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September 19, 2005

Can I catch a break?

I played again with the guys at the club Sat night, and thought I played pretty well. I made no major mistakes, and what hands I played, I got what I could out of them.

Things of note.... We got down to the final 10, and I was one of three short stacks. I sat on my stack for a round, when this hand came up.
With me in the BB for $300, I checked my option to three limpers in front of me. The small made it $600, on an flop of 6 3 J rainbow. I had pocket 6's, so I went all in. He called, and my set held up so I doubled up and had some life.
Next hand, I limped with QJo. Same guys makes it 3x on a flop showing a Jack high. I thought about it for quite a while, and decided that based on past betting for this player, that he was on a draw. I called... he was on a flush draw, and didnt catch, so I doubled again, and now had enought chips to sit tight for a while.

We played 6 handed for what seemed forever. Chips going around the table, but EVERY all in, holding up for the shorter stack. Finally a player got knocked out, and shortly after that, with 5 remaining, this hand came up.
PREFLOP, guy under the gun goes all in. He has me out-chipped. He's a solid player, but not really that well off, chip wise. He's been known to make this move with any big card. I had AJo, and I called... he had A4o.... of course, a 4 hit on the turn, and I was out.

I can not catch a break with things get down to the wire.. and I'm steadily finishing 5th and 6th....

Posted by fatbill at September 19, 2005 11:04 AM


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