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February 16, 2005

Finally my luck is back...

I thought after a month of cold cards my luck maybe had run out on me....to not disappoint me the " Poker Gods " showed there love once again. I started out low stack after being crippled by a set in the beginning of the game, but that was only the begining. I began to see my stack dwindle as my cards once again became cold. Finally seeing A-8os i moved in, and was immediately called by pocket 9s by the chip leader....i made my impact after i caught 4 clubs to make my flush, doubling my stack to put me right back in the game. And they say luck isnt involved.

After only being 3 handed i felt it was time to make a move after a long period of no action. As i was first to act with a very tight table i moved all in with 4-6os, hoping to see them fold as i was first to act in the hand. I was again immediately called by the same chip leader who again had pockets, but this time he had KINGS! Being so embarrassed of my All in i hesitantly showed my cards. The flop came 3-5-7 giving me a straight, and the winning hand yet again. After dodging two bullets prior to being heads up with the chip leader i felt that the poker gods were on my side. We battled heads up for a little bit until the final hand came to be. I looked down at a A-8os yet again, so i raised all in. Being heads up i figured he would fold...i guess you could if you werent holding the big slick! But like i said, when its your night its your night. I flopped an 8 to give me the winning pair and the victory. Although i knew i won on luck, it didnt matter to me.....without luck your never going to make it anywhere in any tournament.

Posted by wilcone at February 16, 2005 03:09 PM


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