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August 04, 2005

Playing in home games...

Well I deceided to play in a 12 man home game last night, mostly weaker players. Starting off i got rivered for 1/5 of my stack and worked all the way back up to just under leading the pack. I got dealt A-K and raised the blind 3x, figuring i havent raised a hand all night and these people know i play stronger hands. I had one called ( a very weak player) that called me with j-9 suited. I flopped my king but he flopped a flush draw, so for 1700 in chips he deceided to chase it down risking over half of his stack. Needless to say my king didnt hold up. And then i deceided to play in a short handed game out of boredom....

about 6 of us played and i was doing rather well, considering the amount of hands i played.I got raised 400 preflop and had pocket 10s, flopped my 10 and there was 3 clubs on board. Knowing i was ahead i just checked which was my mistake, but he had the ace of clubs so he had a mean draw. I couldnt pair the board to make my trips last. THATS POKER THOUGH.

I've found that i have to change my game when playing weaker players, having flopped strong hands all night and not winning pots was making me angry. But it wont bring me down, its people like that who are just keeping my money safe for next time.

Posted by wilcone at August 4, 2005 11:16 AM


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