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March 20, 2005

Texas Holdem Tournament Satellite

As I mentioned earlier, I won an entry into last night's Texas Holdem Freezeout tournament at the club. We were playing for seats to the upcoming Bellagio WPT event. Attendance was excellent, as we had 55 player's and were able to give out 3 Seat packages ( entry, air, and hotel are included).

I was very optimistic about this event.... I had been playing very well, and last weekend's win helped my confidence a lot!

I played cautious the first three rounds, maybe too cautious, and ended up down about 10% when we broke for dinner after level 3. I was not concerned, as blinds were still only 100/200, and I had about 2500 chips......

Shortly after the break I got dealt AKs and raised to 450 ( 150 blinds ) to see if I could get some limper's out. Got two callers. The flop came A K 2, rainbow... the guy in front of me ( good player, tight ) raised to 500.... I called, and the third player folded.
Turn came total rag, but again the other player bet 1000 ( I should mention he was the large stack at the table, and I was now pretty short after the initial bet and call)...... Caution bells went off in my head, but I could not get away from this hand.... I could not put him on a set, but could not totally discount it. I called.
River was another rag, and the raiser bet another 1000. I SHOULD have raised, since calling this would have just about put me all in, but again, caution bells were ringing... I called.... he had A2o... so my A's and K's won the hand, and put me in VERY good chip position!

Unfortunately, that was the last hand I was to see! I mean, I got rag-rag from then on, for the next two hours, and watched my chips dwindle into nothing. When the Blinds hit 400/800, I was down to under 2000 in chips, and thinking I had to move or I was out. Unfortunately, the hands were not there.... I got A6S in the big blind, with enough chips to see ONE more hand if I don't play this... one other player moved all in... I knew he had a middle pair, I've played with him a lot, and just got a good read.... after a long deliberation, I called him.... I was right, he had pocket 9's... The bad news was.... NOTHING came on the flop, turn or river to help me, and out I go in 13th position...

I'm dissapointed, primarily because I had been playing so well, had made so many correct decisions, and had not made a mistake in my calls all night..... ( I correctly folded AA, QQ, 77 three times, ect )

Just goes to show you... cards can make or break you, no mater how good you feel you are playing....

Posted by fatbill at March 20, 2005 11:37 AM


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