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November 30, 2005

Playing Limit Texas Holdem Poker

So I have decided to try an experiment, playing Limit Texas Holdem Poker online for a while and charting my progress. I have started out playing .50/1.00 Limit Texas Holdem Poker, with two tables open each session.

So far the results have been mixed. My first session lasted a bit over two hours, and I lost half my stack.

Later on that evening, I played for almost two hours, and brought my stack up to +13BB for the day, winning back what I lost earlier plus some.

Played another session for a half hour and lost big... down 25BB...

This morning was a disaster playing! I got sucked out and beat at every turn. Trips taken down by flush or straight on the river three seperate times. Other hands just not hitting anything.

I lost a HUGE chunk of the stack, being down 40BB now, and have to consider replenishing...

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November 28, 2005

Texas Holdem Poker News

There was a No Limit Texas Holdem Tournament held as one of the WSOP Circuit events at Paris/Balley's in Las Vegas. The event ended on Nov 22.

Here is the top finishers of the main event, the $10,000 No Limit Texas Holdem Poker:

1 Thang "Kido" Pham $442,456 624
2 Justin Cuong Van "J.C." Tran $251,920 520
3 Lee Watkinson $138,556 416
4 Scotty Nguyen $100,768 312
5 Joseph Hachem $88,172 260
6 John Smith $75,576 208
7 Steven Hudak $62,980 156
8 Doug Lee $50,384 104
9 Minh Ly $37,788 52
10 Max Pescatori $11,000 31

Maybe Hachem is not a fluke? There were only 134 entries to this event.....

Another WSOP circuit tournament gets underway today in Atlantic City at the Showboat, and the 4th Annual Five Diamond World Poker Classic gets underway tomorrow at the Bellagio in Las Vegas...

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November 23, 2005

Live Texas Holdem Poker

There will be another LIVE texas holdem poker event on FOX Sports Network tomorrow, thankgiving day! I read the article HERE at PokerNews.com and here is a slice of it that shares the proposed lineup:

"The list of players lined up for the event looks like it will be one of those sit and goes that you don't want any part of! Confirmed entries for the event in Monte Carlo include former World Champions Phil Hellmuth and Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, who will be joined at the table by fellow professionals John Juanda and David "DevilFish" Ulliot. Three other players have been extended invitations, Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen and Mike Matusow, but we'll have to wait until showtime (live at 6PM on the East Coast) to see what the actual final lineup will be. "

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November 21, 2005

WPT at Foxwoods 2005

The $10,000 Buy-in No Limit Texas Holdem Poker event just concluded at Foxwoods this past weekend.

The enent had 783 Entries! While other events seem to be declining, the Foxwoods events pulled big numbers to most of their events! In comparison, the WSOP Circuit event going on at Paris in Las Vegas only drew 134 Entries to it's $10K No Limit Texas Holdem Poker event.

Here are the top ten results:

1 Nick Schulman $2,167,500 1920
2 Anthony Licastro $1,035,000 1600
3 Bill Gazes $759,000 1280
4 Allen Cunningham $483,000 960
5 Lyle Berman $345,000 800
6 Leonard Cortellino $276,000 640
7 Samir Shakhtoor $207,000 480
8 Minh Nguyen $172,800 320
9 Avdo Djokovic $138,000 160
10 Steven Jacobs $117,300 96

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November 18, 2005

The River is the devil!

Down to four people in Texas Holdem Poker, with blinds at 800-1600 with a 200 ante it folds to me, everyone is playing pretty tight. I get k-8 suited so i move all in.....i have more than the big blind does. He calls instantly so i know im behind, he has A-kos. Flop comes 8 K rag TWO PAIR! Then running tens to give the opponent the higher kicker with his two pair, DOH.. I couldnt have played better, but the river is the devil. It ran me right off the table. But im 3/4 in cashing on thursday nights with 20 guys so I know my game is sharp, i guess i wait until next week :-(

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November 16, 2005

Poker Stars named....

Poker Stars Named Operator of the year by Egaming Magazine!

"Among a short list of nominees for the title, PokerStars was chosen by the magazine at a lavish gala held in London. According to Scott Longley, the Editor of eGaming Review, PokerStars is "without question the online poker room to watch at the moment." It was also noted that part of their success was in having a very visible list of champions to promote the room. "

The full story is available at PokerNews HERE

Be SURE to click here, and check out PokerStars to see why they rated so highly!

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November 15, 2005

Texas Holdem Poker Online

I have been playing texas holdem poker online a bit lately, mostly in SNG's. I've posted before, how I normally do not do well playing online, since I continually get sucked out by bad plays hitting on the river to be rewarded.

I've got back into playing online texas holdem poker SNG's mainly because some of my friends at the club have been talking about their luck of late.

Ok, so I make a deposit, and try my luck....

First 4 SNG's I play, I get sucked out on.. but in all fairness, a couple of those were in cases where I mis-jugded and went in with an inferior hand.
Down to $12.

Played in two small ( $5 ) multi table SNG's. (The Multi Table Texas Holdem poker SNG's are nice because they are like mini-tournaments, ranging from 27 to 180 players! ) Anyways.... I came in 1st in one, and 2nd in the other. Bankroll now ABOVE my initial deposit!

Have played in three tournaments since then, and had NO luck, in fact, have had nothing but BAD luck.

Technically, my winning percentage is not that bad. I've cashed in over 20%, which is well above average, and my bankroll is still good. Well just have to see how things progress.....

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November 12, 2005

Texas Holdem Poker Decisions

When you play a texas holdem poker tournament, you are constantly faced with decisions that affect, or COULD affect your continued play. It is not always the cards that you DO play that can have the biggest influence on the night, but sometimes its the cards you DO NOT play that do.

I'm playing Texas HOldem poker last night, and I have AK in the BB. I have a short stack all in for 2400, and another caller. I'm torn on the decision to play or not. I really dont think the short stack has me, but I am not sure about the other player. Ultimately I fold, only to discover that my AK would have not only been dominant, but would have won the hand.

Later in play, when down to 8 players, I have AQ in the BB, and have one caller who is short moving all in. This player will make this play on a HUGE variety of hands. I have the Big Stack calling. I lay the hand down. They both have small Pocket pairs, and the flop hits a Q.... I would have won and taken the chip lead.

From here, my stack gets eaten slowly by blinds and ante's, until I push all in with A6h, and get knocked by AQo.

It was not that hand that determined my tournament.......

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November 11, 2005

Played some Texas Holdem Poker .....

... last night at the club, and boy did I suck!

I have to re-think my style, and make some changes in my game. I can no longer play as tight as I have been and expect to grow my chip stack to where I need to to compete.

Texas Holdem Poker is a game that is more suited to an aggressive style of play, for the most part, and thats part of the game that I have been lacking.... that is going to change....

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November 10, 2005

WSOP Champions Results 2005

The results of the WSOP Tournament of Champions No Limit Texas Holdem Poker event are as follows:

1 Mike Matusow $1,000,000 528
2 Hoyt Corkins $325,000 440
3 Phil Hellmuth Jr. $250,000 352
4 Tony Bloom $150,000 264
5 Steven Dannenmann $100,000 220
6 Grant Lang $75,000 176
7 David Levi $50,000 132
8 Keith Sexton $25,000 88
9 Brandon Adams $25,000 44

The foxwoods event is also in full swing. Unfortunately the guys from the club did not have much luck at Foxwoods, but we have new events to look forward to now!

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November 07, 2005

The other night

Well i played at a texas holdem poker tournament at the club last thursday. Played fairly well, throwing away good hands to stay in the tourney. I was staying away from harms way as much as possible....and once i got to the final 3 i went all in. Other than that the tourney was fun, had aces three times, and got called twice. Hoping to have a good game this thursday so i can build my way back into a major....With the way ive been playing, it shouldnt be hard :-D

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WSOP Circuit Tournament of Champions

The WSOP Circuit Tournament of Champions for No Limit Texas Holdem Poker is got started yesterday, and played down to the top 30. Those remaining are:

1 Phil Hellmuth $ 110,900
2 Mike Matusow $ 107,600
3 Hoyt Corkins $ 65,700
4 Lonnie Alexander $ 58,600
5 Aaron Bartley $ 53,200
6 Michael 'The Grinder' Mizrachi $ 46,700
7 Johnny Chan $ 46,500
8 Mark Hanna $ 44,700
9 Neal Gersony $ 42,300
10 Chad Brown $ 40,800
11 Yosh Nakano $ 39,700
12 Daniel Bergsdorf $ 38,900
13 Keith Sexton $ 36,200
14 Stan Goldstein $ 33,700
15 Brandon Adams $ 30,000
16 Steven Dannenmann $ 28,700
17 James Giordano $ 27,900
18 Jonathan Shecter $ 27,700
19 Tony Ma $ 27,200
20 Rene Angelil $ 26,600
21 Doyle Brunson $ 25,000
22 Imre Leibold $ 24,000
23 Tony Bloom $ 22,900
24 David Levi $ 22,800
25 Aaron Kanter $ 22,700
26 Ted Lawson $ 21,300
27 Grant Lang $ 19,700
28 George Saca $ 17,900
29 Salim Batshon $ 16,300
30 Jeff Stanely $ 13,800

Phil and Mike are at the top, which should make for interesting TV time if they end up at the same table! ;-)

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November 06, 2005

More Texas Holdem Poker

So we went last night to play some no limit texas holdem poker at a friends house, that holds a cash game each saturday night. We have played texas holdem poker there for about a year, on and off, and know most ot the players there.

It should have sunk in early that this was not my night, as I could not get much to hit and I watched my stack go to half by the time we merged into the final table. I played poket K's twice with all in mover. Was called once, so I doubled up.

Late in the game I called an all in with JJ when the BB was already all in being real short, and the flop coming up rags. The turn came a 10, giving both players I was in with a pair of them. Thats three tens out there already, but you know what hit the river? A FUCKING TEN, of course. They make a ONE outer to bust my J's!

Sometimes I really don't like texas holdem poker....

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November 05, 2005

Texas Holdem Poker

The son and I went to play some no limit texas holdem poker at the club the other night, and there was a really good turn out. There really were no weak texas holdem poker players in the field, and the action showed it.

In the early levels, I found myself playing a LOT more hands than I usually do when I play a texas holdem poker tournament. I'm pretty tight as a rule, but I was getting some nice suited connectors that I was unable to make hit.

I finally got a couple good texas holdem poker hands before the end of the thrid level, and got almost back to even.

Unfortunately, once we got down to the final table, I stopped seeing ANY type of playable hand. I got to the table with about 5500 in chips, which was just shy of the average. There were three other people that were shorter than me. Sadly, I watched my stack just get chipped away, as I could not hit any type of hand, or just got such garbage that I could not play.

when were got down to 6, I finally got something worth playing, in AJs, and pushed my measly few chips all in. The stack was not enought to scare anyone, and I got two callers, which COULD have put me back in the game. I got nothing, and a pocket pair of 5's held, and I was sitting on the sidelines watching my son play ( he was still in, and in good position, but I'll let him tell his own tale! )

Thats just how texas holdem poker goes.... up and down with the fate of the cards!

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November 03, 2005

Recent Tournament Results

The WSOP Circuit event held ad Ceasars in Indiana recently camt to a close. Here is the final standings of the $10,000 No Limit Texas Holdem main event :

1 Quoc Al "Vinnie" Vinh $437,760 624
2 Men Nguyen $243,200 520
3 Ron Hargrove $133,760 416
4 Sam Whitt $97,280 312
5 Douglas Carli $85,120 260
6 William Edler $72,960 208
7 Marlowe Rowe $60,800 156
8 John Smith $48,640 104
9 Clinton Keown $36,480 52

The event only drew 127 players.

Meanwhile, the 2005 World Poker Finals held at Foxwoods got underway Oct 27, and is scheduled to conclude Nov 18th. The first event there, a $500 Buy-in No Limit Texas Holdem event, drew almost 1000 players!

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November 01, 2005

ESPN to feature Bluff Content

"ESPN.com announced today that Bluff Magazine, America's largest poker magazine, which will bring a wide range of the popular magazine's poker-related content and information to the ESPN Poker Club section of the leading sports site.", according to an article I found at Yahoo!Finance. The full article can be read Here

"Bluff material will combine with ESPN's existing content to bring fans a complete collection of poker-related news, insights and information from notable poker experts..... "

While I subscribe to all three major Poker magazines, I prefer CardPlayer in both layout and content, but I'm sure ESPN got a better deal from Bluff! ;-)

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