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October 28, 2005

!/2 the chips

Well entering the final table I wasnt short, but I wasnt the biggest stack at the table,i was simply healthy. After a few calls and going up and down in chip size I was the chip leader with over 1/3 of the chips. Thats when i just hit a zone, i made every right call i couldve. I was calling and losing all ins for 5200 and still didnt dent my stack. I had a real good run of cards towards the end with aces twice, full houses, and just high cards. I snapped off 6 of the 20 players by myself leaving me heads up with a very good player. We played for about 45 minutes and he was up then i was up and then i just got sick of sitting there, so with a difference of 80 we chopped. I was very happy with my play, and hope to continue this in teh future.

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Queens got snapped

Played some No Limit Texas Holdem last night at the club, and there was a really good turnout for the night, with a bunch of tough players in attendance. I played pretty well most of the night, making good decisions, but playing relatively tight. I was up and down most of the first few levels, but managed to stay in the game, with enought of a chip count to be in no trouble.

When we got down to the final 10, I was around 4400 in chips and for once NOT the short stack at the table. Blinds were 300/600 and I was the BB to start off the action. The guy next to me and UTG makes a move and pushes all in with his short stack of 2300. Everyone folds to me, and I look down to see Pocket Q's. I make the call! He has pocket 9's, so I'm in good shape!

Flop makes my set of 9's, but with two clubs. Turn and River give him a straight, and I'm fucked....... again. This game is enough to drive you crazy.

Good news, is that Wilcone made it to the money as the chip leader, and ended up chopping 1st place money!

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October 25, 2005

New 2006 WSOP Event Schedule

The WSOP has just published the 2006 WSOP Event schedule of all 44 of the bracelet events! I have taken it and re-formated the schedule so that I could put it on the blog and make it easier to access and make it a bit more readable than the press release was!

You will find it under Poker Tournament Info on the right hand column of this blog!

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October 24, 2005

Is the luster of poker fading?

I was reading an article where the title caught my attention. It was called GSN Ups Ante as Poker Fades read the article there...

Here is the basis for that:

"Travel Channel's "World Poker Tour" was down 17 percent in total viewers watching first-run episodes during its 2005 season, compared with 2004, according to Nielsen Media Research. ESPN's "World Series of Poker" is down 14 percent season to date. CNBC's "Heads Up Poker" tournament is down 18 percent. And among the three iterations of GSN's own "Poker Royale" series, most are similarly down. "

Is it maybe that there are too many damn networks trying to show poker that is the problem? Maybe its simply dillution of the game, and not any specific lack of interest?

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October 22, 2005

Festa al Lago Results

Here are the final standings of the Festa al Lago 10K No Limit Texas Holdem tournament that ended yesterday.

1 Minh Ly $1,060,050 1920
2 Dan Harrington $620,730 1600
3 Gavin Smith $327,610 1280
4 Don Zewin $189,630 960
5 Jan Sorensen $137,940 800
6 Tony Grand $96,560 640
7 Ernie Scherer $68,970 480
8 Danny Shiff $55,175 320
9 Abraham Gray $48,280 160
10 Barry Greenstein $41,380 96

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Played Texas Holdem again

I played in a small texas holdem league satellite at the club last night where there were only 12 players, so we had two tables of 6 to start. The table I played at had good players, but most of us play pretty tight, so there were really not that many big pots, or any that put anyone at risk.

The interesting thing about the table, was that there were less than 15 Face cards flopped for the FIRST THREE ROUNDS combined! It was just unbelievable! Basically, everyone started playing small connectors and all because that is what was being flopped!

I got down to 1700 ( we started with 3500 ) when just before the end of level 3 I got involved in a big hand with AQ where I hit the A, and out kicked the other player who had AJ. That hand brought me back to almost even at the end of the thrid level.

Once we combined into one table, I was again pretty short... around 2K..... I really didnt see much in the way of hands, untill I got Pocket Q's in late position, so I pushed my 1300 all in. The Small blind ( blinds were 150/300 ) folded, but after a couple minutes thought, the BB called with K9s!! WTF??

Of course, he hit a nine on the flop, AND another 9 on the river to suck out on me.... how do you make that call to an all in, when you are not even getting 2/1 on your money??

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October 21, 2005

Festa Al Lago update

2005 WPT Festa al Lago IV No Limit Holdem Tournament

They are down to the final six, and they are:

1 Minh Ly $ 3,056,000
2 Dan Harrington $ 2,937,000
3 Gavin Smith $ 1,368,000
4 Don Zewin $ 552,000
5 Jan Sorensen $ 370,000
6 Tony Grand $ 118,000

Thom Werthmann from Michigan came in 18th!

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October 20, 2005

Festa al Lago IV No Limit Hold'em

The 2005 WPT Festa al Lago IV No Limit Hold'em $10K buy-in event is down to the final 39 with some familiar names on the board!

Our local michigan Guy, Thom Werthmann is in 18th Place!!

1 Ernie Scherer $ 675,000
2 Gavin Smith $ 497,500
3 Tony Grand $ 457,000
4 Mike Gracz $ 402,500
5 Dan Harrington $ 375,000
6 Young Phan $ 362,500
7 Chris 'Jesus' Ferguson $ 359,000
8 Joe Clapper $ 323,000
9 Khanh Hua $ 287,000
10 Steve Brecher $ 276,500
11 Barry Greenstein $ 244,000
12 Thomas Lock $ 241,500
13 Jeff Brock $ 233,000
14 Darrell Dicken $ 230,000
15 Massoud Nikjouian $ 228,500
16 Jan Sorensen $ 223,000
17 Abraham 'Avi' Gray $ 223,000
18 Thom Werthmann $ 220,000
19 Don Barton $ 218,500
20 Toe Sanders $ 198,500
21 Minh Ly $ 195,000
22 Kathy Liebert $ 190,500
23 Sam Rashid $ 190,500
24 Davood Mehrmand $ 187,000
25 Arnold Spee $ 168,000
26 Bill Edler $ 154,500
27 Craig Hartman $ 144,000
28 Gus Hansen $ 143,500
29 Scott Lundberg $ 132,500
30 Neal Matthews $ 108,000
31 Don Zewin $ 92,000
32 Mark Cole $ 80,000
33 Bob Feduniak $ 78,000
34 Wayne Lewis $ 70,500
35 Jim McManus $ 57,000
36 Danny Shiff $ 55,000
37 Rodeen Talebi $ 55,000
38 Eskimo Clark $ 53,000
39 Matt Lefkowitz $ 42,000

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Heads up event gets a new home

The national heads up texas holdem championship that was so popular this year on television and amoung the players has just inked a deal to move to a new home: Ceasar's Palace!

Read the full article Here

"This is a terrific addition to our portfolio of sports ventures," said Jeffrey Pollack, vice president of sports and entertainment marketing for Harrah's Entertainment. "We're thrilled Caesars Palace has joined with NBC Sports to showcase this increasingly popular event in Caesars' new poker room."

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Played some 7 card Stud

I took a break from Texas Holdem poker last night, and played in a newly started 7 Card Stud league at the club. My son asked me 'Are you seriously going to play 7 card stud?'! LOL

It was difficult to explain to him that when I was his age, that was THE game that we all played in our little home games. There were a lot of variations in the game, but it all came down to deriviates of 7 card stud!

It was different, that is for sure, and playing a tournament style 7 card stud was a lot different than I remember from playing in our home games! It took me a few rounds to get my bearings, but after that, things seemed to fall into place rather quickly. I really didnt do that badly, all things considered. At least I was not among the first few that got knocked out. And when I DID get knocked out, it was because I was rivered going in with the best hand!

I dont see myself giving up texas holdem poker for 7 card stud, but it's nice to play different games for a change!

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October 17, 2005

AOL and Harrah's team up?

I found this interesting!

"AOL, Harrah's Join Forces In World Series of Poker(R) Strategic Alliance

World's Richest Poker Tournament and AOL Offer Free-Play Poker Games and Chance to Win a Seat at Prestigious Tournaments "

The full article can be read HERE

The gist of the article says: "Harrah's License Company, LLC, an affiliate of Harrah's Entertainment, Inc., (NYSE: HET - News), announced today it has joined forces with AOL to create a co-branded poker room for AOL users featuring a suite of World Series of Poker free-play games and special content."

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Foxwoods Seat Event

Yesterday was the finals for the foxwood seat event that I qualified for on Thursday. There were 12 players vieing for a seat to FoxWoods on Nov 5, for the $1000 Buy in No Limit Texas Holdem event.

It was a highly competitive day to say the least, with a lot of top players, and it was a lot of fun! ;-)

I really never had great hands most of the night. Pocket J's was the best thing I saw, but I got that 3 times, and it paid off tow of the three. Had AJ a few times, and that paid off each time, including an important hand when we were down to 4 players, when I hit the nut flush with it.

I was really not able to get involved in many big pots, but I was able to keep myself in the game by being patient. At one point I was down to 1200, but battled back to over 7K with 4 to go. Unfortunately the chip leader had more than half the available chips, and he took out the other two contenders, leaving me heads up. At that point I only had 4400 chips, to his 38000! LOL I opted for a deal and settled.

Patience and persistance... it's held me through the last two events!

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October 14, 2005

Played really well....

I played no limit texas holdem in a mini satellite last night, where the top 3 won entry into a tournament awarding seats into an upcoming WPT event at Foxwoods. Everyone started with 3000 in chips, and the blinds were 30 minutes.

I really played well, but seemed to get my cards early in the event, bringing my stack up to 4500 in the first couple levels. Then things seemed to go cold for me. Good hands to raise or call with, never connected with the flop, and I found myself down, at one point to 1200 in chips.

Making the best of hands that I got, I kept in the game, yo-yoing between 1200 and 2000 for over 45 minutes. I never got anything going, but I kept in the game, and kept my patience.

FINALLY, I got AJs and decided to push with it! At this point, we were down to 11, and the next out would see us combining tables. Let me say, that the previous 3 hands to this I had A rag and tossed them!

My AJs got called by a big stack ( remember, I had less than 2K ) with AQo. I thought I was in for it, but luck was with me, and a J hit the board and held! Now I was up to 4500 again!! and thats were I was when we moved to a final table.

I really did not play many hands at this table, as I had the Chip leader to my right making large raises at every opportunity!

On the Big Blind, this hand came up when blinds were 400/800 with a 50 ante:
Guy under the gun calls for 800 ( he has less chips than me )... Lady in middle position goes all in for 5800. Everyone else folds to me. I look down to find pocket Queens! I really had to think on this. I'm pretty sure the guy under the gun is going to call, and I have to think one of them has a big hand. I just cant let Q's go, so I call. As I suspected, the guy under the gun calls also! IT's A HUGE POT!

Guy under the gun flips J's, and the lady flips 6's! I'm in a dominant lead! Fortunately for me, my luck holds, and no one improves, so my Q's hold up, and I'm not over 13K in chips!

I play tight from here on out, but ALMOST lost my tournament to the chip leader with we were down to 5 players.
I'm the BB for 800 and the chip leader is the Small for 400. He just calls, and I look down to see A5o, so I check. Flop comes THREE KINGS. He checks, and so do I. Turn comes a 9. He bets 800, and I call. River comes an A!! I make the boat. He bets out 2000! I think for a sec and just call.... thank god I didnt raise, when he turns over the FORTH KING!
That hand hurt and I was down to 6K now!

Fortunately, for me, I didnt have to play another hand, as first the chip leader, then another player knocked the 4th and 5th position players out, and the remaining three of us all gained entry to this Sunday's event. I'm looking forward to it!

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October 12, 2005

Local Guy does good...

At the ongoing Festa al Lago tournament held at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, a local Michigan guy made the final table in the $2000 No Limit Texas Holdem event yesterday!
Here are the results:
1 John Esposito $171,830 528
2 Ricardo Festejo $87,005 440
3 Denis Ethier $43,505 352
4 Rami Boukai $23,730 264
5 Henry Tran $17,795 220
6 Mark Marshall $13,840 176
7 Rich Probst $9,885 132
8 Mike Sica $7,910 88
9 Ned Cruey $6,330 44

Finishing 7th, Rich Probst is from the club I play at, so its an especially nice thing to see!

There were 217 entries to this event

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October 08, 2005

Poker Alliance?

I read an interesting article at Rolling Good Times about a group trying to set up an 'alliance' of poker players, in essence a lobby, to combat pending and future legislation to ban poker playing.

I think it's a great idea!

"The Poker Players Alliance says it wants to sign up tens of thousands of recreational poker players, each of whom would pay $15 in dues.

The group would lobby federal, state and local officials to help fight a potential federal ban on Internet gambling and stop raids on community poker games by state and local law enforcement officials.

As a call to action, the group has created a Web site and is publishing magazine ads and writing articles in trade publications. The pieces detail a rash of police raids on community poker games in recent months -- many of them organized to benefit charities.

To hear founder Sam Gorewitz tell it, poker games everywhere are under attack by overzealous federal and state prosecutors looking to curb a pastime that's as much part of American culture as baseball.

"We feel the government should not be telling people what to do," said Gorewitz, a poker player and former marketing executive in Washington. "In our eyes, poker is legal. Our main objective is to keep it legal. We want poker players to be able to play poker in the venue of their choice." "

No mention or link to the groups site.. I'll keep an eye on this....

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October 04, 2005

Online Tournament

Well I played in my first online tournament in a while yesterday. There was 583 people roughly who started, and i couldnt have played better. I put my money in with the best hand when I had it, and dumped my hand when I didnt. I lasted for two and a half hours and came to my doom... I had around 19,000 in chips or so, and played my ass off. It came down to the final 3 tables of 8 when I was dealt a-k of spades, after a raise I pushed them all in only to run into pocket 10s...and to be honest I liked my odds even if he had a pair, I still had two overs to race with and didnt hit either....The most important thing is that I played the best i've ever played, and thats all that matters to me...because sooner or later im gonna get the victory playing like I did, and thats pretty much the just of it.

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Sick of online play

I am totally fed up with playing texas holdem online! EVERY time I play in any type of tournament online, I end up getting rivered by some buffoon calling me with shit cards and hitting!

Case in Point: I go all in on the button with Pocket Q's.... the idiot on the BB CALLS me, with K4o, and of course rivers a K... totally a bullshit call, by an obvious idiot.

I know all the retoric about wanting idiots to make those calls... unfortunately, online play awards them all to often...

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October 02, 2005

Ultimate Bet Aruba Classic Results

The Ultimate Bet Aruba Classic $5000 No Limit Texas Holdem event ended yesterday with Freddy Deeb pulling down the Million dollar first prize! Here are the final table results:

1 Kassem 'Freddy' Deeb $1,000,000 1440
2 Josh Schlein $440,450 1200
3 Johan Storakers $300,000 960
4 Devin Porter $200,000 720
5 Robert Border $150,000 600
6 Stacy Matuson $100,000 480
7 James Van Alstyne $60,000 360
8 Katherine Jackson $40,000 240
9 Barry Greenstein $30,000 120

Upcoming events include the WPT Event 2005 Festa al Lago IV at the Bellagio. The WSOPC event scheduled this month at the Grand Casino in Biloxi has been cancelled due to hurrican Katrina.

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