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July 22, 2005

Played well pre-Vegas!

I played in the same Cash game last night as Wilcone, fortunately I had a little better results! ;-)

I was short and down to $1025 when I was the Big Blind for $400. I had nothing, 57off.... the flop came 226.... I moved all in, as I was only up against two other players, one being the small blind. I took a chance that they would think I hit a Big Blind special.... they did, and folded, so I was able to double up.

Next hand I get KK with one player ahead of me moving all in. I call! He has QQ.... we both hit a set on the flop, so I double up again! Now I'm over 4K, and we merge into the final 9.

I was doing well, and at one point got the stack up over 6K, but took a huge hit when my AQ did not hit and I had to fold after calling a pre-flop raise....

All in moves with AKs, and JJ both went uncalled....

I was down to just over $3K when the player before me made it $1600 to go ( $800 big blind )... I had Pocket 9's... I either fold, or push, as calling would leave me only $1500... I decide to push...

Unfortunately he had Jacks! I dont catch, and am out 6th...

Posted by fatbill at July 22, 2005 09:40 AM


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