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December 30, 2005

In Playing Texas Holdem Poker

I played in a small Multi Table Texas Holdem Poker Tournament last night at the club. I thought I was playing very well, and making correct reads for most of the night. I made a number of correct calls, AND a number of correct lay-down's when I needed to.

After the first break ( end of level 3 ) I was up almost double the starting chip count, and feeling really good about my game. Shortly after resuming play, we were down to 20 players, and my table got broken up and we got integrated in to the other two tables.

At this point cards went TOTALLY south for me! I got really nice hole cards, but hit absolutely nothing on the flops, and found my 'Nice stack' dwindled down to under 4K by the next break. Shortly after this break, I was moved to even out the tables.

Cards STILL were poor, but I was able to hold my own for a while. Once blinds got higher, I was starting to see my stack dwindle because of the blinds and ante's. Even with stealing some blinds, I was hurting.

Down to 2K in the BB ( blinds 400/200-25 ), and I get t7o. The small just calls ( he's the big stack ). The flop comes 6 j t. The small bets 1K. I dont think he has shit, and he's been known to make moves and bluff a lot. I go over the top all-in. He has to call the small amount remaining, and turns over A8o. I was correct in my read, he had NOTHING, and I had a pair of t's.

He of course sucked out the A on the river.....

Posted by fatbill at December 30, 2005 12:52 PM


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