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July 14, 2005

Some Side drama's at the WSOP

These side drama's are doubtful to make TV coverage, but are amoung the things that transpired during the last day's play. These are reported by CardPlayer.com ( whos coverage of the WSOP has been terrific! ) in their logs...

"Some of the details are unclear, but about fifteen minutes ago at the Featured Table, one of the female dealers was quietly crying as she was replaced by the next dealer. Upon further investigation, one of the players at the final table was apparently being very critical of every mistake. According to Greg Raymer, it wasn't the content of what he was saying, but how he was saying it -- every criticism sounded like a spit in the face. If you took a transcript of what he said, it wouldn't appear to be very bad. But if you had to listen to it ...
It's a touchy situation, and the crowd applauded her in support as she left the table. Soon after, Tournament Director Johnny Grooms approaches the table to address the situation. Before he gets a chance to speak, the player leaves the table and goes over to say something to the dealer. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but their body language and everything else implies that he apologized to her. "

"Bing Wang was apparently confused following the last level of play. The break was scheduled to be 30 minutes, but Wang thought that it was a longer break for dinner. An easy mistake to make, considering a dinner break was announced, but for a different event also going on in the Amazon room. Wang has not returned to his seat and the tournament directors have made the decision to blind him off until he returns. The player sitting two spots to his right, Andy Black doesn't think that is fair. As a result, Black has asked the tournament directors to stop play until he returns. The ruling stands and Wang's chips are being blinded off. In an effort to help Wang out, Black is stalling and taking a very long time to do anything. Andy Black is visibly upset with what is taking place, and it appears that he is shedding a few tears."

You knew there had to be some little drama's going on in the background!

Posted by fatbill at July 14, 2005 07:37 AM


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