The ULTIMATE sports fan package from BODOG!
Bodog announces Poker Open IV
Local at the Final Table
WSOP Tournament Main Event Results 11
WSOP Tournament Main Event Results 10
WSOP Tournament Main Event Results 9
WSOP Tournament Main Event Results 8
WSOP Tournament Main Event Results 7
WSOP Tournament Main Event Results 6
WSOP Tournament Main Event Results 5
WSOP Tournament Main Event Results 4
WSOP Tournament Main Event Results 2
WSOP Tournament Main Event Results 2
WSOP Tournament Main Event Results 1
WSOP Tournament Results 31
WSOP Tournament Results 30
WSOP Tournament Results 29
Interesting list of Top WSOP Earners
WSOP Tournament Results 28
WSOP Tournament Results 27
WSOP Tournament Results 26
WSOP Tournament Results 25
WSOP Tournament Results 24
WSOP Tournament Results 23
WSOP Tournament Results 22
WSOP Tournament Results 21
WSOP Tournament Results 20
WSOP Tournament Results 19
WSOP Tournament Results 18
WSOP Tournament Results 17
WSOP Tournament Results 16
WSOP Tournament Results 15
WSOP Tournament Results 14
WSOP Tournament Results 13
WSOP Tournament Results 12
WSOP Tournament Results 11
WSOP Tournament Results 10
WSOP Tournament Results 9
WSOP Tournament Results 8
WSOP Tournament Results 7
WSOP Tournament Results 6
WSOP Tournament Results 5
WSOP Tournament Results 4
WSOP Tournament Results 3
WSOP Tournament Results 2
WSOP Tournament Results
Ban on Internet Gambling to be lifted?
2009 WSOP Schedule up
2008 WSOP Main Event Champ......finally!
New US Poker Bill introduced!
WTF is going on in Kentucky??
Chan Poker closing doors....
Party Poker has some HOT promos coming!
WSOP 2008 Update - An then there were 9...
WSOP 2008 Day 44 Update
WSOP 2008 Day 43 Update
WSOP 2008 Day 42 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 40 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 39 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 38 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 37 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 36 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 35 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 34 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 33 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 33 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 32 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 31 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 30 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 29 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 28 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 26 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 24 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 23 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 21 Updates
WSOP 2008 DAY 20 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 19 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 18 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 17 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 16 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 15 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 14 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 13 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 12 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 11 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 10 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 9 Updates
WSOP 2008 Day 8 updates
WSOP 2008 Day 7 updates
WSOP 2008 Updates
WSOP 2008 Event 1 Ends, Event 2 Begins
2008 WSOP Event #1
WSOP 2008 Begins TODAY!
Changes in 2008 WSOP Announced
2008 World Series Schedule
Poker Stars WSOP News
Why Online Poker is bad.....
Remember that UIGEA bill?
Furguson wins 2008 Heads Up Title
Poker in '08 Politics
Absolute Poker Deposit Bonus!
Chip Reese dead....
Taxing Regulated Internet Gambling....
Online playing observations...
Recent play online...
Absolute Poker Official Statement
Absolute Poker issues...
Poker Stars Bloggers Event
Playin online again....
World Cup of Poker Live
Suspended Bodog promotions....
WSOP Main Event on TV
Played a H.O.R.S.E tourney...
Played at Carbon Poker
Played at the club last night...
Poker Room Bonus Offerings
List of 2007 WSOP Winners
News from Poker Player's Alliance
2007 WSOP Main Event Champ Crowned
2007 WSOP Main Event Day 6
2007 WSOP Main Event Day 5
2007 WSOP Main Event Day 4
2007 WSOP Main Event day 3
2007 WSOP Main Event Day 2b
2007 WSOP Main Event Day 2a
2007 WSOP Main Event Day 1d
2007 WSOP Main Event Day 1c
2007 WSOP Main Event day 1b
2007 WSOP Main Event Day 1
2007 WSOP Event #54 results
2007 WSOP Event #52 results
2007 WSOP Event #50 & #51 Results
2007 WSOP Event #49 Results
2007 WSOP Event #47 & #48 Results
2007 WSOP Event #45 & #46 Results
2007 WSOP Event #44 Results
2007 WSOP Event #43 Result & #39 Updated
2007 WSOP Event #39 update & #41, #42 Results
2007 WSOP Event #39 Update & #40 Results
2007 WSOP Event #38 Results
2007 WSOP Event #37 Results
2007 WSOP Events # 35 & #36
2007 WSOP Events #33 & #34
2007 WSOP Events #31 & #32 Results
2007 WSOP Event #30 Results
2007 WSOP Events #28 & #29
2007 Event#27
2007 WSOP Event #25 & #26
2007 WSOP Event Updates
2007 WSOP Event #22
2007 WSOP Events #19 and #20
2007 WSOP Event #17 & #18 Results
2007 WSOP Event #15 & #16 Results
2007 WSOP Event #13 and #14 Results
2007 WSOP Events #12 and #13
2007 WSOP Event #10 and #11 results
2007 WSOP Events #8 and #9 Update
2007 WSOP Event #6 and #7
WSOP 2007 Event #4 and #5 Results
2007 WSOP Event #3
First 2007 WSOP Event Winner
2007 WSOP Begins!
Some SNG success as of late!
FTOPS at Full Tilt
WSOP Payouts revised....
Bill to lift Poker Prohibition online!
US to ignore WTO Ruling on Gambling?
Mortensen Wins 2007 WPT Championship!
New Internet Gambling bill introduced...
Petition to repeal the UIGEA
Repeal of Online Gambling Bill?
Playing Nice online....
Attempt to repeal UIGBE!!
PPAs Amato Live Chat
Bill to repeal UIGEA?
Double Stacks at 2007 WSOP
Reymer's Poker Stars Account Hacked!
Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act News
D'Amato Joins PPA
NBC Heads Up Championship
WSOP to change its Ad policy
DoylesRoom Caves in, and shuts out US players!
Welcome Bodog Poker!
Annie Duke takes a stand!
Full Tilt Online Poker Series III
Online Poker Tournament Turnouts...
WSOP Champ Gold dropped by Bodog
Good news about Online Poker!
Played in the Club Home game
2007 WSOP Tournament Schedule
Have you noticed
Back to normal...
Top 3 finish!
Cashed in online Tourney
Played some Live poker...
Quite a long break...
Why I hate online poker...
Poker Room Merger talks...
Excellent Article on the new law..
Criticizm of US Gambling bill passage...
About Joe Hachem's 2006 WSOP run...
Great article on the Gambling bill...
He signed it!
Video's on the Internet Gaming Ban...
Policy Changes made here
More thoughts on this 'legislation'
About backhanded legislative morons...
Upcoming Tournaments
2006 Borgata Open WPT Final
I've been playing online lately....
Borgata Open 2006 Championship
Uproar over ESPN WSOP ME coverage
Interesting events with this years WSOP people
Have not played much......
Some UPdates and stuff
Don't let Congress Ban Poker!
2006 WSOP Player of the Year
2006 WSOP Main Event Final Results
2006 WSOP Other Events Cont...
2006 WSOP Other Events
2006 WSOP Main Event Day 8
2006 WSOP Main Event Day 7
2006 WSOP Main Event Day 6
2006 WSOP Main Event Day 5
2006 WSOP Main Event Day 4
2006 WSOP Main Event Day 3
2006 WSOP Main Event Day 2B
2006 WSOP Main Event Day 2A
2006 WSOP Main Event Numbers
WSOP Player of the Year Standings update
2006 WSOP Main Event Day 1C
2006 WSOP Main Event Day 1B
2006 WSOP Main Event Day 1A
2006 WSOP Day 32
2006 WSOP Day 31
2006 WSOP Day 30
2006 WSOP Day 29
About Getting Sucked out on....
2006 WSOP Day 28
2006 WSOP Day 27
2006 WSOP Day 26
Great Article on current Gambling Legislation
2006 WSOP Day 25
2006 WSOP Standings
2006 WSOP Day 24
2006 WSOP Day 23
2006 WSOP Day 22
2006 WSOP Day 21
2006 WSOP Day 20
2006 WSOP Day 19
2006 WSOP Day 18
2006 WSOP Day 17
H.R. 4411 Passed the House yesterday...
2006 WSOP Day 16
2006 WSOP DAY 15
2006 WSOP Day 14
2006 WSOP Day 13
2006 WSOP Day 12
2006 Wsop Day 11
2006 WSOP Day 10
2006 WSOP Day 9
2006 WSOP Day 8
2006 WSOP Day 7
2006 WSOP Day 6
2006 WSOP Day 5
2006 WSOP Day 4
2006 WSOP Day 3
WSOP 2006 $1500 No Limit Texas holdem
WSOP 2006 Casino Employee
2006 WSOP is ON!
Getting up to date here.....
2006 WSOP Coming Soon!
2006 Mandalay Bay Poker Championships Final
2006 Mandalay Bay Poker Championships Day 4
2006 Mandalay Bay Poker Championships Day 3
2006 Mandalay Bay Poker Championships Day 2
2006 Mandalay Bay Poker Championships
2006 WSOP Tournament Circuit- Harrah's New Orleans
Played some Live Texas Holdem Poker
When the cards run bad....
H.R. 4777, Internet Gambling Prohibition Act
A side note to the 2006 Mirage Shootout
Mirage 2006 Main Event Final
Mirage 2006 Main Event Day 3
Mirage 2006 Main Event Day 2
Mirage 2006 Main Event
Playing MTTs again...
Ceasars WSOP Circuit Event Final
Ceasars WSOP Circuit Event Day 3
Ceasars WSOP Circuit Event Day 2
Ceasars WSOP Circuit Event Day 1
Tournament Action
Taking a break....
SNG Results of late...
2006 WPT Champion Crowned!
On David Williams and porn.....
2006 WPT Championship Day 5
2006 WPT Championship Day 4
2006 WPT Championship Day 3
2006 WPT Championship Day 2
2006 5 Star Classic Main Event Day 2
200 5 Star WPT Championship Main Event
2006 5 Star Classic Senior Event
More from the 2006 5 Star Classic
More on the 2006 5 Star World Poker Classic
Update on the 2006 5 Star Classic
I hate getting screwed....
2006 5 Star Classic
2006 Foxwoods Poker Classic Conclusion
2006 Foxwoods Poker Classic - 2
2006 Foxwoods Poker Classic
About Legal Online Poker....
General Poker news
WPT Reno 2006 in the books
2006 Reno event down to 27...
WPT in Reno....
Great cards... early exit!
When the odds are against you....
In Support of Online Poker Idiocy...
Party Poker Millions
Sometimes I have doubts.....
Getting past a bad call....
online poker, suck outs and bad beats...
Keeping the streak alive....
It feels so good to finally place....
Not a good week...
The Truth About Bad Beats
Congress and Online Gambling Ban...
2006 National Heads Up Champ Crowned
2006 Bay 101 Shooting Star Main Event
2006 Heads Up Championship
Tournament Poker Returns to Binions
Played well and had some luck
WSOP Mania at Full Tilt
New Poker Room...
Poker Bust Outs.....
Poker schedule...
$500K Tourney Winner disqualified!
Not a good night....
2006 LA Poker Classic Champ!
Down to 6 at LA Poker Classic
LA Classic Final Table
MTTs on party poker
2006 LA Classic Update
WSOP Event in Atlantic City
2006 LA Poker Classic...
On calling with QJo
another mtt, another silly call..
2006 L.A. Poker Classic
US Lawmakers up to it again
Had a good night for a change!
2006 WSOP Citcuit - Harrah's Atlantic City
Online sit and gos
PokerTvNetwork adds to lineup
WPT Merchandise
Played well last night...
About Online Texas Holdem Poker
The REAL Vegas 'Big Game'
Online Multi Table Tournaments
Pot Limit Texas Holdem Poker
Bugsy's Club is Certified
New Tournament Directors for WSOP Named
2006 Borgata Winter Open
2006 Borgata Final Table Set
The final 33 At Borgata
WPT and Travel Channel reach Broadcast Agreement!
Played a Texas Holdem Poker Freeroll
Negreanu Wins in Tunica
2006 Grand Final Table
2006 Jack Binion WSOP Tournament
WPT Schedule for Season 5
2006 Gold Strike In the Books
2006 Gold Strike Update...
2006 Gold Strike World Poker Open
Played Texas Holdem Poker at the club...
2006 Aussie Millions Concludes
2006 World Series of Poker Satellites
Final table at the Aussie Millions
2006 Aussie Millions
A day to forget.....
MTT Success as of late...
Multi Table Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments
2006 World Series of Poker News
Years 1st Texas Holdem Poker Tournament
2006 PokerStar's Caribbean Poker Adventure
Multi Table Texas Holdem Poker
Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments in Jan 2006 partners with TV in UK
Full Tilt Poker Goes MAC
In Playing Texas Holdem Poker
Played Texas Holdem Poker
2005 Player of the Year
WPT Open Letter
Poker Tournaments in Jan 2006
5 Diamond Classic Winner
5 Diamond Classic Final Table
Thoughts on Limit Texas Holdem Poker
Diamond World Poker Classic at Bellagio - 2005
POY Race Just got Hotter
WSOP Showboat tourney
Getting back into it...
2005 Bellagio Five Diamond Classic
Playing Texas Holdem Poker Online...
Playing Limit Texas Holdem Poker
Texas Holdem Poker News
Live Texas Holdem Poker
WPT at Foxwoods 2005
The River is the devil!
Poker Stars named....
Texas Holdem Poker Online
Texas Holdem Poker Decisions
Played some Texas Holdem Poker .....
WSOP Champions Results 2005
The other night
WSOP Circuit Tournament of Champions
More Texas Holdem Poker
Texas Holdem Poker
Recent Tournament Results
ESPN to feature Bluff Content
!/2 the chips
Queens got snapped
New 2006 WSOP Event Schedule
Is the luster of poker fading?
Festa al Lago Results
Played Texas Holdem again
Festa Al Lago update
Festa al Lago IV No Limit Hold'em
Heads up event gets a new home
Played some 7 card Stud
AOL and Harrah's team up?
Foxwoods Seat Event
Played really well....
Local Guy does good...
Poker Alliance?
Online Tournament
Sick of online play
Ultimate Bet Aruba Classic Results
2005 Player of the Year Update
Ultimate Bet Poker Classic
Borgata Open
Normal things are happening...but anywho
Harrah's WSOP Circut event
Can I catch a break?
Texas Holdem Poker at the club
50 Million Poker Players?
Texas Holdem and a stupid way of playing it...
Reading your opponent
Lots of online poker sites
Legends of Poker results
Katrina Victums need our help
IRS wants to tax poker earnings....
Have not played Texas Holdem much
Aug 2005 Tournaments
New Poker Game coming
poker game around my neighborhood..
Poker tournament News
Folding pocket Jacks>
Not been playing much...
Played SNGs yesterday online
WSOP Television Schedule on ESPN
Comeback at the horseshoe, day 2
Day 1 at the horseshoe..
Playing in home games...
Playing in SNG's online
Tournament Schedules Updated
2005 Grad Prix De Paris WPT
Wynn Casino Poker Room
Ultimate Poker Challange Results
Off to Vegas....
Noble Poker added
Texas Holdem game last night
Vegas Tournaments
Played well pre-Vegas!
Rather upsetting night
Phil Laak beats poker bot...
INteresting article...
Getting called by questionable hands...
WSOP Update - Final Standings
WSOP Main Event Update - Final Table
Wsop Main Event Update #8
Some Side drama's at the WSOP
WSOP Main Event Update #7
WSOP Main Event Update #6
Play Free Texas Holdem
WSOP Main Event Update #5
Online Gambling law 'untested'
WSOP Main Event Update #4
WSOP Main Event Update #3
WSOP Main Event update #2
Questionable calls, and whos making them...
WSOP Main Event Update #1
WSOP Update 7-7
WSOP Events on TV?
WSOP Update 7-6
Dry spell? or is it?
WSOP Update 7-5
WSOP Update 7-4
WSOP Update 7-3
World Series of Poker Overall Standings
WSOP Update 7-2
WSOP Update 7-1
WSOP Update 6-30
WPT Enterprises opens Online Gaming Site
WSOP Update 6-29
Played at Poker Room for the first time
WSOP Update 6-28
Mark Seif Takes the Overall WSOP Lead
WSOP Update 6-27
WSOP UPdate 6-26
Ecomomist on Party Poker
Played some Live Texas Holdem
Poker Tournaments ruled Legal in Texas!
WSOP Update 6-25
WSOP Update 6-23
In other news....
WSOP Update 6-23
In a little slump, or am I?
WSOP Update 6-22
WSOP Update 6-21
Have not played much lately
WSOP Overall Point Standings - Update
WSOP Update 6-20
WSOP Update 6-19
WSOP Update 6-18
WSOP Update 6-17
Played a LOT online today
WSOP Overall Standings....
WSOP Update 6-15
Playing through a losing streak
WSOP Update 6-14
Had another horrible night...
WSOP Update 6-13
WSOP Update 6-12
WSOP Update 6-11
Out in THREE hands...
Good day online!
WSOP Events update
Could not get anything going...
WSOP Event #6 is over
Played Texas Holdem Online...
Event #5 Has a winner
Maine House passes Charity Poker Bill
WSOP Results so far...
Poker Site floation in jeapordy?
Runner-Runner does it again
WSOP off to a RECORD Start!
Calling ALL IN with A9o?
2005 WSOP Is ON!
Played well in a SNG last night
After taking a few days off...
Playing AKs.....
Played Online and Live
Rivered... AGAIN!
Stuck in a rut...
Two States considering legsilation
Running up against Aces...
I am at a loss of words.....
Sucked out four times!
Making the right move... at the wrong time!
Stupid online players...
Venting about the river....
On taking (bad?) Beats....
Tournament for UK Amateur Players
WSOP questioning 'logo wear' issues
Out on a ONE outer...
Another bad beat and lucky draw...
About seat position in texas holdem
Chip and a chair....
Two online texas holdem tournaments...
Playing the short stack
Cashed in the Home game
I WON one!
Alaska on Verge legal poker rooms?
What a horrible day...
Online Texas Holdem play....
The problem with Online poker
Another online tournament
Underdog a big factor....
Went to a friendly game last night
Super Satellite last night...
Played an online Tourney
Online Gambling Advertising
Played some single table Texas Holdem
Justice Department serving supoenas...
Fun little game with the boys...
About Cigars ( and poker )
I decided to play online some...
Have not played...
About playing KJ...
Need to work on my stamina
Poker Articles of interest
Not so fruitful...
Return to my Texas Holdem style
Holdem Poker Scratch Offs
Saturday Night Satellite results
Played a LOT of Texas Holdem
Got back to Texas Holdem
Bullets with no lead...
Bad beats and lucky draws...
Back from Phoenix
Played some Texas Holdem
My luck continues to be bad...
My worst texas holdem night...
Won my way into tonights satellite...
Which online poker sites are safe bets?
Texas Holdem playing style
At a friends house.
So I played some Texas Holdem online...
Senate defeats Internet poker measure
Poker Blog I follow
Texas Holdem Tournament Satellite
Jacks are no good....
Internet Poker bill up in the air...
Taking a break
Playing through a rut......
Justice Dept. to Stenehjem: Internet poker bill illegal
Paradise Poker CEO Interview...
One of those days...
Absoulte Poker sees Record Growth
Another Sit and Go story....
Played in another Satellite
Funny thing happened, 2nd time ever....
Today it starts!
REAL poker differs from 'TV Poker'
Last night was not how I envisioned...
Internet poker bill: Feds say it's illegal
National Heads Up Poker Championship
Big poker winner to visit state for hearing
Thursday Nights are boring, so...
Played Some poker last night....
Poker Most popular Casino Game
States Passing Poker BIlls
It makes you wonder....
State tells taverns to fold their poker tournaments
2nd place in a sit and go
Interesting hand....
Played well last night...
Played a little Texas Holdem
CI Host Sponsors Dutch Boyd
Poker Club President gets Jail Time
WPT event draws Celebs!
Went looking for a game...
Local Poker Clubs
Blinded by the paint..
Full day of poker....
Decided to to play....
Charity Poker Tournament
More Poker Games?
Finally my luck is back...
Poker Mania
Poker getting more Mainstream?
Weekly Game...
Card Player Magazine in the news
Party Poker Bad Beat Jackpot
2005 Tournament Schedule
Poker Articles
Poker in the News
Welcome to Texas Holdem Blog