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March 06, 2005


Was playing in a RE-BUY tournament, which i hate a lot. Played with 30 people and outlasted over half the crowd. I ended up gettin a lil lower trying to make a move with my pocket 5's figuring i was ahead. BUT I WAS WRONG, got called with king jack, jack came story of my LIFE! BUT thats poker, u gotta roll with the punches....but it really hurts when u get knocked out dont it?

BUT i when i woke up i got some action in :-D

Deceided to play online a lil bit...got some hot cards and played them slower than you ever thought possible.But this hand especially made me happy, seeing as when i slow play i usually get busted :p

When the blinds were low at like 10-15 i got dealt aces in the big blind, so i check because noone raised. Flop comes Qd,As,Qs so i flop the nuts automatically so i check, he checks ( im heads up with one guy) turn comes a rag so i bet 15 he raises to 30 i raise to 45 he calls so the pots around 160 or so. River came a spade, praying he got his flush i bet out 175, got a call from the guy and he was not happy. But do you honestly think i coulda got more money playing it any other way????

Posted by wilcone at March 6, 2005 02:36 PM


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