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March 02, 2005

It makes you wonder....

I was playing in a friendly game with 10 guys that are very good players. Folding most of the time LIKE I SHOULD WITH RAGS. Mostly getting down a bit, then got to the point where i needed a move. I made a good read on a guys raise, felt i was ahead to so i moved all in ( with pocket 3's ) and managed to beat ace-king suited. Doubled my stack at that point and sat back for a while. Managed to get hooks (pocket jacks) two times in a row to make another couple thousand in chips so i was sitting wealthy..Down to three players i slow played my trips and managed to get an all in from him so i split with the guy, HEY I WANTED TO PLAY AGAIN!!!! :-D but theres more....

SO after that game i played another, hell i was up. We played for a while, i payed blinds for rags and had to fold, sat for a while and GOT KINGS....WELL SHIT I LIKE KINGS, so i move all in, needless to say no callers as im RESPECTED! NEXT SHUFFLE!!! I GET THEM AGAIN, so i do the same thing, this guy ahead of me doesnt even know im all in and raises to NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT I BET was. SO HE CALLS!!! as i said in the title " makes you wonder " HE HAS K-J OFF SUIT! WHAT WAS HE DOING IN THIS POT? i dont know, but he got trip jacks off the flop....I've said it before, and i'll say it again...The sun does shine on a dogs ass every now and again!!

Posted by wilcone at March 2, 2005 02:23 AM


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