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March 30, 2005

Played some Texas Holdem

Since I am leaving for Phoneix today, and wont be playing any texas holdem for a few days, I decided to go to the poker club last night and play a little!

Played in three WSOP satellite single table events, and even though I did not come out a winner on any of them, I started seeing the bad card streak going away. I actually went ALL IN on several hands and did NOT get sucked out! LOL

Played a loose game last night, which is NOT my style at all, but it was sure fun! Calling with things like QTo out of position and hitting is a rush! ;-)

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March 28, 2005

My luck continues to be bad...

I sat around waiting for the family to arrive yesterday, kinda bored, and still steaming about the bad night I had Saturday in that Texas Holdem Tournament..... I decided to go online and play a sit n go single table game of Texas Holdem.

I made the decision BEFORE I logged in that I was going to play tight and ONLY top hands.....

AKs cracked
AA cracked
AK0 cracked

I'm gone..... ;-(

I have do play through this, I know that... but its a bit frustrating! ;-)

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March 27, 2005

My worst texas holdem night...

I played in a texas holdem no limit tournament last night at the poker club.... it was the worst experience I've had playing texas holdem that I can recall, and my memory is good!

40+ guys buying in at $150 for two seats at the upcoming mirage event for a $1500 seat and expenses.

How my night went:

FIRST hand, I get KK.... think the night is gonna be good!
WRONG.... cracked by a straight on the flop....

This was simply an omen of things to come....

I was cracked playing:
AKo went all in and got beat by QQ.

FIRST person out of the event. I've NEVER gone out of an event like that, and make the final table 2/3s of the time....

A sad night when you play 6 of the premium hands, NEVER get a flop, and get your ass handed to you..... Poker is a great game..... I think I need some time off! ;-)

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March 26, 2005

Won my way into tonights satellite...

I played in a couple single table texas holdem events at the poker club tonight, trying to win my $150 seat into tonight's tournament. Up for grabs tonight is a seat at an upcoming Mirage $1500 buy in event, plus expenses, so its a very nice package.

I was playing solid, and did not make any mistakes, but found myself pretty short stacked with 4 remaining ( 11 person table ). I went all in with J-10S when I was in jeapordy of being blinded out, and hit a lucky J on the flop that held up.

Having enough chips now to stand a while and look for some good hands ( $2200 chips with $200 BB ) I got dealte a K2 off... I quickly folded. The big stack made a $800 bet. The other short stack moved all in.... to my suprise, the SECOND big stack ALSO moved all in, AND, the Big Stack quickly called!!!

I walked away from the table to grab something to drink and have a smoke, and as I was coming back, all I hear is 'It's over'!!


To my suprise, the Big Stack's hand held, knocking the other two players out of the game, and giving me a seat! ( Two seats and a free roll were awarded )!

Talk about backing into a seat!

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March 25, 2005

Which online poker sites are safe bets?

I put this online poker article in news simply because I was suprised to find it at MSN ( who generally frowns on online gambling ). Read the full article HERE!

The article starts off with:

"Almost 2 million people played online poker last month, translating to big money for the sites that host the virtual tables. Here's how to make sure the game is fair."

It's a pretty good article, and recommended reading!

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March 24, 2005

Texas Holdem playing style

I played some Texas Holdem at the poker club last night, and while I was not unhappy with my play, I began to realize that I need to make some changes in my style to be successful.

I've always been a pretty tight player, only being aggressive when I have a good hand. This style of play has proven sucessful in getting me to many final tables at the satellite events. The problem has been, that I rarely get there with one of the big stacks so that I can capitilize when I'm in the final few.

I played in three single table events last evening, and ended up Third in each. I was one of the chip leaders in the middle of the game in each case. The problem is, if cards begin to be marginal, my stack starts to get just chipped away by blinds and ante's to the point that I'm forced to make a play in later rounds with hands that are not the nuts. Since at that point my stack is not as significant, I get called often by the bigger stacks due to the value factor, and usually get sucked out.

It's time to review my strategy and style, and come up with a compromise that will help me move into the next level....

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March 23, 2005

At a friends house.

We play sometimes for "FUN" with the occasional bragging rights over at a buddy of mines. Usually about 8 guys sit around and it lasts an hour maybe 2, depends on the players. My buddy and I get into a pot early on into the game. I raise in small blind position to 300 with blinds at 100.. He goes all in. I know hes bullshittin me so i debate it and deceided SCREW IT I CALL. As i figured he had K-Q OFF. He rivered the straight and i even caught trips, well thats poker. Luckily i had more than him to begin with so i just coasted it through and ended up actually Splitting with him at the end.

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So I played some Texas Holdem online...

I was bored yesterday, and decided to go play some texas holdem. I dropped a few bucks into my EmpirePoker account and settled into a couple of sit-n-go single tables...

Usually when I do the single tables, I play two at a time, since I tend to play a bit tight, and get bored easily.... Played in a $20 and a $10 this time. It's pretty interesting to watch what you get dealt in two simultaneous tables... lol

Played well at both tables, but only got cards in the $20 game, and managed to make the money.... unfortunately, at the $10 table, I went out on the bubble, going all in with a marginal hand, which hit a straight, only to be knocked when the flush hit the board... gotta love the river!

I think I'll go find some action at the Club tonight and play with REAL people! LOL

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March 22, 2005

Senate defeats Internet poker measure

The North Dakota Senate defeated the poker bill.... full article here.

"2:34 p.m. - BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) -- The Legislature's dalliance with Internet poker regulation ended abruptly Monday, when a bill to make North Dakota the first state to license cyberspace poker tables got only three votes supporting it.

"This is just another vehicle for more gambling in North Dakota, and I'm not sure that we want it," said Sen. David Nething, R-Jamestown.

The measure lost in the Senate, 44-3, after a brief debate Monday. It squeaked through the House last month, 49-43, and its sponsor, Rep. Jim Kasper, R-Fargo, has been lobbying senators on the measure's behalf.

Other critics of the bill said they were wary of the U.S. Justice Department's stand that Internet gambling in general is illegal. North Dakota's attorney general, Wayne Stenehjem, and Gov. John Hoeven have declined to endorse the legislation.

Nevada and the U.S. Virgin Islands have approved measures that would authorize state regulation of Internet casinos, but they have been reluctant to move forward given the opposition of federal prosecutors.

"There are at least three federal laws out there that make this legislation suspect," said Sen. Carolyn Nelson, D-Fargo. ------"

This is dissapointing, to say the least....

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March 20, 2005

Poker Blog I follow

I am an avid reader of everything poker related, either in print, or on the net. As such, I keep up with a couple of poker blog's out of personal interest.

It's no secret to many, that I follow Daniel Negreanu's Poker Blog on a daily basis. I like Daniel!

The other blog I follow daily is The Las Vegas Poker Blog done by flipchipro. This is a VERY well done and informative blog of mainly Vegas Poker events, but with some nice insites and articles. A definate good read!

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Texas Holdem Tournament Satellite

As I mentioned earlier, I won an entry into last night's Texas Holdem Freezeout tournament at the club. We were playing for seats to the upcoming Bellagio WPT event. Attendance was excellent, as we had 55 player's and were able to give out 3 Seat packages ( entry, air, and hotel are included).

I was very optimistic about this event.... I had been playing very well, and last weekend's win helped my confidence a lot!

I played cautious the first three rounds, maybe too cautious, and ended up down about 10% when we broke for dinner after level 3. I was not concerned, as blinds were still only 100/200, and I had about 2500 chips......

Shortly after the break I got dealt AKs and raised to 450 ( 150 blinds ) to see if I could get some limper's out. Got two callers. The flop came A K 2, rainbow... the guy in front of me ( good player, tight ) raised to 500.... I called, and the third player folded.
Turn came total rag, but again the other player bet 1000 ( I should mention he was the large stack at the table, and I was now pretty short after the initial bet and call)...... Caution bells went off in my head, but I could not get away from this hand.... I could not put him on a set, but could not totally discount it. I called.
River was another rag, and the raiser bet another 1000. I SHOULD have raised, since calling this would have just about put me all in, but again, caution bells were ringing... I called.... he had A2o... so my A's and K's won the hand, and put me in VERY good chip position!

Unfortunately, that was the last hand I was to see! I mean, I got rag-rag from then on, for the next two hours, and watched my chips dwindle into nothing. When the Blinds hit 400/800, I was down to under 2000 in chips, and thinking I had to move or I was out. Unfortunately, the hands were not there.... I got A6S in the big blind, with enough chips to see ONE more hand if I don't play this... one other player moved all in... I knew he had a middle pair, I've played with him a lot, and just got a good read.... after a long deliberation, I called him.... I was right, he had pocket 9's... The bad news was.... NOTHING came on the flop, turn or river to help me, and out I go in 13th position...

I'm dissapointed, primarily because I had been playing so well, had made so many correct decisions, and had not made a mistake in my calls all night..... ( I correctly folded AA, QQ, 77 three times, ect )

Just goes to show you... cards can make or break you, no mater how good you feel you are playing....

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Jacks are no good....

I played in a 54 person tournament earlier this evening at the poker club where us poker heads hang.. I waited it out and finally caught me some cards, POCKET JACKS.. The guy raises to 600 i smooth call him. Flop comes rag rag rag, nothing of face value... He bets 1000 so i go all in thinkin jacks are overpairs, just when i did it, i knew....RAN INTO BULLETS! He made the 4 card flush to his POCKET ROCKETS and i go buhbye. Pretty simple story, but what are you gonna do? Just when u think your in the lead, you find out how far behind you are. What really blows my mind is i KNEW to FOLD!! but i second guessed myself, WELL THATS WHAT I GET! I SHOULD ALWAYS LISTEN TO MY GUT INSTINCT!!!!

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March 19, 2005

Internet Poker bill up in the air...

"North Dakota's Senate has been left to decide the fate of an Internet poker licensing bill without guidance from a key committee whose members split on whether to endorse it. One senator called the idea a "tar baby" of potential lawsuits.

The Senate Judiciary Committee deadlocked twice on the legislation Friday before agreeing to forward it to the full Senate, without a recommendation on whether it should be approved or defeated."

The full article can be read HERE

They are waivering on the legalities because of the current stance of the US Justice Department... which has NO legal ruling from which to base their opinion, execpt the antiquated WIRE ACT. Sad....

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March 16, 2005

Taking a break

We have not been around much lately, mainly because we have taken a break and gone to Florida for a few days of RnR and some golf! ;-)

Last played on Sunday night, and it was a fruitful night for me at last.... won my entry into this weekend's Satellite to the Bellagio Tournament.

It will be a No Limit Texas Holdem Freezeout tournament, so I'm sure it will be a good one. The club should be sending two or three members to this event depending on the participation....

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March 12, 2005

Playing through a rut......

The last several days I have been playing, and just getting horrible cards. You expect to much the vast majority of your hands if you are playing serious tournament style Texas Holdem, but what I've been seeing goes well beyond just that...

I spent the last two days calling/betting VERY playable pre-flop hands... AK, AQ, AJ, pockets.... and having to fold them after the flop is coming up rag-rag-rag.... it is getting frustrating...

I know that you can not always win... and that you go through spells where the cards are not kind to you, so I am contemplating my options.

Do Take a break from play!
Do I play through the 'rut'

I am not playing badly... there are limits to what you can do when you are not seeing good hands and flops, so I'm hesitant to stop playing....

Like I said... I'm conteplating! ;-)

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Justice Dept. to Stenehjem: Internet poker bill illegal

The full article is Here

"The U.S. Justice Department has told Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem it believes a proposal to license Internet poker sites violates federal law. The legislation's sponsor, Fargo Rep. Jim Kasper, called the agency's opinion a "hollow threat."

The letter, signed by Laura Parsky, a deputy assistant attorney general in the Justice Department's criminal division, does not specifically address North Dakota's proposed law, but repeats the agency's belief that federal law "prohibits gambling over the Internet, including casino-style gambling.""

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Paradise Poker CEO Interview...

The full article, can be found here:

Interesting article and ingerview... especially as it relates to regulation of the online poker industry, and the affects that the legalization efforts in North Dakota can have.

Some interesting exerpts:

"Payne: We're not more or less confident because the issues that are before the North Dakotan legislature are largely unresolved. There was some progress made. We are an industry crying out for regulation. "

"Payne: There are four issues that people use to say it's difficult to regulate. We need to protect children. We need to make sure that minors can't bet. We need to protect against potential for addiction, people betting too often. There's a theoretical ability to launder money. We also have to deal with the possibility of collusion with two players against each other. Those that don't support regulation say those four things cannot be effectively controlled There is a software system that can verify who you are and how old you are. You can prove your adulthood. The child-protection service has warranted the system. "

"Payne: If we were to relocate to North Dakota, we'd pay $8 million to $10 million in taxes. The Senate has to approve the bill. If that happens, the bill will clear those houses. However, this has to go before a vote of the people. That's some time in November 2005 or June 2006. "

"MW: If online poker is illegal in the U.S., how are you able to run your business here?

Payne: I refute the fact that online poker is illegal in the U.S. The only piece of legislation is the Wire Act. Poker does not fall under the wire act, I'm not aware of legislation that determines poker to be illegal. If people are playing online poker with my business, those transactions are being managed and handled in countries that allow it. To make it illegal, you have to be violating some law. The courts have held that it's not illegal under the Wire Act.

MW: If the entire online poker business was regulated in the U.S., how much revenue would the U.S. collect in taxes?

Payne: If the entire online gambling biz was regulated in the U.S. we would receive $2 billion in taxes per year. That money exists already. It's a redistribution of income that other people - offshore banks, credit card companies -- are keeping that the U.S. could keep for itself."

Thats serious coin for the US tax coffers.....

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March 11, 2005

One of those days...

We went to the club last night to play Texas Holdem, largely because we were taking a friend to try to qualify via the club's New Player Tounrament.

I played two mini-satellites, and spent BOTH games playing 'second best' hands... it was scary... cracked repeatedly with AJs, AK, AKS, QQ, 77...... it was not meant to be for me this night!

Wilcone played well, and finished in the top three of the second go around... he got me, when his TT hit another ten on the flop to bounce my two pair....

BTW... our friend won the new player tournament, and now is a full member of the club! ;-)

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Absoulte Poker sees Record Growth

"Absolute Poker experiences unprecedented growth -- becoming the Web"s fifth largest online poker room. Fueled by the growing popularity of poker around the world, Absolute Poker now hosts more online tournaments than any other online poker room. "

Full Article is Here

"Absolute Poker has quickly become a favorite destination for seasoned and professional caliber players alike, offering more online tournaments than any other poker website. They will be sending more than 40 players to the 2005 World Series (news - web sites) of Poker via online satellite tournaments. "

Absolute Poker is a great room to play Texas Holdem, and one of our recommended sites, cuz its one of the places WE enjoy playing at!

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March 10, 2005

Another Sit and Go story....

Well as much as i'd like to talk about on this subject, my words are minimal. I sat down on the SNG for $5+1, which is pretty cheap. 25 to the winner, 15 for second and 10 for third. WELL IT WAS THE FIRST HAND, 10 guys at the table and i get dealt pocket queens, so i throw a teaser raise for 275,( we started with 800 ) and was raised to 350. Well everyone folded leaving me to deceide, so i moved all in. The other guy sat for a few minutes thinking about it, finally called and had kings!!!! well thats my story, simple and easy....first time ive ever lost on the first hand. But i guess with his reraise now that i think about it, he prolly thought i had aces :-D

Then with no hesitation i sat in another SNG table and not only took first, but sat in another one and got first again. As you can tell i was upset by losing to kings and had to get my money back.

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Played in another Satellite

Went to the club last night to play a little texas holdem poker... since the club will be sponsoring a Super Satellite to one of the WPT Bellagio events coming up, they decided to offer a mini-satellite for a couple of buy-in's for that.

Next weekend, there will be a big texas holdem tournament for seats to the $1500 No Limit Texas Holdem Event at the Bellagio on April 10th. That will be a nice event, and everyone wants a piece of it, needless to say!

To seats were offered, and it got down to the final three, myself included. Cards had not been kind to me at the last table, but my stack allowed me to hang in there.

I get an A8s, and since I'm first to act, I push my stack all in. THe big Stack folds... I'd been taking him all night... the other player hesitates for a minute, and calls me for $3K.... she turns over 9Js! I'm ahead, but scratching my head trying to figure out what I'd get called with a J9!! The main reason I suprised, is that I had been playing SUPER TIGHT, and had not played a hand in over an hour.

I should not be too suprised, as this player called me from the big blind two hands earlier with a 57o!!

Needless to say, the J9 outflopped me, and I was out....

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March 09, 2005

Funny thing happened, 2nd time ever....

I deceided that after working all day that i would play some online poker. I bought in for 25, in a 25$ No Limit table. Played tight for a while waiting for the GOOD cards to come. And as i wished i got ACES in the hole. I was raised 2$ preflop by a guy, so i re-raised him to 4$ thinking i was ahead. He went over the top of me all in for around 30$ or so, and everyone else folded. Without any hesitation i call, i mean shit i got ACES, WELL so did he lol. Thats the second time ive had monster cards and ive been called WITH THE SAME CARDS. Needless to say we split the pot and went on with our business :-)
What really sucks is i was hoping to take his whole bankroll on that hand, but im glad i got to keep mine.

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March 08, 2005

Today it starts!

Internet Poker Bill Gets First Look in Senate


An Internet poker licensing bill gets its first look today in the Senate's Judiciary Committee.
Committee members say up until now -- they haven't gotten a lot of feedback about the proposal. But they're likely to get a lot of it today.
Devils Lake Senator Jack Traynor is the committee's chairman, and he says he knows very little about Internet poker. He says he's looking forward to hearing the arguments.
Grand Forks Senator Nick Hacker is also a committee member. He says he has his doubts about the bill.
He says the industry is already competitive, and the bill assumes poker sites are willing to pay to locate in North Dakota.


First obstacle I see is educating these legislators!

"the bill assumes poker sites are willing to pay to locate in North Dakota. "

Is he nuts?? I am absolutely SURE they are lining up WAITING for this opportunity to be licensed in the US! LOL

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March 07, 2005

REAL poker differs from 'TV Poker'

You can read the full article Here

Most of the article talks about the hand that Dan Harrington won with at the WSOP in 1995.... however, it makes a VERY valid point, that most people SHOULD take into account:

'One of the worst things is the way the apparent constant action could sucker you into the bad habit of playing too many hands. That's all editing. So many hands are folded. It's what the best players do. A lot.'

Television is a wonderful medium for the promotion of the Sport of Poker, but most people probably do not stop to consider the fact, that they edit out MOST of the hands played, in favor of 'viewability' for it's televised audience.

Top pros fold.... A LOT in tournaments! There are also just a TON of hands that never SEE a flop in texas holdem play. This of course makes for boring television.... but do NOT think this is how YOU should play, just because you 'saw it on tv'.

The next point is equally important:
'Another thing you don't get from television is the context in which plays are made. It is not just the cards that make a hand, no matter how they analyze it on television. '

You dont see the 'history' of how players have interacted over several days of tournament play. You DONT see who has previously made moves on who, and if one player is tired of being pushed around by a stack. These guys remembers every play another player has made in a tournament, and 'store' this information for use later in a tournament when analyzing how to play a hand. Television can not show this.... and the commentators do not always include this in their analysis of play....

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March 06, 2005


Was playing in a RE-BUY tournament, which i hate a lot. Played with 30 people and outlasted over half the crowd. I ended up gettin a lil lower trying to make a move with my pocket 5's figuring i was ahead. BUT I WAS WRONG, got called with king jack, jack came story of my LIFE! BUT thats poker, u gotta roll with the punches....but it really hurts when u get knocked out dont it?

BUT i when i woke up i got some action in :-D

Deceided to play online a lil bit...got some hot cards and played them slower than you ever thought possible.But this hand especially made me happy, seeing as when i slow play i usually get busted :p

When the blinds were low at like 10-15 i got dealt aces in the big blind, so i check because noone raised. Flop comes Qd,As,Qs so i flop the nuts automatically so i check, he checks ( im heads up with one guy) turn comes a rag so i bet 15 he raises to 30 i raise to 45 he calls so the pots around 160 or so. River came a spade, praying he got his flush i bet out 175, got a call from the guy and he was not happy. But do you honestly think i coulda got more money playing it any other way????

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Last night was not how I envisioned...

Went to a game last night, that was 3/4 members of the poker club I belong to, and put on by one of the members so that we could play, since the club was closed for the weekend.

Had 27 players.... 45 Re-Buys, and 50 Add-Ons, so the pot was nice!

Played pretty well, and pretty tight, largely because the cards were not all that great.

Was not even averaging 2 hands a level, but was making the hands I DID play pay off....

Down to 12 players, and I got moved to another table.... unfortunately, I was getting down to the felt about then, AND was moved into the Big Blind spot.

Low and behold, I get dealt Pocket Qs!! A large stack bets double the Big Blind... the small goes all in, but is short stacked, so is not calling the full raise... I push my remaining stack, which is basically a re-raise of another 1500.... I get called, of course...
I'm up against AKo, and A5o, so feeling decent about the hand... Flop is rags totally! Turn is another total rag.... but... of course, the damn River hits an Ace, sending me packing..... UGH!

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Internet poker bill: Feds say it's illegal

Internet poker bill: Feds say it's illegal FULL Article

"Supporters of making North Dakota the first U.S. home for Internet poker sites face a difficult hurdle -- the federal Justice Department believes the idea is illegal."

Looks like a legal battle is imminent.. and I think thats a good thing! It's about time they made an accurate assessment of the law, and a firm ruling, and stopped hiding behind an antiquated 'Wire Act' law that was created to stop SPORTS wagering.

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March 05, 2005

National Heads Up Poker Championship

Take a look at 2005 National Heads-up Poker Championship

This looks like it is going to be an interesting event. It is being put on by NBC, so you can expect some HUGE Mainstream media coverage on television in the near future.

They are going to play Heads-up Texas Holdem, in an elimination tournament, broken down into brackets... some interesting pairings too!

"The NBC-owned poker series, presented by Budweiser, features a $1.5 million purse and will air on four consecutive Sundays: May l, 8 and 15 from noon-1 p.m. ET, concluding with a two-hour finale on May 22 from 1-3 p.m. ET."

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Big poker winner to visit state for hearing

Entire Article Here

"A man who won $5 million playing Texas Hold 'em poker will be among several Internet poker representatives visiting Bismarck next week to promote the industry in North Dakota.

Greg Raymer, the 2004 World Poker Tour Champion, won $5 million in the tournament. Raymer won a chance to become part of the World Poker Tour by playing on the Internet."

Excellent use of popularity of Texas Holdem in marketing the push for legalization of online poker!

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March 04, 2005

Thursday Nights are boring, so...

I decided to head to the club and see if there was anyone playing!

There was a heated New player tournament going on.. and actually quite a few folks looking for a game.

Played in three single table games....

Game 1

Got flopped a set on my FIRST hand staying in with A4s on the button... nice way to start!

Dealt Pocket K's on the second hand!! Unfortunately, someone was dealt Pocket A's, knocking my ass out on the second hand! LOL

Game 2

Just a HORRIBLE run of cards... didnt see a face in well over an hour, and got blinded to death.... ugh....

Game 3

Played tight.... got some early hands, but could not get a flop... got down to the felt, and had to go all in. Got TWO callers! ;-) Had AK, and got really lucky, flopping runner-runner to make the nut flush and stay alive!

Nothing much dealt for the next hour, but stayed alive with some small pots and ante steals...

Once it got down to 3 players... we passes the same ante stack around for a while, and decided on a chop.... so I was at least able to get back to even for the night!

Since the club is closed this weekend, one of the guys orgainized a game for us all to play in. Looks like there will be about 25 TOP notch players from the club participating, so it should be a good time!

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March 02, 2005

Played Some poker last night....

Well, the Poker Club is going to be closed this weekend, so we decided to head over last night to see if there were any games going on. Found a dozen like minded members, and we were able to get a couple of 'friendly' games going, for club credits.

The son wound up taking a split for first in the first game.. and I split with a friend for first in the second one, so it was a good night! ;-)

In the second game, I was down to the felt, and went all in with a couple suited rags... ended up hitting the flop and trippling up!

Next hand I get Pocket K's, and double up AGAIN! After winning a couple other medium pots, I called an all in with my A9o, to the short stack's K8o, and hit an ace to take him out.

My buddy and I were dead even in chip count at the end, and we were just passing the same stacks back and forth, so we decided to get some sleep, and just chop! ;-)

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Poker Most popular Casino Game

Poker Most Popular Game at the Online Casino

"Online Casino Reports has been documenting the rising trend in online casino poker and it has certainly taken first place in terms when it comes to the most popular games you can find at the online casinos. There are many contributing factors to the rise in popularity of online casino poker. For starters it has always been an immensely popular game both at the online casino and the land based casino. It is also played quite adamantly in private circles as well."

It's gaining momementem in the public eye....

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States Passing Poker BIlls

There are several bills making their way through various state legislative branches to make poker legal... here are some of the articles...

Oregon House Passes Poker Bill

Hold'em Bill passes committtee ( St Cloud, MN )

Two Bills in House would legalize gambling in Texas

Full Deck of Visitors to lobby for Poker ( North Dakota )

... its simply a matter of time! ;-)

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It makes you wonder....

I was playing in a friendly game with 10 guys that are very good players. Folding most of the time LIKE I SHOULD WITH RAGS. Mostly getting down a bit, then got to the point where i needed a move. I made a good read on a guys raise, felt i was ahead to so i moved all in ( with pocket 3's ) and managed to beat ace-king suited. Doubled my stack at that point and sat back for a while. Managed to get hooks (pocket jacks) two times in a row to make another couple thousand in chips so i was sitting wealthy..Down to three players i slow played my trips and managed to get an all in from him so i split with the guy, HEY I WANTED TO PLAY AGAIN!!!! :-D but theres more....

SO after that game i played another, hell i was up. We played for a while, i payed blinds for rags and had to fold, sat for a while and GOT KINGS....WELL SHIT I LIKE KINGS, so i move all in, needless to say no callers as im RESPECTED! NEXT SHUFFLE!!! I GET THEM AGAIN, so i do the same thing, this guy ahead of me doesnt even know im all in and raises to NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT I BET was. SO HE CALLS!!! as i said in the title " makes you wonder " HE HAS K-J OFF SUIT! WHAT WAS HE DOING IN THIS POT? i dont know, but he got trip jacks off the flop....I've said it before, and i'll say it again...The sun does shine on a dogs ass every now and again!!

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March 01, 2005

State tells taverns to fold their poker tournaments

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission, in it's infinate wisdom, has decided to clamp down on bars/restaurants that hold Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments.

You can read the entire story here

"Gambling activities in places with a liquor license are illegal," said Barbara Subastian, deputy director of enforcement for the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.

Now... the event was FREE to enter... the prizes were DONATED by local business'.... WHAT THE HELL is their problem?

The Cambridge Dictionary defines Gambling as: "to do something risky that might result in loss of money or failure, hoping to get money or achieve success"

Howvever..."The Liquor Control Commission defines gambling using three guidelines - chance, consideration and reward, Subastian said. "The random draw of cards is the element of chance," she said."

They are so bored with lack of work, that they need to stretch the intreptation of the law to this extereme??

Sometimes, you just have to scratch your head in wonder....

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2nd place in a sit and go

Usually out of boredom i will join a 5+1 sit and go just for giggles. Well it didnt take many hands to place in this tourney. We only start with 800 in chips, but blinds are at 10-15 for 10 hands and go up every 10 hands after that. Within the first 20 hands i was dealt aces raising the reasonable 3-4 times the blind. AND I WAS RAISED, well i put this boy to the test and went all in..... I was called by 3 people and here is what happened....

One guy had ace queen suited, and that wouldn't go well for him. Another guy had rags, and had no business raising me in the first place, and im sitting on American Airlines!! ( pocket aces )

WELL i tripled my stack and was at around 2500 in chips and just sat back and waited for the other players to knock themselves out so i would gurantee a money placement. Before being heads up i only played a total of maybe 10 hands, like i've said before its not a race....ITS A MARATHON....

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