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March 04, 2005

Thursday Nights are boring, so...

I decided to head to the club and see if there was anyone playing!

There was a heated New player tournament going on.. and actually quite a few folks looking for a game.

Played in three single table games....

Game 1

Got flopped a set on my FIRST hand staying in with A4s on the button... nice way to start!

Dealt Pocket K's on the second hand!! Unfortunately, someone was dealt Pocket A's, knocking my ass out on the second hand! LOL

Game 2

Just a HORRIBLE run of cards... didnt see a face in well over an hour, and got blinded to death.... ugh....

Game 3

Played tight.... got some early hands, but could not get a flop... got down to the felt, and had to go all in. Got TWO callers! ;-) Had AK, and got really lucky, flopping runner-runner to make the nut flush and stay alive!

Nothing much dealt for the next hour, but stayed alive with some small pots and ante steals...

Once it got down to 3 players... we passes the same ante stack around for a while, and decided on a chop.... so I was at least able to get back to even for the night!

Since the club is closed this weekend, one of the guys orgainized a game for us all to play in. Looks like there will be about 25 TOP notch players from the club participating, so it should be a good time!

Posted by fatbill at March 4, 2005 09:37 AM


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