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April 14, 2005

Return to my Texas Holdem style

I went to the club last night ( there is legal drama there that I will leave for another day, or at least until more information comes forth ) and played in a single table game. I had not played since the weekend, where I was dissapointed in how I played in that Texas Holdem Tournament....

I went back to my normal tight/aggressive style, and really did not play many hands outside of those when I was the BB, and just played against limpers. The table got off to a screaming loose start, with people making HUGE bets, right out of the box with the blinds at $25/$25. I mean... betting $500 on a $25 blind is a bit excessive... I just watched! ;-)

I played when the cards dictated it... I folded when I thought I was beat, I raised when I was pretty sure my read was good and I had the best of it... I was able to hold my own for most of the game, but when it got down to three players, I found myself short.

Thankfully, the big stack called an all-in when My pocked 9's held to double me up. Right after that hand, I moved pre-flop with AKs, and picked up some early raises. I took out the small stack, and when we got down to heads up, the stacks were almost identicle in size...

I got A8s, and called the raise pre-flop... the flop came Q 8 3 rainbow.... he raised... I moved all in figureing the odds of him having the Q were slim... I was wrong of course! ;-)

Posted by fatbill at April 14, 2005 10:37 AM


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