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June 30, 2005

WSOP Update 6-30

1 Dan Schmiech $404,585, $5000 Limit Texas Holdem, $1,264,300 Total Prize Pool, 269 Entries.
Gabe Kaplan took 2nd... Annie Duke took 4th...

The $2000 No Limit Texas Holdem event is down to the final table. Here is the listing and chip counts:
1. Carlo Citrone - $151,000
2. Hyung Shack Ko - $287,000
3. L Gosney - $323,000
4. Bjorn Isberg - $166,000
5. Tony Rila - $305,000
6. Dustin Woolf - $270,000
7. J.C. Tran - $47,000
8. Alan Purdy - $165,000
9. Jarl Lindholt - $437,000

The $1500 Seven Card Razz event is down to 24, which is where the money cut off is. The players and chip counts are:
Archie Karas- $66,600
Bruno Fitoussi- $31,600
O'Neil Longson- $30,100
Phillip E. Penn Sr.- $25,500
Al "Sugar Bear" Barbieri- $24,700
Blair Rodman- $22,400
Mark Tenner- $19,000
Hassan Kamoei- $18,500
Mike Wattel- $18,500
Paul Vinci- $18,200
Jennifer Creason- $17,100
Brett "Gank" Jungblutt- $16,400
John Kim- $16,400
Jim Tate- $15,400
John Mociak- $13,900
Mick Wernick- $11,900
Gerald Treglio- $11,600
Larry Caesareo- $11,200
Randy Holland- $10,200
Frank Henderson- $9,900
Vinny Vinh- $9,600
Esther Rossi- $9,600
Marco Traniello- $4,800
David Heyden- $4,300

The $5000 No Limit Texas Holdem Short Handed ( 6/Table ) event is down to 25. The players and chip counts are:
1. Doyle Brunson - $165,700
2. John Hennigan - $140,700
3. Don Mullis - $111,200
4. Arthur Azen $109,400
5. Layne Flack - $97,700
6. Brad Booth - $79,300
7. Minh Ly - $71,300
8. Matt Hawrilenko - $70,600
9. Jason Lester - $66,500
10. Al Stonum - $62,300
11. John Juanda - $58,900
12. Scotty Nguyen - $55,300
13. Ferit Gabriellson - $46,100
14. Men Nguyen - $43,800
15. Chris Ferguson - $41,00
16. Paul Kraus - $40,500
17. Ken Lennaard - $37,700
18. John Kabbaj - $34,200
19. John Duthie - $32,000
20. Steven Roger - $28,800
21. Evan Sofer - $28,100
22. Daniel Larsson - $25,100
23. Kirill Gerasimov - $24,300
24. Ayaz Mahmood - $21,500
25. Derek Leforte - 12,800
Doyle leads the bunch in chip count, but there are a lot of top players stil in the field. Will Doyle be able to get his 10th Bracelet?

Today, the $5000 Omaha High-Low 8/OB event gets underway....

Not many more events left before the Main Event starts on July 7th. That should be a wild one! A friend is entered, as he won a seat online... Good Luck Atari!!

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June 29, 2005

WPT Enterprises opens Online Gaming Site

"LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 29, 2005--WPT Enterprises, Inc. (Nasdaq:WPTE - News) today announced the launch of a WORLD POKER TOUR(TM) (WPT) branded real-money gaming website. WPTonline.com makes participation in the WPT phenomenon possible the world over. Featuring a live multiplayer poker room with head-to-head and tournament play, players can now enjoy the WPT experience from home. The site prohibits bets from players in the U.S. and other jurisdictions where online gaming is prohibited. WPTonline.com is regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. WagerWorks developed the software being used by WPTonline.com under a licensing agreement with WPTE. "

The full article is available HERE

Interesting to note: "The site prohibits bets from players in the U.S. and other jurisdictions where online gaming is prohibited. "

Either thats BS, or their player base will be pretty limited! ;-)

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WSOP Update 6-29

1 Phil Ivey $635,603, $1,765,568 Total Prize Pool, 134 Players Entered
This is Phil Ivey's 5th WSOP Bracelet!
Phil Hellmuth Took 8th, so he'll have to wait in his bid to tie Johnny Chan for the all time bracelet race....

The $5000 Limit Texas Holdem event is down to the final Table of 9. Here is who is left with their chip counts:
1) Joe Sebok - $184,000
2) Annie Duke - $150,000
3) James Kwon - $227,000
4) Gabe Kaplan - $209,000
5) Dan Schmeich - $219,000
6) Young Phan - $144,000
7) Luke Neely - $94,000
8) Jeff Shulman - $38,000
9) Greg Mueller - $89,000
Note Gabe Kaplan! Mr Kotter is in the hunt! ALSO, Annie Duke is making a good showing in this event. Jeff Shulman of Cardplayer Magazine is short, but in there.

The $2000 No Limit Texas Holdem event is down to 45 players. The top 10 with their chip counts are:
1. Rohit Chopra $175,900
2. Ronnie Jackson $126,900
3. Alan Purdy $102,500
4. Brandon Wong $89,600
5. J.C. Tran $86,600
6. Benjamin Lin $79,000
7. Morgan Machina $68,500
8. Ryan Larson $63,500
9. Barry Greenstein $63,100
10. L. Gosley $57,600
There is another Michigander in hunt for this one! Scotty Brown is 18th in chip count here. He's from the same town as us, and has down well in recent tournaments in California....

Today there are Two events kicking off!
$1500 Seven Card Razz
$5000 No Limit Texas Holdem Short Handed ( 6/table )

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June 28, 2005

Played at Poker Room for the first time

I signup and play at EVERY poker room that I recommend on this site, so I decided yesterday to go sign up at PokerRoom.com and see what they had to offer. I was IMPRESSED!

Not only do you get a good signup bonus for your first deposit ( 20% ), but you AUTOMATICALLY get TWO FREE entries into Texas Holdem Tournaments! Thats a nice touch, I thought. New players expecially will appreciate the fact that with free entries, you can experience a Texas Holdem Tournament without putting in ANY of your own money!

They also have a Poker School, with articles and advice from their pros AND with contributions from players! The articles were well written and helpful.. definately worth the read!

Their interface took me a little while to get used to, since it's different than any of the other rooms I've played in, but thats to be expected.

Their table graphics are nice also!

Looking forward to putting in some more time in there!

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WSOP Update 6-28

1 Jennifer Tilly $158,625, $546,910 Total Prize Pool, 601 Entries.
The FIRST hollywood type to win a braclet?

The $5000 Pot Limit Omaha event is down to the final 10. Play will resume today, and here are the chip counts and players:
1. Claude Cohen - $110,000
2. Robert Williamson III - $153,000
3. Allen Cunningham - $202,000
4. Davood Mehrmand - $125,000
5. Surinder Sunar - $96,000
6. Phil Ivey - $494,000
7. Phil Hellmuth - $114,000
8. Eddy Sharf - $150,000
9. Richard St Peter - $162,000
10. Sigi Stockinger - $213,000

Day one of the $5000 Limit Texas Holdem event ended with 69 Players still in the hunt:
James Kwon- $43,900
Men "The Master" Nguyen- $41,400
Scott Fischman- $39,400
Cy Jassinowsky- $36,500
Young Phan- $35,000
Amir Vahedi- $34,500
Daniel Shaki- $32,800
Tommy Hang- $30,800
Chau Giang- $29,500
Alex Borteh- $29,400
Nick Frangos- $28,700
Rep Porter- $27,600
Annie Duke- $27,200
Gavin Smith- $26,700
David Chiu- $26,300
Berry Johnston- $26,100
David Williams- $25,800
Dewey Tomko- $25,600
Michael Tsylov- $25,400
David Warga- $25,200
Stuart Peterson- $25,100
Joe Cassidy- $24,700
Greg Mueller- $24,000
Andy Miller- $23,600
Peter Kiem- $23,500
Jeff Shulman- $23,300
Yuon Schwartz- $22,800
David Plastik- $21,700
Mack Lee- $21,000
Anders Berg- $20,900
Matt Keikom- $20,600
Luke Neely- $20,400
Pat Pezzin- $19,100
Mike Gambony- $19,100
Cameron Kazemi- $18,800
Joe Sebok- $18,700
JJ Liu- $17,800
Brian Brandon- $17,700
Eli Balas- $17,000
Eyal Sasson- $17,000
Brock Parker- $16,400
Chris Bell- $15,900
Dan Schmiech- $15,200
Q Knopow- $15,000
Gabe Kaplan- $14,500
Tom McCormick- $14,300
Rene Movritsen- $14,100
Dustin Sitar- $14,100
Thor Hansen- $13,200
Jim McManus- $12,900
Ron Faltinsky- $12,600
Andy Halienbeck- $12,100
Joseph Bartholdi- $11,800
Denis Ethier- $11,500
Phil Laak- $11,300
Andreas Hagen- $11,300
Meng La- $11,200
Mark Gregorich- $10,600
Diego Cordovez- $9,400
Hemant Keny- $9,100
Mike Kim- $9,100
John Cernuto- $8,700
Josh Spiegelman- $7,500
Eric Firestone- $7,100
Ellix Powers- $7,100
Tony Nasr- $6,400
John Pires- $4,400
Peter Chi- $3,500
Arthur Peters- $700

Today, the $2000 Texas Holdem No Limit event gets underway.

The Top spot for the WSOP Overall Champ is tightening up. Johnny Chan moved into contention with his win. Only one player has made more than 2 final tables and that is Minh Nguyen. Only 13 players in the top 193 listed have made more than one final table!
Top 5 with their Points and Earnings:
1 Mark Seif Incline Village, NV 1,920 2 $792,475
2 Quinn Do Seattle, WA 1,732 2 $300,440
3 Todd Brunson El Paso, TX 1,536 2 $321,650
4 Charidimos 'Harry' Demetriou London, United Kingdom 1,520 2 $287,765
5 Maciek "Michael" Gracz Raleigh, NC 1,440 1 $594,460
5 Farzad Bonyadi Aliso Viejo, CA 1,440 1 $594,960
5 Johnny Chan Cerritos, CA 1,440 1 $303,025
5 Isaac Galazan Miami, FL 1,440 1 $315,125
5 T.J. Cloutier Richardson, TX 1,440 1 $657,100

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June 27, 2005

Mark Seif Takes the Overall WSOP Lead

AbsolutePoker Pro Mark Seif Takes Lead at 36th Annual World Series of Poker Winning Back-to-Back Championships and Beating Defending World Champion Greg "Fossilman" Raymer

Seif Tops 2,013 Players, the Third Largest Field in WSOP History

Las Vegas (June 27, 2005) – AbsolutePoker (www.absolutepoker.com) pro Mark Seif became the first person at this year's World Series of Poker (www.worldseriesofpoker.com) to win two championships this year, placing him second in the money and first in the running for the WSOP's "Player of the Year" award. He is also currently ranked 10th in the World according to CardPlayer (www.cardplayer.com).

He won his first gold and diamond WSOP bracelet in the $1,500 Limit Hold'em Shootout Friday June 17 for $181,330 and collected his second bracelet last Friday in the $1,500 NL Hold'em event where he bested 2,013 players, the third largest field in WSOP history. Seif's victory, which included beating defending world champion Greg "Fossilman" Raymer, netted him $611,145. Earlier in the month he placed 53rd in the $1,500 No Limit Hold'em winning $7,475 bringing his 2005 WSOP winnings to date to $799,950.

Seif said, "This has been one of the most thrilling experiences of my life -- it's really just starting to sink in that I've done so well. For the last five years, I've been trying to win a bracelet at the WSOP so this is a significant accomplishment for me. It's also a big deal for my mom who maybe will start saying I'm a pro poker player instead of a lawyer. When I told her I'd won the first event, she reminded me that my sister Christina just graduated from college and was off to Harvard Law School. I guess you could say it was all around a great week for the Seifs!"

Seif, who graduated in the top 10 percent of his class at Loyola Law School and became an expert trial lawyer in sexual harassment law for national Newport Beach firm Fisher & Phillips, switched to playing poker professionally in May 2001. "I had been playing high-stakes poker in public card rooms for many years when I won more than a half a million in cash games at the 2001 WSOP. That pretty much made my decision for me."

According to Gian Perroni, AbsolutePoker's poker room manager, "Mark's back-to-back wins place him in an elite crowd. While the records are being verified, this may be all-time first in WSOP history and certainly no one has won back-to-back titles in fields this large. If he wins again, he'll become the third person in history to win three bracelets in one year. Mark is one of the best players out there and word is out that he is the one to beat. We are proud to have him as part of Team AbsolutePoker."

Nine players competed In Friday's event to win the WSOP bracelet and the $611,145 top prize.

Mark Seif, Incline Village, NV $611,145
Minh Nguyen, Lake Elsinore $329,975
Bill Gazes, Miami, FL $202,790
Webber Kang, Dallas, TX $175,010
Peter Lee, Queens, NY $147,230
Greg "Fossilman" Raymer, Stonington, CT $119,450 (Defending World Champion
Steve Carter, Frisco, TX $91,670
Steve Rassi, Morton, IL $63,895
David "DevilFish" Ulliot, Hull, U.K. $47,225
According to Nolan Dalla, WSOP media director, "Mark Seif has paid his dues in this game. For years Mark has done it all. He's won several tournaments, made several final tables and finished high in the money several times. Up to now, the only thing that has eluded him has been the gold bracelets at the WSOP. Mark has not only fulfilled that dream, but he did it twice. He now joins an elite group of poker players who have won twice. It is an honor well deserved."

CardPlayer Magazine posted the game's progress and the following is the play-by-play from the log for final and winning hand number 184:

"Nguyen has the button, he limps, Seif raises to $100,000, Nguyen raises to $600,000, Seif pushes all in, and Nguyen calls. Nguyen shows Ad-10d, but Seif has pocket kings (Kc-Kd). Nguyen is the shorter stack, facing possible elimination on this hand. The flop comes Kh-7h-4c, and Seif has flopped a set of kings. The only way Nguyen will survive is if he catches a jack and a queen on the last two cards for a straight. The turn card is the 9c, and Nguyen is drawing dead. Minh Nguyen is eliminated in second place, earning $329,975.

"Mark Seif wins Event #22 ($1,500 No-Limit Hold'em), earning $611,145 and his second World Series of Poker bracelet this week."

About Absolute Poker
Absolute Poker (www.absolutepoker.com) with thousands of active players at all times, is edit again please fourth largest online poker destination. Driven by proprietary software, Absolute Poker was created to offer the most comprehensive, interactive online poker room, while always delivering superior customer service and a personal touch to each online poker player. Players Worldwide can access an Absolute Poker online poker game 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and experience the best multi-player online poker the industry has to offer. Established in 2003, Absolute Poker is licensed and regulated in Canada.

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WSOP Update 6-27

Farzad Bonyadi Wins Event #24 ($2,500 No-LImit Hold'em), $2,428,800 Total Prize Pool, 1056 Entries.

Johnny Chan Wins $2500 Pot Limit Texas Holdem for $303,025, $977,500 Total Prize Pool, 425 Entries!
This is Chan's 10th WSOP Bracelet, making him the all time leader. The win broke a tie with Doyle Brunson and Phil Hellmuth that have 9 each!

The $1000 Ladies Texas Holdem Event is down to the final 4, shown here with their chip counts:
1. Jennifer Tilly - $449,600 (seat 4)
2. Ann Lee - $88,600 (seat 1)
3. Cecelia de Mortensen - $36,300 (seat 2)
4. Carolyn Ancheta - $31,500 (seat 3)
Yes, that is Actress Jennifer Tilly!

The $5000 Pot Limit Omaha event is down to 47. Her are those ramianing, and their chip counts:
Ram Vaswani - $148,000
Doyle Brunson - $96,800
Evgeny Kafelnikov - $92,300
Robert Williamson III - $82,800
Surinder Sumar - $75,200
Phil Hellmuth - $74,200
Richard St. Peter - $72,200
Scotty Nguyen - $71,900
John Phan - $64,700
Sigi Stockinger - $59,500
E.C. Cohen - $47,900
Allen Cunningham - $46,500
Toto Leonidas - $46,600
Jais Bruno - $45,500
Tony Cousineau - $44,000
Cyndy Violette - $43,200
Avi Freedman - $42,700
Blair Rodman - $42,300
Rafi Amit - $38,800
Ross Boatman - $38,600
Tony Bloom - $37,400
Edgar Skjervold - $36,400
Robin Keston - $35,800
Marciano - $34,900
Eddy Scharf - $33,400
Phil Ivey - $32,600
Huck Seed - $29,500
Mike Wattel - $29,200
David J. Halpern - $29,200
Erik Seidel - $26,000
Clonie Gowen - $24,100
A Swagunu - $21,000
Tony G - $19,500
Chris Bjorin - $18,100
Jan Sorenson - $17,200
Erick Lindgren - $15,800
Harry Thomas Jr. - $13,000
Richard Ashby - $12,000
Joel Mick - $12,000
Mickey Appleman - $12,000
Ustinov Mikhail - $10,400
Vegard Nygaard - $10,000
Ben Roberts - $9,900
Dave Colclough - $9,800
Davood Mehrmand - $8,200
Simon Trauper - $5,400
David "Devil Fish" Ulliott - $1,600

Notice that BOTH Doyle Brunson and Phil Helmuth are near the top of the leaders in chip count! You can bet that they BOTH want this one to get back into a Tie with Johnny Chan for the All time bracelet winner lead! This field is packed with big guns... it should be a good one!

Today, the $5000 Limit Texas Holdem event gets undeway....

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June 26, 2005

WSOP UPdate 6-26

1 Jan Sorensen $293,275, $5000 Seven Card Stud, $902,400 Total Prize Pool, 192 Entries.

The $2500 No Limit Texas Holdem event is down to the final table of 9 and play will resume today. Players remaining and their chip counts are:
1. Joe Zappia - $247,000
2. Larry Watson - $59,000
3. Glynn Beebe - $242,000
4. Mayen Grigorian - $112,000
5. KJ Jordan - $368,000
6. Lars Bonding - $818,000
7. Jason Tate - $315,000
8. Farzad Bonyadi - $315,000
9. Robert Doyle - $87,000

The $2500 Pot Limit Texas Holdem event is down to the final 20. The players and their chip counts are:
1. Ashok Surapaneni - $139,000
2. Frank Kassela - $87,000
3. Phil Laak - $84,500
4. Mark Muchnik - $59,500
5. Stuart Fox - $55,000
6. Ivo Donev - $53,500
7. Mimi Tran - $53,000
8. Jerri Thomas - $52,000
9. Humberto Brenes - $50,000
10. Richard Harroch - $49,500
11. Johnny Chan - $45,000
12. Darrel Dicken - $42,000
13. TJ Eisenman - $42,000
14. Michael Keiner - $40,500
15. Paul Wolfe - $37,000
16. Richard Osborne - $26,000
17. Joe Monro - $25,500
18. Terrence Chan - $20,000
19. Tracy Phan - $12,500

Today, the $5000 Pot Limit Omaha event WITH re-buys gets underway....

ALSO, the $1000 Ladies No Limit Texas Holdem event goes off today...

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Ecomomist on Party Poker

Interesting article on the potential of the new Party Gaming ( Party Poker ) IPO coming up next week. The full article is HERE.

"Online poker has fast become a huge business, and PartyGaming, the leading poker website, is about to float its shares in London, in an offering that values the company at more than $9 billion. But online gambling is controversial—indeed, it is illegal in its biggest market, America. Ironically, this has helped PartyGaming to stay ahead of the pack"

Interesting read, overall....

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June 25, 2005

Played some Live Texas Holdem

After not playing any live games for almost two weeks, I got the itch last night! ;-)

I went to the club and played in a small No Limit Texas Holdem freezeout tournament... there were only 24 players...

I really did not play badly... I only made one error and that was one in judgement on what the other player had.
I had A6o and the board came A Q 6, giving me two pair..... the other player had AQo in the hole, and I just could not put him on that... that cost me a third of my stack.

Couple other hands I played 2nd best hand.... but really did not play that many hands, and had the Nuts on the few that I did play....

Problem was, that when we were down to 11 players, the cards just went cold for me. I went all in short stacked and got lucky by hitting a flush, but I was so short, I really only had enough survival chips to last another round or so...

Got down to the final 9, and I just got dealt crap hand after crap hand.... mainly things like 23 and 34... it was ugly.... I finally had to push from the Big Blind with K6h.... got squished....

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Poker Tournaments ruled Legal in Texas!

But there is, of course a catch!

The full areticle can be read Here

"A recent attorney general opinion requested by a West Texas prosecutor says the popular "Texas Hold 'Em" poker tournaments are legal as long as players don't risk money for a prize. "

Well... it's something.... but there is little point in playing, if there is no prize! ;-)

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WSOP Update 6-25

1 Mark Seif $611,145, $1500 No Limit Texas Holdem, $2,777,940 Total Prize Pool, 2013 Entries
Last years WSOP Main Event winnner Greg Raymer came in 6th...

In the $5000 Seven Card Stud event, they are down to 8 players, listed below with their chip count:
Seat 6: Chip Jett- $206,000
Seat 1: John Phan- $198,000
Seat 7: Jan Sorenson- $140,000
Seat 3: Keith Sexton- $135,000
Seat 4: Joe Awada- $126,500
Seat 2: Gerard Rechnitzer- $71,000
Seat 5: Steve Diano- $58,500
Seat 8: Tom McCormick- $25,000

in the $2500 No Limit Texas Holdem event, they are down to 62 players out of an initial 1056. This event paid 100 places.

Today the $2500 Pot Limit Texas Holdem event gets underway.

There have been 20 Events played so far, with 20 to go.

The WSOP Overall Points leader has changed, as a result of Mark Sief's win yesterday he took the lead!
1 Mark Seif Incline Village, NV 1,920 2 $792,475
2 Quinn Do Seattle, WA 1,732 2 $300,440
3 Todd Brunson El Paso, TX 1,536 2 $321,650
4 Charidimos 'Harry' Demetriou London, United Kingdom 1,520 2 $287,765
5 T.J. Cloutier Richardson, TX 1,440 1 $657,100
5 Maciek "Michael" Gracz Raleigh, NC 1,440 1 $594,460
5 Isaac Galazan Miami, FL 1,440 1 $315,125
8 Allen Cunningham Ventura, CA 1,392 2 $815,090
9 C. T. Law United Kingdom 1,200 1 $311,555
9 Steven Zoine Merrick, NY 1,200 1 $352,620

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June 24, 2005

WSOP Update 6-23

Todays Updates from the 2005 WSOP....

1 Todd Brunson $255,945, $2500 Omaha High-Low 8/OB, $825,700 Total Prize Pool, 359 Entries.

The $1500 Texas Holdem No Limit Event is down to the final 9 as listed here with chip count:
Greg Raymer $613,000
Peter Lee $461,000
Minh Nguyen $375,000
David "Devil Fish" Ulliott $338,000
Steve Rassi $325,000
Mark Seif $305,000
James Carter $263,000
Webber Kang $166,000
Bill Gazes $181,000

The $5000 Seven Card Stud event id down to the final 37 players, shown here with their chip counts:
Jon Brody - $53,900
Jan Sorenson - $52,300
John Phan - $50,600
Tom McCormick - $45,000
David Colclough - $41,000
Tony DeAngelo - $39,200
Gerard Rachnitzer - $38,600
Testup Paul - $35,400
Kirk Conrad - $32,600
Yubin Guo - $31,200
Brian Goddard - $30,300
Mickey Seagle - $29,300
Steve Weiss - $28,900
Mike Wattel - $28,500
Barry Greenstein - $27,000
Rob Hollink - $27,000
Jeff Lawrence - $26,900
Steve Diano - $26,800
Leandro Alvarez - $26,300
John Agliarloro - $26,100
Keith Sexton - $25,500
Chad Moore - $25,200
Chris Smillie - $25,000
Joe Awada - $24,700
David Heyden - $21,500
Thor Hansen - $21,500
Greg Mascio - $19,800
Arthur Cobb - $19,300
Sam Silverman - $19,000
Steve Musket - $16,000
Chip Jett - $14,400
Tony Cousineau - $14,100
Kia Hooshmand - $9,500
Karen Mengden - $8,200
Chris Bell - $5,900
Gidi Wong - $3,000
Denis Ethier - $3,600

Today the $2500 No Limit Texas Holdem event gets underway....

The up to date WSOP OVERALL Point Standings are:
1 Quinn Do Seattle, WA 1,732 2 $300,440
2 Todd Brunson El Paso, TX 1,536 2 $321,650
3 Charidimos 'Harry' Demetriou London, United Kingdom 1,520 2 $287,765
4 T.J. Cloutier Richardson, TX 1,440 1 $657,100
4 Maciek "Michael" Gracz Raleigh, NC 1,440 1 $594,460
4 Isaac Galazan Miami, FL 1,440 1 $315,125
7 Allen Cunningham Ventura, CA 1,392 2 $815,090
8 C. T. Law United Kingdom 1,200 1 $311,555
8 Steven Zoine Merrick, NY 1,200 1 $352,620
10 Alfredo 'Toto' Leonidas Los Angeles, CA 1,148 2 $188,295
11 Chi Chang Los Angeles, CA 1,110 1 $137,265
12 Allen Kessler Huntingtdon Valley, PA 1,080 1 $132,110
13 Erik Seidel Las Vegas, NV 1,023 2 $634,925
14 Cyndy Violette Absecon, NJ 1,016 2 $340,900
15 Mark Seif Incline Village, NV 960 1 $181,330
15 Steve Hohn Overland Park, KS 960 1 $156,985
15 Chuck Thompson Santa Cruz, CA 960 1 $176,145
15 Tommy Grimes Houston, TX 960 1 $85,705
15 Eric Froehlich Los Angeles, CA 960 1 $361,910
15 Reza Payvar Tarzana, CA 960 1 $303,610
15 Anthony Reategui Chandler, AZ 960 1 $269,100
15 John Bonetti Houston, TX 960 1 $175,215
15 Edward Moncada Oakland, CA 960 1 $298,070
15 Cliff Josephy Syosset, NY 960 1 $192,100
15 Patrick Poels Phoenix, AZ 960 1 $270,100
15 Thom Werthmann Bloomfield Hills, MI 960 1 $369,535

I went 15 deep to get the Michigan guy on the page! ;-)

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June 23, 2005

In other news....

In an Yahoo Article it is being speculated that the WSOP Main Event will hit 6600 spots and top $100 MILLION this year!

There is a good article about PartyGaming at NewStatesman.com. PartyGaming is the company that runs PartyPoker.com and a couple other sites.

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WSOP Update 6-23

Brian Wilson $371,685, $5000 Pot Limit Texas Holdem, $1,123,300 Total prize pool, 239 Entries.

The $2500 Omaha High-Low 8/OB event is down to the final 9.....

The $1500 No Limit Texas Holdem event is down to 78. There were 2013 Entries and a prize pool of $2,555,940 for this event. That is the second most entries, next to the very first event! The top 200 made it to the money! Those remaining, and their chip count are:
Mark Seif $286,800
Louis J. Asmo $137,000
James Mordue $106,500
Greg Raymer $82,100
Ylan Schwartz $82,000
C.T. Law 78,000
Andrew Rosskamm $74,600
Walter Thompson $68,400
Jeremy Harkin $64,800
Asher Derei $64,000
Minh Nguyen $63,400
David “Devil Fish” Ulliott $62,500
Toto Leonidas $62,200
James S. Carter $61,700
Markus Shranzinger $61,300
John Kabbaj $59,900
Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi $58,000
Mark Compton $55,300
Massoud Nikjarian $54,700
Don Vines $53,500
Arkadiy Tsiris $52,600
Peter Carini $52,000
Nowa Kawski Henry $50,000
Dannie Pekry $49,600
Dan Hicks $49,200
Karen Janowsz $48,800
Long Nguyen $43,700
Kris Fields 41,300
David Slowik $41,900
Raul Pacz $41,100
Krisha Augerot $39,500
Lin Poo Wang $38,600
Webber Kang $37,800
Chad Desohn $37,300
Mark Muchnik $34,900
Don Moseley $34,800
Dom Italiano $34,400
Brock Bourne $32,000
Eric S. Sonstegard $31,600
Gabriel Nassie $31,100
Brian McCann $30,400
Chris Zinika $28,600
Mario Orozco $28,300
Stafton Rydin $28,100
Bill Gazes $27,600
Lee Markholt $27,200
Evelyn Ng $26,900
Josh Weinheimer $26,500
Joshua Weiss $24,400
James Bradley $24,300
Richard Sharpe $24,100
Chris “Jesus” Ferguson $23,000
Jason Comis $22,800
Scott Allyn Jones $21,900
Ki Kim $21,800
Steve Rassi $21,800
Jim Pechaw $21,000
Dick Larson $19,800
Eugene Katchalov $19,500
Claus Nielsen $18,900
Daries Wieda $17,500
Farzad Rouhani $17,500
Brad Daugherty $16,800
Leon Kunkel $16,600
Robert Spicuzza $16,200
Tim Martz $16,000
S. Mazer $15,800
Joe Nekrasz $15,400
Jason Goldsmith $15,200
Jim Quigley 14,800
Beng H. Beh $12,500
Paul Keating $11,600
Peter Lee $11,000
Erik Roysten $9,900
Sergio Ferruccio $9,400
Jean Harlan $7,600
Lloyd Shinn $1,600

Today, the $5000 Seven Card Stud Event gets underway.....

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June 22, 2005

In a little slump, or am I?

Lately not playing is maybe freeing my mind and making me think more about what im doing. I havent even played online in forever, and i dont know why i havent played in person. I plan on playing sometime this week or upcoming weekend just to play, im having withdrawls! Although the last couple of times ive had bad luck in my cards, i still manage to beat out 1/3 of the field makin the final table when i do play.....but its all downhill from there! So wait for my upcoming post and I will let you know how it panned out!

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WSOP Update 6-22

The $5000 Pot Limit Texas Holdem event is down to the final table!
Here are the official end of the day chip counts:

Cyndy Violette $206,000
Steven "Lucky" Liu $193,500
Brian Wilson $193,000
Joe Sebok $159,000
Allen Cunningham $131,500
Burt Boutin $116,000
Tony Cousineau $99,500
John Gale $64,500

The $2500 Omaha High-low 8/OB event is down to 27.
With 27 players left, here are your official end of day chip counts:

Allen Kessler- $88,000
Mike Epstein- $81,000
Allyn Shulman- $60,000
Manelic Minaya- $52,000
Eric Goodson- $51,000
Sirous Baghchehsaraie- $51,000
Nat Koe- $47,000
Larry Reynolds- $41,000
Todd Brunson- $38,000
Derek Taylor- $37,000
Glen Cozen- $35,000
Tom Fischer- $33,000
Richard Gryko- $32,000
Lance Allred- $31,000
Saundra Taylor- $29,000
Mike Wattel- $28,000
Max Pescatori- $27,000
Shawne Portman- $23,000
Bill Bennett- $22,000
Thom Dolan- $21,000
Soo Young Lee
Simon Zuo- $19,000
Ben Lang- $12,000
Tri Van- $10,000
Kathy Kolberg- $8,000
Artie Cobb- $8,000
Dan Schware- $1,000

Today, the $1500 No Limit Texas Holdem event gets underway!

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June 21, 2005

WSOP Update 6-21

Here are the latest updates on the WSOP as of 6-21-2005

Denis Ethier Wins Event #18 ($2,000 Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo Split) $160,685, $513,360 Total Prize Pool, 279 Entries...

1 Barry Greenstein $128,505, $1500 Pot Limit Omaha, $404,710 Total Prize Pool, 291 Entries..... Barry should move up in the overall standings with this win.

The $5000 Pot Limit Texas Holdem event is down to the final 45 out of 239, with play resuming today at 2PM. Those left, with chip count are:
Joe Sebok- $65,100
Patrik Antonius- $63,300
Amir Vahedi- $60,600
Erik Seidel- $54,800
Brian Wilson- $52,000
Allen Cunningham- $48,800
John Gale- $45,700
Steven Liu- $45,700
Alex Balandin- $43,100
Cyndy Violette- $40,500
Hasin Habib- $37,500
Bill Edler- $36,700
Jason Tate- $35,200
Eli Elezra- $34,300
Tom Lee- $32,300
Ted Lawson- $30,400
Doug Bouth- $27,100
Juha Helppi- $25,400
Al Krux- $25,000
Arash Ghaneian- $24,700
Bruce Corman- $24,600
Thom Werthmann- $24,200
Tony Cousineau- $24,000
Barry Greenstein- $23,900
Al Adler- $23,000
Alex Todd- $22,800
Paul Testud- $21,000
Matt Lefkowitz- $20,000
Terrence Chan- $19,300
Derek Leforte- $16,100
Tony Ma- $14,900
Jason Gray- $13,800
Gavin Griffin- $13,000
Jon Brody- $12,700
Herbie Montalband- $12,400
Nenad Medic- $12,000
Michael Dunlap- $10,500
Aurel Dehollan- $9,900
Burt Boutin- $9,900
David "Devilfish" Ulliott- $9,500
Clonie Gowan- $8,100
James Worth- $8,000
John Phan- $7,200
Terry Garner- $6,600
Eric Ford- $5,900

Today, the Omaha Hi Low 8/OB $2500 Event gets underway....

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June 20, 2005

Have not played much lately

I really have not played much Texas Holdem of late... just have not felt like it, and really felt I needed a break to clear my head some.

I have played a couple of S N G's online, but have not done much there lately.

It's been over a week since I played a live game, even at the club. I had the opportunity to play in a Texas Holdem tournament on Saturday that had over 100 entries, but just did not feel like I had the patience to sit through all of what I anticipated would be initial poor play. ( I have played in this event in the past.... 25% of the field were not sure what beat what ).

I should be primed to play this weekend... we'll see....

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WSOP Overall Point Standings - Update

Here are the top 20 players, ranked by their point standings thus far in all completed WSOP Events:

1 Charidimos 'Harry' Demetriou London, United Kingdom 1,520 2 $287,765
2 Maciek "Michael" Gracz Raleigh, NC 1,440 1 $594,460
2 T.J. Cloutier Richardson, TX 1,440 1 $657,100
2 Isaac Galazan Miami, FL 1,440 1 $315,125
5 C. T. Law United Kingdom 1,200 1 $311,555
5 Steven Zoine Merrick, NY 1,200 1 $352,620
7 Erik Seidel Las Vegas, NV 1,023 2 $634,925
8 Mark Seif Incline Village, NV 960 1 $181,330
8 John Bonetti Houston, TX 960 1 $175,215
8 Allen Cunningham Ventura, CA 960 1 $725,405
8 Tommy Grimes Houston, TX 960 1 $85,705
8 Eric Froehlich Los Angeles, CA 960 1 $361,910
8 Edward Moncada Oakland, CA 960 1 $298,070
8 Reza Payvar Tarzana, CA 960 1 $303,610
8 Anthony Reategui Chandler, AZ 960 1 $269,100
8 Steve Hohn Overland Park, KS 960 1 $156,985
8 Chuck Thompson Santa Cruz, CA 960 1 $176,145
8 Cliff Josephy Syosset, NY 960 1 $192,100
8 Patrick Poels Phoenix, AZ 960 1 $270,100
8 Thom Werthmann Bloomfield Hills, MI 960 1 $369,535

There should be a change shortly, as Eric Sidel made another final table that has yet to be completed.

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WSOP Update 6-20

Quinn Do Wins Event #17 ($2,500 Limit Texas Holdem), $857,900 Total Prize Pool, 373 Entries....

They are down to the final table in the $1500 Pot Limit Omaha event. The players and their chip count are:
Barry Greenstein $92,500
Tim Martz $72,500
Paul Maxfield $67,000
Paul Vinci $54,000
Toto Leonidas $45,000
Sam Silverman $35,500
Chris Lindenmayer $35,000
Eric Bloore $16,000
Chris "Jesus" Ferguson $16,000
Phil Helmouth is credited with 10, going out in a three way pot on the bubble, having a bigger chip count than the 11th place finisher.

In the $2000 Seven Card Stud High-Low 8/OB event, they are down to 31. Players with their chip count are:
Jean-Robert Bellande - $39,300
Jennifer Harman - $34,700
Vipul Kothari - $33,500
Lance Edelman - $29,300
Steven Shkolnik - $27,100
Phillip Penn Sr. - $26,000
Al Ruck - $25,800
Brett Richey - $24,100
Ran Ware - $23,500
Bonnie Rossi - $22,500
Denis Ethier - $22,100
Howard Lederer - $18,500
Larry Eubanks - $18,100
Chad Brown - $16,600
Mel Judah - $16,100
Anthony DeLuca - $14,500
T. Fu - $13,000
Gavin Smith - $12,600
David Richardson - $12,500
Ron Lang - $11,600
Xiaomei Zuo - $9,500
Fared Rouhani - $9,500
Vince Burgio - $8,400
Leticia Tanhue - $8,400
Tom McCormick - $8,300
Alan Boston - $6,900
Tom Slattery - $6,000
Fernando Bracelli - $6,000
Erik Seidel - $5,700
David Brody - $4,200
Medhi Vaten - $1,900
Jennifer Harmon is doing well.... we wish her luck!

Today the $5000 Pot Limit Texas Holdem event gets underway...

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June 19, 2005

WSOP Update 6-19

1 Anthony Reategui $269,100, $1500 No LImit Texas Holdem Shootout, $1,076,400 Total Prize Pool, 580 Entries... Others include:
3 Phil Gordon
6 Ted Lawson
9 Erick Lindgren

The $2500 Limit Texas Holdem Event is down to the final 20, there were 373 Entries and a total prize pool up for grabs, of $897,900. Those remaining and their chip count:
1. Chi Chang - $114,000
2. Greg Debora - $96,000
3. Spencer Sun - $95,000
4. S. Lewis - $75,000
5. Sammy Arzoin - $69,000
6. Noah Boeken - $62,000
7. Tony Nasr - $51,000
8. Rodeen Talebi - $50,000
9. Nat Koe - $44,000
10. Carlos Mortensen - $40,000
11. Tom Franklin - $39,000
12. Mark Gregorich - $34,000
13. Quinn Do - $33,000
14. Keith Videtto - $30,000
15. Ashok Surapaneni - $30,000
16. Erik Gault - $22,000
17. Mike Davis - $19,000
18. Derek LeForte - $18,000
19. Brian Clark - $13,000
20. Steven Shkolnik - $13,000

Two events get underway today:
Seven Card Stud High-Low 8/OB, $2,000+$0
Pot-Limit Omaha, $1,500+$0

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June 18, 2005

WSOP Update 6-18

Updates on the WSOP through 6-17-2005:

1 Steve Hohn $156,985, $1000 Seven Card Stud High-Low 8/OB, $541,450 Total prize pool, 595 entries

1 Mark Seif $181,330, $1500 Limit Texas Holdem Shootout, $621,000 Total Prize Pool, 450 Entries

The $1500 No Limit Texas Holdem Shootout event is down to two tables one of 6 and one of 7. It will resume today at 2PM. Those left are:
Allen Goldstein
Kenny Robbins
Paul Kroh
Erick Lindgren
Phil Gordon
Alan Goehring
Bret Jungblut
Anthony Reatgul
Ted Lawson
Young Phan
Dariush Imami
Chris McCormack
Keith Quilty

Today the @2500 Limit Holdem event gets underway.....

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June 17, 2005

WSOP Update 6-17

Did not update yesterday, as I spent the day at the casino! ;-)

Joshua Arieh $381,600, $2000 Pot Limit Omaha, $1,156,350 Total Prize Pool, 212 Players

T.J. Cloutier $657,100, $5,000 No Limit Texas Holdem, $2,190,200 Total Prize Pool, 466 Players.

$1000 Sever Card Stud High-low8/OB event is down to the final 8...

$1500 Limit Texas Holdem Shootout event it down to the final 9...
William Shaw
Mark Seif
MJ Partin
Robert Mizrachi
Aram Zerounian
Alex Borteh
Sam Siharath
Kathy Liebert
Quinn Do

The $1500 No LImit TExas Holdem Shootout event gets underway today....

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June 15, 2005

Played a LOT online today

I played a lot of Texas Holdem online today!

Played 4 Sit N Go Texas Holdem NL games.... took 2nd in two, and got knocked early in the other two....

I decided to play a $10 No Limit Texas Holdem tourament, and it ended up having over 200 players! They were paying 27 places.

I am SO very pleased with the way I played in this tournament, I cant begin to tell you! LOL After spending two weeks getting sucked out hand after hand, it was finally my turn to get some luck!!!

I played very tight, until I got short. When I was short, I pushed and either had the best hand, or got lucky as hell on the flop and hung on. I just barely made the money!

With just a few good hands, I built my stack up to a good size, and was able to make the final table of 9!! I made a pretty loose call there that knocked me out 9th, but overall I can not complain.

I'm heading to the casino tomorrow, so I'm hoping some of this luck follows me there!

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WSOP Overall Standings....

I am looking at the WSOP Overall Standings, and a couple of things stand out to me, and I find interesting...

ONLY 2 of the top 79 have made more than ONE final table!

The POINT LEADER is not in the top 10 in Money Earnings!

A guy from Michigan is Tied for 5th! Thom Werthmann won the $1500 Pot Limit Holdem Event - Another Michigan Player is 79th, Ernest Patrick.....I'm from Michigan, so they gets special mention! ;-)

Daniel Negranu is not ON the list, NOR is John Juanda, Howard Lederer or Phil Helmuth!

I recognize that it is still early in the event totals, but it's an ineteresting showing up so far....

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WSOP Update 6-15

1 Edward Moncada $298,070, $2000 Pot Limit Holdem Event, 540 Players, $993,600 Total Prize Pool

The $200 Pot Limit Omaha event is down to the final table of 9.
1 Arturo Diaz 279,000 Chips
2 Joshua Arieh 229,000 Chips
3 Tony Sevnsom 171,000 Chips
4 Doug Lee 160,000 Chips
5 Chris Ferguson 109,000 Chips
6 Ronald Graham 90,000 Chips
7 Erik Seidel 67,000 Chips
8 Max Pescatori 62,000 Chips
9 Dave Colclough 50,000 Chips

The $5000 No Limit Texas Holdem event is down to 58 out of 466. Some Notables still in are:
T.J. Cloutier
Hoyt Corkins
Hieu Ngoc 'Tony' Ma
Jennifer Harman Traniello
Antonio Esfandiari
Todd Brunson
John Hennigan
Isabelle Mercier - She's a cutie ;-)
Play resumes today.....

Today the $1000 Seven Card Stud High-Low 8/OB event gets underway...

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June 14, 2005

Playing through a losing streak

Just like going on a 'rush', where you see nothing but great cards, and everything seems to go your way, the poker gods can switch things on you, and they can go bad just as easily!

You play a lot, and for a long stretch, you seem to get nothing but crap hands. THEN, you get a couple good hands, only to be beat by a hand that is JUST a little better. You get pockts, and flop a set, only to get beat by a bigger set. You play great hands, where you make the correct read, and get your chips in with the best hand, only to get rivered, time after time.

If this sounds familiar, you probably play poker a lot! The nature of poker is such that you will have ups and downs. To play poker seriously, you must face the fact that theses will occur. That does not make it any easier to face, its just a fact of the game.

The first think you have to evaluate, when you get into a playing funk like this, is if YOU are playing poorly!
Are you making good decisions?
Are you playing TOO many hands trying to force something to happen?
Are you making calls when the odds on the board say you should fold?
Are you NOT being aggressive enought when you DO have a hand.

If you want to seriously analyze what is happening to your game, you MUST honestly answer these questions to yourself. If you are not aware of any of those things going on in your game, ask someone you play with a lot, and see what THEY think of your recent play.

If you answer these questions honestly, and you determine that you really are not playing poorly, you still have a serious challenge! You have to keep your spirit and deterimation up so that you can play through the slump! Being able to keep up a positive attitude and patience for the game is vital to overcome a losing streak. Cards WILL turn, but you can not force them. If you continue to play smart, you will minimize your loses, and be ready when the cards start favoring you once again.

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WSOP Update 6-14

The $2000 Pot Limit Texas Holdem event is down to the final table of 9 and will conclude today. Mike Sexton went out on the bubble...

The $2000 Pot Limit Omaha event is down to the top 18, and will continue today at 2PM to play down to the final 9. A number of notables are still in the field. Their are ( including Chips count ):
Erik Seidel $87,500
John Juanda $77,000
Josh Arieh $71,500
Chris "Jesus" Ferguson $58,500
Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi $31,500

Today, the $5000 No Limit Texas Holdem event gets underway. This event should pull some top names, AND put up a BIG prize pool!

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June 13, 2005

Had another horrible night...

I went to the club to play, since the family was out.... There was a small 2 table No Limit Texas Holdem tournament being played, and we started with 3000 chips and 30 minute blinds...

Early on, I lost a big chunk of chips with AJc, when the flop showed two clubs. I called the Flop bet, as well as the Turn bet, but didn't catch....

Two hands later, I get pocket 9's, so I limp in.... flop comes 9 J 3.... first player makes it 2x... I re-raise to 4x..... everyone else folds, and the first player calls... I call 2x best on both the turn and the river.... he has Pocket J's! Lose to a bigger set...

I'm down to half my original stack, and we've only played 30 minutes.... Cards went south for the next hour....

I made only ONE mistake.. and it was not in a hand I played, but rather one I did NOT play.... I'm big blind ( 150 ) and the player under the gun comes out for 500. There is one caller, and it comes to me. I have ATs...... I only have 1200 in chips left... I feel at this point, I have to push or fold.... after much thought I fold... the flop comes A 7 7.... the Turn comes a 7.... I would have taken it down with a boat...

Two hands later, I get Pocket 7's... I push with 1025.... the Big Blind calls... he has K's, which hold up.....

My luck is not improving....

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WSOP Update 6-13

Some results from the weekend...

1 Erik Seidel $611,795, $2000 Texas Holdem No Limit, 1403 Players, $2,581,520 Total Prize Pool
2 Cyndy Violette $295,970

The $2000 Texas Holdem LIMIT tournament got down to Heads up between Reza Payvar and Toto Leonidas.... Reza Payvar took Leonidas down wining $303,610.

The $2000 Pot Limit Texas Holdem tournament got underway yesterday, and is down to the last 20 players... Notables include Mike Sexton and Freddy Deeb....

The $2000 Pot Limit Omaha tournament gets underway today....

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June 12, 2005

WSOP Update 6-12

Well, the Texas Holdem $2000 buy in No Limit event is down to the final table. Those making it are:
1 Morgan Machina 1,052,000 Chips
2 Paul Sexton 362,000 Chips
3 Erik Seidel 354,000 Chips
4 Cyndy Violette 305,000 Chips
5 Soulier Fabrice 224,000 Chips
6 Perry Friedman 219,000 Chips
7 Charidimos 'Harry' Demetriou 184,000 Chips
8 Chris Wunderlich 110,000 Chips

It's good to see Cindy Violette at the table... ;-)

The $2000 Limit Texas Holdem Event got underway yesterday with 569 players and a $1,046,940 Prize pool. It is down to the final 22 right now....

The $2000 Pot Limit Texas Holdem event gets underway today....

The WSOP Overal Standings are pretty much dominated by the early tournament winners, which is no suprise. What IS a suprise ( at least to me ) is that only ONE of the top 50 some players listed has made more than one final table! That is Minh Nguyen, and he's only made TWO and is in 39th place!!

See the complete listing of the WSOP Overal Standings HERE

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June 11, 2005

WSOP Update 6-11

Here is the update on the WSOP events...

Maciek "Michael" Gracz $594,460, $1000 No Limit Holdem - rebuy - 826 Players, $2,201,630 Total Prize Pool

Cliff Josephy $192,100, $1500 Seven Card Stud, 472 Players, $651,360 Total Prize Pool

$2000 No Limit Holdem event is down to the final 49 out of 1403 Entries.... Noteables still in the field include:
2 Cyndy Violette 133,000 Chips
10 Chau Giang 77,900 Chips
17 Russ 'Dutch' Boyd 63,500 Chips
19 Erik Seidel 60,800 Chips
26 Michael Mizrachi 48,400 Chips
35 Yehia 'Joe' Awada 37,300 Chips
37 Marcel Luske 35,500 Chips

Toby 'Spiderman' Maguire went out 54th!

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Out in THREE hands...

I went to the club last night to play in a Texas Holdem Tourname w/re-buy, and was really looking forward to playing, as I had a great day online....

FIRST hand, we had two all in's! Guy to my right, on the small blind flops two pair K's and 8's, and moves all in. He gets called by another player who has KJ, giving him ONE pair of K's..... Turn comes J.... 1 hand.. one player out....

THIRD hand, I'm on the button, and I call a small raise with A2's. There are four players in the hand....
Flop comes A 2 9... I flop two pair! There is a 200 Bet ( blinds are 25/25 at this point! ). I call! Guy in the Big Blind comes over the top for 600! The original raiser calls... and I call....
Turn comes a 3... board is a rainbow.... I move all in.... the Big Blind has A9s.... I'm done!

I'm not sure I should have called, but I knew I was taking a gamble with that hand. He was the Big Blind... so it was difficult to put him on that hand. I actually figured he had 92 giving him 2 pair that were lower. I've played with him many times, and he is an aggressive player that will bully from position. I figured the Aces were a dead issue, or a one outer at best...

The SAFE play would have been to fold, as I would still have 1750 of my original 2500 chips... I just could not put him on that hand.... I made a bad read!

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June 10, 2005

Good day online!

Played in two Sit N Goes today at Full Tilt and had a really good run in both games, for a change!

Took 1st in one, and 2nd in the other!

The one that I won, I had the chip lead from 6 players on, and never gave it up.... I had the chip lead in the other, but took a couple beats that put me a 2/1 underdog. Went all in with A9, and got wacked when the straight hit the board...

Maybe, JUST maybe, things are changing for me! ;-)

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WSOP Events update

The $1000 Event ( with Re-Buys ) is down to the final table now. Play will resume today to see who takes down the $594.460.

The $1500 Buy In Seven Card Stud event got underway yesterday, and is down to the top 20. Only 472 entered, and first place gets $192K

The $2000 Buy In No Limit Holdem event gets underway today....

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Could not get anything going...

I played Texas Holdem last night at the club. We had a two table satellite type game going, with a lot of the regulars, who are all good players.

I never got untracked! I never got my chip stack above 3000 ( started with 2000 )....

I played well, I felt, with the hands I was dealt, and got the maximum out of the hands I played. Problem was, I didnt get that many hands to play! I tried to play a few hands that had 'potential', but either never caught a flop, or ran into big raised that the hand would not substantiate calling the bet.

I really didnt get any bad beats all night, I just didn't get the cards when I needed them.... SOMEHOW, I managed to make it to the final 9....

I got down to 1500 with the blinds at 300/600, and was looking for something to make a move with. When I got under the gun, I had A9h ( which was the best I'd seen in a LONG time ), so I pushed all in, hoping people would fold to a bet under the gun. One of the big stacks called me with AJo..... I floped a couple hearts to give me some hope, but the turn and the river blanked, and sent me packing....

some nights are just like that... ;-)

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June 09, 2005

WSOP Event #6 is over

The winner is:

Isaac Galazan $315,125, $2500 Buy-In 6 Man event, 548 Entries, $1,260,400 Total Prize Pool...

The $1000 Buy-in No Limit Texas Holdem WITH Re-buy event is underway, and down to the top 34. This event should finish today... 826 players with a top prize of $594,460.

Daniel Negreanu Went Out On Bubble....

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Played Texas Holdem Online...

Played in 5 Sit N Go Texas Holdem games yesterday online at Full Tilt Poker. I'm really liking it there for SNG's, but they lack other types of tournaments on a more regular basis....

Of the 6, I finished in the money in 3: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

I am satisfied with finishing in the money in half of the ones I entered. I pretty much figure that if I average hitting the money in 20% of the events I enter ( online and off ) I am doing better than even.

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June 08, 2005

Event #5 Has a winner

Patrick Poels $270,100, $1500 Omaha High-Low, 699 Players!

ALSO.. its down to the final 13 in the $2500 6 Man event the top 20 that are out are:
14 Steve Zolotow $10,085
15 'Miami' John Cernuto $10,085
16 Eli Elezra $10,085
17 John Juanda $10,085
18 Martin Green $10,085
19 Mitch Bushman $8,825
20 Cyndy Violette $8,825

The $1000 No Limit Texas Holdem WITH Re-Buys starts today....

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Maine House passes Charity Poker Bill

I found this article entitled : House OKs Bill To Let Charities Host High-Stakes Poker Games

You can read the entire article HERE

The gist of it is:

"AUGUSTA, Maine -- The Maine House has overwhelmingly approved a bill to allow charities to raise money by hosting high-stakes poker games. It's a measure that backers say legalizes and regulates gambling activity already going on under the radar in many social clubs and charities."

At least SOMEONE is recognizing that they are not able stop poker, they better start legislating it!

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June 07, 2005

WSOP Results so far...

Here are the results in the completed WSOP Events through yesterday...

Allen Cunningham, $725,405 - WSOP $1500 NO LIMIT TEXAS HOLDEM - 2305 Players - $3,180,900 Total Prize Pool

Thom Werthmann, $369,535 - WSOP POT LIMIT TEXAS HOLDEM - 1071 Players - $1,477,980 Total Prize Pool

Eric Froehlich, $361,910 - WSOP LIMIT TEXAS HOLDEM - 1049 Players - $1,447,620 Total Prize Pool

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June 05, 2005

Poker Site floation in jeapordy?

Ther eis an article I found that discussed the announced floatation of PartyGaming, INC ( they own Party Poker ), and possible problems, because of fears of the legality issues in the US for Online Poker.

You can read the article HERE

"The biggest flotation in London since 2001 could be derailed by fears over the legality of online poker in the United States, it was reported today.

PartyGaming, which owns and runs the biggest web-based poker brand, has unveiled plans for a listing that could value it at up to $10bn (€8.2bn).

But analysts at major US institutions said they would not automatically back the flotation because of concerns about the legality of internet gambling across the Atlantic, according to The Observer."

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Runner-Runner does it again

At the last minute, we decided to head to the club for some poker action. We knew that there was a texas holdem tournament going on, so we figured we would get in on it.

Pretty poor showing, as only 20 people were there for the tournament, but there were a number of solid players in the field... We started with 3000 in chips, and 30 minute blinds....

Early in the game, I caught pocket threes, and called the modest bet pre-flop. The board came K 3 7... I hit a set. The intital bettor came out for another 3x bet.... I went over the top double his bet... he moved all in.... instinctivly I called.... he had a set of K's...

Fortunately, I had him covered, but I was cut almost in half early in the first round, and had to really play selective from that point on.

I got involved in only TWO more hands... had KJs and the board comes out J78.... two diamonds.... I bet 300.... two callers.... the turn comes a rag... the river another diamond.... you guessed it... he hit a flush, staying in with 2 3!

Final hand, I have AQo..... I'm the big blind.... there is a 500 bet in front of me, everyone else folds... I know the player well, and know the hands he'll bet out like this. I'm sure I have the better hand. I move all in for another 500.... He calls... he has KQo!

The board flops rag J rag.... the flop comes 9 10... he sucks out a straight.... exactly the way my luck has been running of late....

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June 04, 2005

WSOP off to a RECORD Start!

If the first event of the WSOP held at the Rio is any indication, this year's event is going to just BLOW away the records, and establish the event as one of the richest overall events ANYWHERE!

Imagine... there were 2305 entrants in the FIRST EVENT! there were only 2576 in the MAIN event last year! The response has been so huge, that they have announced that they will have to hold each event over three days!

This is going to make the TV world and public stand up and take notice... the question is... for better or worse?

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Calling ALL IN with A9o?

I played pretty well in the tournament last night at the club. It was your standard texas holdem freezeout style tournament, and had a pretty good turnout.

I really had poor cards ALL night, so I spent most of my time mucking, and watching other people play. I had Three pocket pairs all night: 6's, Q's and A's.... I folded the 6's to an all in in front of me.... The Q's got me a moderate pot, and the A's got me the blinds and ante's..... other than that, I was just maintaining a stack hovering around 2K, and waiting.

I had not played but ONE hand for two levels at the end, and that was the Pocket A's.... It got down to the last 7 ( top 4 paid ) and I got A4S..... I pushed my remaining 1800. The Button folded, the small folded, and the BB ( 400 ) called with A9o! I'm scratching my head to figure what he was thinking.... I hit the 4 on the flop... the turn is a rag..... the river gives him a 9, of course, and sends me packing in 7th.... AGAIN

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June 03, 2005

2005 WSOP Is ON!

Well, it's that time of year again!

The 2005 WSOP Offically kicks off today with a $1500 No Limit Texas Holdem event!

You can keep current on all the events at CardPlayer.com or a variet of the other blog's that I have listed in my BLOGS I LIKE section!

I know I'll be looking to keep up with the events!

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Played well in a SNG last night

I played in what turned out to be a 12 handed Texas Holdem SNG last night at the club. No one wanted to go to 2 tables of 6, so we just crowded around the table and got to it!

I played a bunch of loose hands early, mainly suited connectors, trying to hit something on the flop cheap. Nothing was hitting for me, and I got stack down a bit, and had to tighten up some.

I pretty much hovered around the initial chip stack amount for the better part of the game, getting AK to pay off a couple of times to maintain the stack. .

Once we got down to 6 players, I was VERY short. Blinds were 400 and I only had a bit more than 900 in the big blind. I had 96o! two players limped in front of me, and I took the free flop! The flop came 882, and everyone checked! The turn came a 9, giving me two pair. I figured no one hit the 8, so after they both checked, I pushed my remaining 525. One player folded, and one called me with AQ. He did not hit, and I more than doubled up.

NOW, I go on a mini rush! I hit the NEXT 4 hands in a row, and we are down to 4 players, and I have almost 6K!

We got down to heads up, with me having 7500, and the other player had 13000.... cards went cold for me, and we'd been at it for over 3 hours.... We settled on a chop....

It was nice to FINALLY get in on the money ( top three paid ) after going out on or near the bubble for the past few weeks consistantly!

Tonight there is a big game at the club... I'm optimistic for a change! ;-)

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June 02, 2005

After taking a few days off...

I decided to wonder over to the club last night, and play a little texas holdem. I had not played since the weekend, and was getting bit by the bug again! ;-)

Got involved in a Texas Holdem No Limit SNG that ended up having 12 players! Thats a table full! Not only that, but I ended up dealing the thing ( I also played, so was one of the 12 ). Thats a lot of players to keep track of, but fortunately, it was a table full of good and experienced players!

I squandered a good portion of my stack away playing connectors and small pocket pairs that never hit. It was a risk, but if they hit, they usually hit BIG! ;-)

I lost on AQ twice! I'm starting to dislike that hand! LOL

Moved all in with AKs when I got down to about 700 chips ( started with 1500 ), and only had one caller. She had 67S... the same suit! Fortunately, I hit a K on the flop, and took down a good pot.

I played AQ against the Big Blind. The flop came 2 a 7, He moved all in on me. I could not put him on a big hand. He will push from his position with just about anything, and I had top pair, AND a good kicker. I figured him for A rag.... unfortunately, he had Pocket 2's and hit a set!

When I got down to 300 chips, I pushed from the small blind with AQ again! AGAIN I hit an A on the flop.... The big stack made a straight on the river.... I'm down....

I'm not liking AQ much right now! ;-)

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