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March 06, 2005

Last night was not how I envisioned...

Went to a game last night, that was 3/4 members of the poker club I belong to, and put on by one of the members so that we could play, since the club was closed for the weekend.

Had 27 players.... 45 Re-Buys, and 50 Add-Ons, so the pot was nice!

Played pretty well, and pretty tight, largely because the cards were not all that great.

Was not even averaging 2 hands a level, but was making the hands I DID play pay off....

Down to 12 players, and I got moved to another table.... unfortunately, I was getting down to the felt about then, AND was moved into the Big Blind spot.

Low and behold, I get dealt Pocket Qs!! A large stack bets double the Big Blind... the small goes all in, but is short stacked, so is not calling the full raise... I push my remaining stack, which is basically a re-raise of another 1500.... I get called, of course...
I'm up against AKo, and A5o, so feeling decent about the hand... Flop is rags totally! Turn is another total rag.... but... of course, the damn River hits an Ace, sending me packing..... UGH!

Posted by fatbill at March 6, 2005 09:35 AM


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