pretty tiring to get sucked out on 90% of the time.

Anyways, I decided to play a couple of Multi Table Texas Holdem poker tournaments yesterday. They were both low limit $5 buy in. One was a 45 player event, the other was a 27 player event. I was doing VERY well in the 27 player, taking a good pot on the first hand, after hitting a set of 9's on the flop... I played patientely, and was rewarded...

In the 45 player event, I was not catching many flops, and when I got pretty short, I pushed with a pair of Q's. I was called with KJo... who of course hit a K on the river to knock me out.... again....

So, back to the 27 player event.... I made it to the final table with a moderate stack, somewhat shy of average, but the big stack had a HUGE advantage, with 30K+ and the next big stack being 8K, so my 4K was not bad. I was NOT the sort stack for a change.

I sat tight for a while and let people beat on each other, and waited for some premium hands to play. When we were down to 5, I made a couple of moves, and found myself with 12K. That original big stack was replaced with another player.

I ended up going heads up with the original big stack player, going in as the dog, but after a few hands, I had the lead. We went back and forth for a while, when I pushed my stack with a small pocket pair, only to find him with a BIGGER small pocket pair! ;-)

After the results I have been logging over the past couple mouths, I'll settle for second! Texas Holdem Poker is a strange game!

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January 05, 2006

Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments in Jan 2006

Now that we are in the new year, the Tournament schedule is back in full swing. Saying it's texas holdem poker tournaments, is probably a bit misleading, because there ARE other forms of tournamnts, although Texas Holdem poker is probably 90% of the schedule nowadays!

Anyways, here is whats on tap for January 2006:

2006 PokerStar's Caribbean Poker Adventure
Dates: January 4th, 2006 to January 10th, 2006
Location: Atlantis
World Poker Tour Event

2006 Jack Binion WSOP Tournament Circuit-Grand Tunica
Dates: January 5th, 2006 to January 27th, 2006
Location: Grand Casino Tunica

2006 Aussie Millions
Dates: January 6th, 2006 to January 19th, 2006
Location: Crown Casino

2006 Gold Strike World Poker Open
Dates: January 9th, 2006 to January 23rd, 2006
Location: Gold Strike Hotel Casino
World Poker Tour Event

2006 L.A. Poker Classic
Dates: January 19th, 2006 to February 24th, 2006
Location: Commerce Casino
World Poker Tour Event

2006 Borgota Winter Poker Open
Dates: January 20th, 2006 to February 1st, 2006
Location: Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa
World Poker Tour Event

QUite a full schedule for the month, with some overlapping tournaments, althought several are held in Tunica that overlap...

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January 03, 2006

PartyPoker.com partners with TV in UK

It has been reported in a recent brand republic article, that UK Television's Five has partnered with Party Poker.com to sponsor late night broad cast's of Three Major Tournaments in Europe over the next 12 months.

You can read an article on this at Poker News.com HERE

It is a matter of time before something like this takes place in the US, where now only the .NET versions of the poker rooms can be seen advertising on television here. It's ludicrist that the US has not take steps to secure the income and tax potential that deals like this could mean here.... but they have always been short sighted, and 'interest' driven over revenue driven.....

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