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October 22, 2005

Played Texas Holdem again

I played in a small texas holdem league satellite at the club last night where there were only 12 players, so we had two tables of 6 to start. The table I played at had good players, but most of us play pretty tight, so there were really not that many big pots, or any that put anyone at risk.

The interesting thing about the table, was that there were less than 15 Face cards flopped for the FIRST THREE ROUNDS combined! It was just unbelievable! Basically, everyone started playing small connectors and all because that is what was being flopped!

I got down to 1700 ( we started with 3500 ) when just before the end of level 3 I got involved in a big hand with AQ where I hit the A, and out kicked the other player who had AJ. That hand brought me back to almost even at the end of the thrid level.

Once we combined into one table, I was again pretty short... around 2K..... I really didnt see much in the way of hands, untill I got Pocket Q's in late position, so I pushed my 1300 all in. The Small blind ( blinds were 150/300 ) folded, but after a couple minutes thought, the BB called with K9s!! WTF??

Of course, he hit a nine on the flop, AND another 9 on the river to suck out on me.... how do you make that call to an all in, when you are not even getting 2/1 on your money??

Posted by fatbill at October 22, 2005 02:58 PM


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