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September 17, 2005

Texas Holdem Poker at the club

Well, the club is back up and running, and I got to play some Texas Holdem again, after taking over a month off. It's nice to have the club back operating, and seeing and playing with the guys there once again. The new setting is very nice, and it can accomodate 30-40 Texas Holdem players with no problem.

I played pretty tight all night.. largely because I either did not have hands worth a shit, or when I had marginal hands that I may have liked to limp in with, there were big raises in front of me.

It got down to me under $2K with the blinds at $600, and I was in for the big blind with K9s. There was an all in in front of me, and I was being moved to a new table after this hand ( to balance ). If I fold and move to the new table, I'm coming in with less than to blinds. I felt my only move here was to move all in and take my changes. I got lucky, as the other player had pocket tens, so I had an over. The flop gave me a K, and It held. Now I move with a somewhat decent stack, at least enought to make someone think if I made a move.

Play got down to the final 6, and I was just not getting hands. I finally got AQ, but the big stack bet out 2400 ( blinds were 400/800 ). I only had 2900 chips, so after a minutes thought I moved all in, knowing he would call for few extra chips. What I did not expect to happen, did... the Big Blind moved all in.
The Big Stack called with QJs, I had AQ, but unfortunately the Big Blind had AKo... .none of us hit, so the AK held, and I was sent packing....

Posted by fatbill at September 17, 2005 10:23 AM


Hello, I would love to get some information about joining the poker club you belong to. I keep hearing about it, but can never get anyone to reply to my emails.

Posted by: Bob at October 3, 2005 04:43 PM

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