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June 25, 2005

Played some Live Texas Holdem

After not playing any live games for almost two weeks, I got the itch last night! ;-)

I went to the club and played in a small No Limit Texas Holdem freezeout tournament... there were only 24 players...

I really did not play badly... I only made one error and that was one in judgement on what the other player had.
I had A6o and the board came A Q 6, giving me two pair..... the other player had AQo in the hole, and I just could not put him on that... that cost me a third of my stack.

Couple other hands I played 2nd best hand.... but really did not play that many hands, and had the Nuts on the few that I did play....

Problem was, that when we were down to 11 players, the cards just went cold for me. I went all in short stacked and got lucky by hitting a flush, but I was so short, I really only had enough survival chips to last another round or so...

Got down to the final 9, and I just got dealt crap hand after crap hand.... mainly things like 23 and 34... it was ugly.... I finally had to push from the Big Blind with K6h.... got squished....

Posted by fatbill at June 25, 2005 12:39 PM


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