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June 14, 2005

Playing through a losing streak

Just like going on a 'rush', where you see nothing but great cards, and everything seems to go your way, the poker gods can switch things on you, and they can go bad just as easily!

You play a lot, and for a long stretch, you seem to get nothing but crap hands. THEN, you get a couple good hands, only to be beat by a hand that is JUST a little better. You get pockts, and flop a set, only to get beat by a bigger set. You play great hands, where you make the correct read, and get your chips in with the best hand, only to get rivered, time after time.

If this sounds familiar, you probably play poker a lot! The nature of poker is such that you will have ups and downs. To play poker seriously, you must face the fact that theses will occur. That does not make it any easier to face, its just a fact of the game.

The first think you have to evaluate, when you get into a playing funk like this, is if YOU are playing poorly!
Are you making good decisions?
Are you playing TOO many hands trying to force something to happen?
Are you making calls when the odds on the board say you should fold?
Are you NOT being aggressive enought when you DO have a hand.

If you want to seriously analyze what is happening to your game, you MUST honestly answer these questions to yourself. If you are not aware of any of those things going on in your game, ask someone you play with a lot, and see what THEY think of your recent play.

If you answer these questions honestly, and you determine that you really are not playing poorly, you still have a serious challenge! You have to keep your spirit and deterimation up so that you can play through the slump! Being able to keep up a positive attitude and patience for the game is vital to overcome a losing streak. Cards WILL turn, but you can not force them. If you continue to play smart, you will minimize your loses, and be ready when the cards start favoring you once again.

Posted by fatbill at June 14, 2005 08:11 AM


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