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November 30, 2005

Playing Limit Texas Holdem Poker

So I have decided to try an experiment, playing Limit Texas Holdem Poker online for a while and charting my progress. I have started out playing .50/1.00 Limit Texas Holdem Poker, with two tables open each session.

So far the results have been mixed. My first session lasted a bit over two hours, and I lost half my stack.

Later on that evening, I played for almost two hours, and brought my stack up to +13BB for the day, winning back what I lost earlier plus some.

Played another session for a half hour and lost big... down 25BB...

This morning was a disaster playing! I got sucked out and beat at every turn. Trips taken down by flush or straight on the river three seperate times. Other hands just not hitting anything.

I lost a HUGE chunk of the stack, being down 40BB now, and have to consider replenishing...

Posted by fatbill at November 30, 2005 10:27 AM


I also played the same type of tables soon after I had played for free long enough to know the game well. I was some times up some times down but never really went anywhere, and the frustration of getting nowhere after a signifacant length of play I would start to take chances I normally wouldn't to win. this of course led to the demise of my stack.
Well, I started watching the other players to see how well they were doing. To my surprise none of them were doing well at all. The good players were making just enough to stay afloat. The only people making money were the site owners. The cards were coming out in such a way as to give one player the advantage, while also giving the others at the table a good sucker hand; a hand that anybody would play for a while before folding. The next hand would have the almost exact scenario unfold, but to a different player on the table. This went on for hours as new players would pop in and quickly lose, the three main players would absorb their cash, but still get nowhere.
The conclusion for me was clear. The site was generating hands specifically to keep players in. It doesn't benefit them when you make money, but it does if you are continually trying to.
I can't say that every site is the same. When I noticed this it was at Pokernow.com, but I have a hunch that if you pay attention to what's happening at the site your playing at, you will find something like this is going on.

Posted by: Dan Shaulis at February 11, 2006 11:51 PM

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